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Thursday, 12 August 2010

When will the British have a true leader?

When will the British have a government that serves the people?
When will we stop our aggressive foreign policy?
Part 1

The purpose of writing this short series of articles is to prove that for a couple of decades (or even possibly longer) we have not had a government in office that is truly representative of the people for the people. In actual fact I would go a stage further and say that they all carried out an act of treason against the constitution of the United Kingdom and caused immeasurable suffering and death to the people it represents.

These respective leaders, ministers and government embarked on a policy that not only put this country at great risk but also knowingly used weapons that were in violation of the Geneva Convention. They were not only Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) but also totally indiscriminate, resulting in the death/sickness of millions of innocent civilians, their own military forces and then crossing international borders to continue their deadly journey around the globe.

There is no question or doubt that these past and current leaders, the British Government, Ministers and the Ministry of Defence knew of the implications in using such weapons, which beyond a shadow of doubt implicates them as being guilty of war crimes, amounting to mass genocide. In order to paint this picture of deceit and treachery we must start with the current Prime Minister and work backwards.

We currently see (the not so new kid on the block) David Cameron launch himself down the same path of self destruction and one could ask what makes him any different to all those that were before him? From my perspective I can see our new Prime Minister possible turning into one of the worst ever.

So what sets this man aside from the others and what makes this particular cabinet dangerous. To find the answer to this and many other concerns one has to turn the clock back to when David Cameron was a young, up and coming, researcher for the Conservative Party under the apron strings of the “Iron Lady” herself, Maggie Thatcher. One has to see how this man with other senior members of government allowed our country to be put in grave danger all in the name of money and personal gain.

Back in 1975 all sorts of clandestine operations were taking place in South Africa ranging from a very active Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) programme and also advances in nuclear research. All of this activity was being monitored and approved by both the US and UK Governments. It was in this same year that South Africa announced that it had a pilot plant for uranium enrichment at Pelindaba. Ninety-seven pounds of enriched uranium, enough to make seven atomic bombs, was shipped to the plant by the US Nuclear Corporation of Oak Ridge, Tennessee to assist it.

From 1977 onwards the US policy to South Africa hardened. Because of its exploitation of Namibian uranium, South Africa was removed from its permanent position in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Shortly thereafter, Soviet satellite pictures showing South Africa preparing to detonate a nuclear explosive in the Kalahari Desert brought a warning from US president Jimmy Carter not to do so.

In 1979 the “Iron Lady” Maggie Thatcher came to power and progressively introduced Neo – Liberalism during her reign which many believe was the downfall of the United Kingdom. However Thatcher also became involved in some very sinister discussions, one being the trip to South Africa by her errand boy David Cameron. Our current Prime Minister at the tender age of 24 went down to South Africa on an all expenses paid jolly compliments or ARMSCOR. David was accompanied by the only technical person capable of dealing with this very controversial deal (acquisition of three battlefield nuclear bombs) non other than Ken Warren (now Sir Ken Warren) who appears to be the mastermind behind this very shonky deal which we will cover later in this series, which is in date order.

It was during the 1980 that things started to step up a notch both in the area of CBW development and also in South Africa’s under the table nuclear weapons research. It was also around this time that development of a “Super Gun” started to emerge all of which was known and supported by both the US and the UK.

Early in the war with Iran, the Iraqi government engaged world- renowned artillery expert Gerald V. Bull, whose lifetime obsession was the construction of a "Supergun," a huge howitzer able to fire satellites into space or launch artillery shells thousands of miles into enemy territory. Bull did not accomplish his dream and was sentenced and jailed for one year in 1980 for illegally selling weapons [encouraged by the CIA] to South Africa. Despite the US arms embargo he did manage to design some of the most effective artillery pieces in the world.

In April 1981 US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, invited South African Foreign Minister, Pik Botha, to the US, and the French, British and US vetoed four UN resolutions calling for sanctions against South Africa. For the next four years South Africa could count on a more tolerant US attitude and the full support of Britain..

In September 1982, Armscor announced that its G-5 tow and the G-6 SP Gun/Tow could fire nuclear rounds if necessary, but that South Africa did not intend to use such weapons. The existence of the G5 towed artillery piece was revealed to the world and surprise was expressed that such an advanced system could be developed locally. The G6 was revealed in the mid 1980's. The G6 and G5 are built by LIW, a division of DENEL in South Africa.

It was during the Iraq – Iran War that the Iraqi government dispatched a private aircraft to Geneva to take Bull to Baghdad. So began a long association between Bull and the government of Iraq, and its then-defense minister, Saddam Hussein. Bull dealt with Iraq for almost 10 years. Iraq was one of many states with guns developed by Bull. His clients are known to include his native Canada, the United States, South Africa, Iran, Chile, Taiwan, China, and Libya.
Gerard Bull was first contracted by the Iraqi government in 1981. They desperately needed artillery to out-range the enemy in the protracted Iran-Iraq War. The association allowed Bull to yet again seek sponsorship of a space-launch supergun. Sadam Hussein liked the idea, and Project Babylon was born. Throughout the 1980's Bull's dealings with Iraq had the covert approval of Western governments, who saw Iraq as a counterweight to revolutionary Iran.
In March of 1988, Bull received a contract to build two full sized 'Project Babylon' 1000 mm superguns and one 'Baby Babylon' 350 mm prototype for a total of $25 million. The project was given the cover designation 'PC-2' (Petrochemical Complex-2). British engineer Christopher Cowley was the project manager.
The greatest concern by the international community was Iraq's arsenal of guns developed by Gerald Bull from mid-1981 until he was assassinated by what was believed to be Israeli intelligence on 22 March 1990. Two hundred of these guns, termed GH-N-45 were manufactured in Austria and were shipped to Iraq via Jordan in 1985 for use in the Iran-Iraq war. The remaining 100 were manufactured in South Africa, where they are marketed under the name G-5. The G-5 can deliver a tactical nuclear warhead, chemical shells or any NATO standard 155mm shell.

It is my intentions in this series of articles to explain just how corrupt and two faced governments can become whereby they install or support a west friendly President to carry out their own hidden agenda. In this case Saddam was one such President that had the full support of both the US and UK governments with the intention of keeping the Iraq/ Iran war running as long as possible. This next paragraph explains what was going on at the time. At a later date we would see two inquiries emerge one being the Scott Inquiry and also the Matrix Churchill inquiry both of which became a total farce and government cover – up with the latter beings scuppered by the British Government before it even got underway.

The following is an extraction of an article highlighting UK’s involvement in the supergun affair: Iraq used the petrochemical complex two (PC-2) project as a front to purchase components for Gerald Bull's super gun. Matrix Churchill was a long established Midlands based machine tool manufacturer which was purchased in 1987 by an Iraqi controlled company, TMG Engineering Ltd, which was in turn controlled by another Iraqi controlled company, Technology and Development Group Ltd (TDG). The military uses of Matrix-Churchill machines are the prime reason Iraq was interested in purchasing the company. Acquiring Matrix-Churchill gave Iraq access, not only to the machine tools, but also the computer programming, tooling, and other components needed to make a wide variety of munitions as well as other applications in aerospace and nuclear industries. The Iraqi NASSR Establishment for Mechanical Industries contracted with the company for the supply of machine tools for a project, code named "ABA", to manufacture parts for multi launcher rocket systems. In addition, supergun components were fabricated in separate parts by factories in England (Forgemasters in Sheffield), Spain, Holland and Switzerland. Acting on an anonymous tip, British Customs seized the final eight sections of the Super Gun in November 1990. The work skirted the law but remained legal, as illustrated by Britain's unsuccessful prosecution of the case, following the joint British-American sting operation that uncovered key supergun equipment transfers.
The background to this article was created to Tara Davison who dealt with intelligence matters/investigations at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and who became a whistleblower on the illegal arms trade carried out by the British Government, especially in the Middle East. When one links this scam with the nuclear weapons deal in South Africa one can clearly see that the respective leaders and their governments will do anything to either encourage conflict or to elongate a war in order to gain financial reward for themselves or their political party. I will return to some aspects of Tara Davison’s account later on in this mini series.
It should also be noted that when certain incidents happen to get into the media the leaders and their government would suddenly duck for cover and embark on covering up their tracks as soon as possible. However, sadly this also entailed the removal of key witnesses by well planned assassinations or the imprisonment of others so as not to allow the vital evidence to reach the court or a public enquiry. Three examples being the arrest and imprisonment of key British figures involved in the super gun deal, the assassination of the designer, Gerald Bull, followed by the South African nuclear weapons scam and the assassination of Dr David Kelly to protect those in high places which I will be covering in part 2 of this series.
As I have pointed out that once the media get their teeth into such scams, all hell lets loose. On such report by the BBC appeared in 1990 and said the following: Customs seize 'supergun.' Customs officers in Middlesbrough say they have seized what they believe to be the barrel of a massive gun on a ship bound for Iraq.
Exports of parts for a weapon to Iraq would contravene British restrictions on arms sales to President Saddam Hussein's state. Eight pipes were found in crates during a search of the ship at the Teesport Docks. The length of the barrel is said to measure 40 metres (130 feet) when assembled. This would make it by far the largest gun in the world with a range of approximately 600 miles (965 kilometres). The ship where the pipes were found, the Gur Mariner, is being chartered by the Iraqi Maritime Organisation.
The main issue I am trying to raise in my articles is the fact that the leaders and governments on both sides of the pond have been and continue to pull the wool over our eyes to cover up their evil covert ways of manipulating the Geo Politics of this planet. They encourage conflict in order to become involved in areas of hostility such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia etc. They also covertly distribute arms illegally, which in some cases are used against our own forces or those of our allies. The arms manufacturing business is one of the most lucrative in the world and conflict or wars turns over huge amounts of money…….it also has the ability to increase the price of oil and gas which also props up the companies they own. One must also remember that in amongst this mass deceit are private deals going on to which they themselves benefit from or that attract huge sums of money for their own political party to enhance an election or a particular candidate. We will cover one such case later.
One point I would like to make in regard to the pre arranged assassinations of Gerald Bull and Dr David Kelly is to ask the question “Where is the true axis of evil and at what level are they prepared to go”? We all fully understand they are both linked to illegal arms deals (Super Gun and South African nukes) and that very senior politicians were implicated.. We could also ask some questions about the death of Robin Cooke (Ex British Foreign Minister) and also Michael Todd (Ex Manchester Police Chief) both of whom had some very strong views……the list is endless…….we could also add to this the crash of the Chinook helicopter that mysteriously crashed on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland with 25 high level security and intelligence experts from Northern Ireland onboard. One should have some serious concerns that the Chinook Inquiry was a cover up by Ministry of Defence with the involvement of the DTI and the British Secret Service.
Anyway let’s get back to the main story and talk about another evil episode relating to Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW): The following is an extraction from another report regarding more government cover ups: On 11 April 1994 the ambassadors of the US and UK met with President De Klerk. According to Ambassador Princeton Lyman of the United States, who was present during these meetings, the US and UK were concerned that the South African CBW information was “in danger of being acquired by other states, in particular Libya, and that South African scientists could be recruited by these states.
Lyman recalls that after the 1994 election the US and UK waited for De Klerk to brief President Mandela. They believed that this briefing had to take place before Mandela’s inauguration. Five days before the inauguration, when the briefing had not taken place, the US “alerted Thabo Mbeki that there was a proliferation matter of great concern that we [the US and UK] would need to address
The continued trips undertaken by Wouter Basson (cardiologist and former head of the country's secret chemical and biological warfare “Project Coast”) to Libya were still a matter of concern to the US and UK. In January 1995 a third démarche was brought by the governments of the US and UK. Dr Graham Pearson, former Director-General of the UK Defence Ministry’s Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment at Porton Down, who was present during the meetings that followed, said that the intention of the démarche was to request the South African government to provide a credible CBM statement to the BTWC. He said that no comment was made about the nature of the programme and no questions were asked about it. Lyman records that the most difficult issue of the meeting was Basson’s travels to Libya and elsewhere.

It was also revealed that government bodies were united in their wish to prevent public exposure of the programme and were warned of the threat the hearing posed to foreign relations, not least because documents relating to the 1993 and 1994 démarches of the US and UK were found in the trunks. It was argued that if details of these demarches (political protests) were to emerge, trust between the three countries (US, UK and South Africa) would be severely compromised.

The government hoped for a cancellation of the hearing, or at the very least an agreement that the hearing would be conducted in camera. Neither of which were acceptable to the Commission. Finally, in a bid to reduce the potential damage the hearing could cause to foreign relations, the government insisted that a rigorous process be undertaken to identify and approve the documents which could be used in the hearing. A policy was agreed upon: not to make public any documents that could provide technical information to potential proliferators, and the documents pertaining to the démarches would not be made public.

It has often been questioned whether the South Africa programme does indeed offer internationally applicable lessons when measured against the biological weapons and/or chemical programmes of Iraq, the United States, the Soviet Union and Japan which were several orders of magnitude larger and were aimed at the development of large-scale biological weapons for conventional use.

There is evidence to indicate that the intelligence agencies of at least the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland were aware of the SADF’s interest in chemical and biological warfare and were aware of Basson’s role in the programme from the early 1980s. Despite being states parties to the Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention (BTWC) these states chose not to confront the apartheid government with their suspicions about treaty violation until shortly before the 1994 elections because they were neither threatened by the programme nor had much to gain politically from calling Pretoria to account

It should also be noted that a Dr William Augerson (US deputy assistant Secretary of Defence for health resources and programmes), according to Basson’s notes, issued a statement indicating that the USA “does in fact do offensive research/have and offensive research capacity” and that “he [Augerson] states that any country with a chemical industry should be able to produce offensive chemicals.” Basson also credits Augerson with the opinion that, “chemical attack is an ideal tactical weapon against terrorist organisations”

The US and UK clearly knew enough about the South African CBW program to judge that the CBM submitted by South Africa was inaccurate (why else would they have been concerned about Basson’s contact with Libya?). Why, then, did the US and UK choose to do and say nothing to prevent the South African CBW program from continuing during the 1980s and early 1990s? The answer to this question probably lies in US policy towards South Africa during the Cold War.

To conclude: the main intention of this mini series is to reveal just how corrupt and deceitful our respective leaders, ministers and governments officials have been. It will reveal that behind the scenes it breaches UN resolutions, embargoes, illegal arms trading and frequently encourages/enhances conflict.

Both sides of the pond frequently use the term “The Axis of Evil” and yet when one gets the opportunity to investigate this spider’s web of deceit we can see the evil that’s exist deep within the corridors of power. It became clear that back in the days of Maggie Thatcher and right up to the current time that what we read about and what actually goes on is truly beyond words.

It is apparent that our respective governments and intelligence services create their many false flags to take us to war to either enhance their own position in this crazy geo political world or to control their own hidden agenda of seeking to control the world’s resources and markets and at the same time protect the drugs that play such a lucrative part in our economy.

It is also an act of treason and a breach of the Geneva Convention that our governments put not only the populations of the world at risk but also that of our military forces by using WMD’s that they knowingly contaminate with radiation nano particles.

Part two of this mini series will continue with more of this deceit when we cover detail of the loss of the South African nuclear weapons, the illegal arms trade and the manipulation of our governments by those that brush their palms with significant amounts of money. One could also include the current Naomi Campbell “Blood Diamond” cover up whereby it was a known fact that diamonds were exchanged for arms from South Africa which in turn fuelled conflict in Liberia and Sierra Leone. It should also be remembered that Charles Taylor who remains at the centre of the current War Crimes Trial was aided and abetted by the CIA in the US….now you can see just how sordid this whole arms dealing becomes. It all comes down to the fact; can you trust your leaders and their governments? We already know the answer to this question.

Keep watching this space for the truth and remember yet again those words of Ghandi: "When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 12/8/2010

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