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Thursday, 19 August 2010

When will the British have a true leader?

When will the British have a government that serves the people?
When will we stop our aggressive foreign policy?

Part 4

Before we move on to some more very dark areas of politics we must discuss the topic that is hot on the agenda at the moment…..that of the apparent suicide of Dr David Kelly. We all know that this was most certainly an arranged assassination by someone of high standing within the UK and may also have involved the USA.

If we can also recall Princess Dianne also met a sudden death and many rumours were around at the time that she, like Dr Kelly, knew too much about illegal arms dealings and met with the same fate.

So how much did Dr Kelly know and what made him such a target for our political leaders? We know that he was directly involved in Chemical and Biological Warfare having been responsible for Porton Down and also having hosted many of his counterparts from South Africa. We also know that he was the government representative that signed off those illegal Battlefield Nuclear Bombs that were smuggled out of South Africa and shipped to Oman. It was Dr Kelly who carried out the final inspection on those weapons before the money was paid to that shonky arms dealer John Bredenkamp. We also know that Dr Kelly formed part of the weapons inspection team in Iraq and knew that Alistair Campbell had sexed up the Iraq Dossier that was so vital to Blair in making that terrible decision.

Dr Kelly unfortunately was in the wrong place at the wrong time and knew too much for the government to feel at ease with him. I am sure he also knew of the 17.8 million pounds (British Tax Payers money) that was stolen and then handed to the Conservative Party for their election fund. It was Dr Kelly who started challenging the reasons for going to war and threatened to become a whistleblower via the media. One can clearly see that he was certainly on the government’s hit list (as are many people who had previously worked in Intel, MoD or DTI). So let’s look into this mans past and see just how much he really knew.

Perhaps it would be fitting to explain what was happening to Dr David Kelly just prior to his death in the words of Gordon Bowden who is an expert in investigating the paper trail of Bogus Companies – Non Existent Mines or Drilling Locations. Gordon like many of the dedicated few in this world only seek to reveal the truth, especially when senior political figures are involved such as the notorious Tony Blair and the working of that shady complex known as 22 Arlington Street, London (which hopefully I will cover in another series at a later date).

This was Gordon’s summary in his own words:
Dr David Kelly was the overseer Scientist of Thatcher’s Conservative Government "Private" Funded requisition of 3 x 200 Kt Battlefield Plutonium Bombs from the Apartheid Government of RSA in 1991. The deal, conducted when a young David Cameron was sent by Thatcher to RSA to seal the purchase. Orchestrated through Lord McAlpine, Sir Brian Wyldbore Smith,Jonathan Aitken, Sir Mark Thatcher, MP Peter Lilley, MI6 Stephan Kock a.k.a. Stepahnus Adolphus Kock and a host of Private Conservative Grandee financial backers. The Bombs were sold via Kleptomaniac Weapons Dealer John Bredenkamp.

In the early 1980's South Africa had been part of a Joint Venture with Israeli Scientist to manufacture in total, 10 Battlefield 200Kt Plutonium Bombs at Secret Military Research Establishment Pelindaba, near Pretoria. I(One) Test Detonated in the Indian Ocean, South of RSA at Prince Edward Island on 22 September 1989
That left 9.

With RSA Apartheid Government about to be handed over to the "Terrorist" Black ANC, both USA and UK requested Botha's Government to remove the remaining 9 Bombs. It was agreed, 6 were to be sent directly to the USA for de-commissioning, where the Fissile material was to be removed and sent back to RSA so the new ANC Government could use it later in a Nuclear Dis-armament Propaganda PR Exercise.
The other 3 Purchased by Thatcher and her Conservative Cronies, for possible use against Saddam should he use Chemical or Gas weapons in the retake of Kuwait (Gulf War 1).

The exchange of "CASH" For 3 "BOMBS” transfer conducted in DURBAN Harbour. All 9 Packed into 20Foot ISO Containers. 6 onward bound to USA.
3 to OMAN where they were signed off by Dr David Kelly as 3 MOD "CYLINDERS" "ARRIVED IN ORDER" To be held over for the Entirety of Gulf War 1. So, what went wrong!

Well, John Bredenkamp was not called a Kleptomaniac for nothing, the wheeler dealer stole them back again moving them in Ambulances out of their Poor Security held compound Location. He then sold them on the OPEN Market.
Now, unfortunately for ALL those involved in this CRIMINAL, COVERT Purchase and subsequent LOSS of 3 Plutonium Bombs, one of those re-Stolen by Bredenkamp was DETONATED by NORTH KOREA on 25 May 2009.
AND THAT IS WHY, ALL those involved in this Monumental Criminal WAR CRIME Deal had to get rid of the Links (DR DAVID KELLY)and the Paper-work threads, as per the MI5 / MI6 RAID and Seizure at Dr David Kelly's Home and Offices, of his Files, Computers and Documents. (THE CLEANING BRIGADE)
They made a massive Mistake. As with any crime involving "LOTS OF WONGA"

Derby MP Margaret Beckett and the Labour Party found it. THE PROOF.
Q & A Parliamentary Report HANSARD 22 June 1993 From Col 197
THE MONEY LAUNDERING TRAIL. The CRITICAL Questions to the Conservative Party. From WHOM and WHERE did the donation to Conservatives Party Coffer account of £17.8 Million come from for the 1992 Election Campaign.
The Answer, From a Front Company of: JOHN BREDENKAMP.

I have met with Gordon Bowdon and find his knowledge of investigating bogus companies and frauds is second to none and the two of use once visited a political party workshop and together we provided evidence to a Member of Parliament (MP) for further investigation. I have no doubt the evidence we provided will be swept under the carpet. All I can say is that if this is the case, they do not know Gordon very well…..he will continue to track them down and where possible put them out of business.

Back to the Dr Kelly story - I read another comment which I though really did make sense: A witnesses spoke about a man in a suite. This had previously been denied and now admitted but we are told it was a trainee officer that cannot be named?

What immediately came to mind is that this person could have been a facilitator who was there at David Kelly's death (most likely with others) and who was responsible for overseeing the cover up (moving of the body from the original scene of the crime separates the body from possible forensics information). It is necessary to use a little imagination to construct a possible scenario that makes sense.

The facilitator would not want to take the chance of being seen together with the muscle used to move David Kelly from the original scene of the crime to the place where he was to be found. The muscle would have laid David Kelly out on the ground. (Well he is dead isn't he?) When the facilitator arrives at the scene under cover with the first response he sees that it is necessary to reposition David in a position that would be more convincing to help the support for suicide. It is interesting that agents in America are referred to as suits.

As you can see from such comments there are certainly areas of concern and especially the fact that Lord Hutton ruled that all medical records and unpublished evidence relating to Dr. Kelly's death are to remain classified for up to 70 years. This ruling is most unusual in regard to normal post - mortem practices. Many doctors have questioned the conclusion reached at the Hutton Inquiry which I will cover later.

We should look at another account of what was happening in the South African/Britain missing nukes scam and fully understand the important role that Dr Kelly played. The author of this account will remain nameless and you will clearly see how Dr Kelly became involved in this covert operation:
The South African government held talks at Mels Park House in Somerset in the summer of 1989. The series of meeting included the attendance of Nelson Mandela before he was released from prison; this in itself gives some indication of the corrupt workings of governments and also of Mandela’s direct involvement.

Mandela became very much involved in the pre take over and it was a known fact that he had borrowed 5 billion for arms which suggests the deal was made during the conferences in Somerset. I myself have given much thought to the current Naomi Campbell story regarding the blood diamond situation. I believe that based on the above facts, it is possible that blood diamonds from West Africa are being used in return for arms from South Africa, which if true, really does bring Mandela into disrepute.

The South African Government was in a state of panic when it became obvious that their apartheid regime was going to collapse and they therefore confided in Maggie Thatcher the fact that they had nine atomic bombs, and that they would pay for her to send people down (in secret) to see discuss this situation as it was of grave concern to the government that these bombs could end up in the hands of the blacks.
David Cameron (then only 24 years of age) was sent down to South Africa by his working mum for a free jolly at the expense of ARMSCOR (the South African arms trading company). Ken Warren was also involved in this trip with the DTI (under the control of Peter Lilley) as the overseers.

The biggest problem was how to move these weapons from the nuclear facility in Pelindarba to Durban and then by onward shipment to the US. It was at this stage that of the nine remaining battlefield nuclear bombs, three would be purchased by the British Government for possible use against Saddam Hussain. It was arranged that six of the weapons would go directly to Chicago, US and three would go to Oman for storage and possible later usage on Iraq.

It was at this point of the proceeding that Thatcher and many other senior politicians realized that some serious money could be made from this exercise. The government of the day (Conservative Party) had therefore had to implement some way of concealing this shipment in order to get them from South Africa – Oman.
It was therefore decided that this would be a low key operation and that the manifest would show them as three cylinders that would be concealed in standard 20 foot sea containers. They were to be loaded in some backyard arrangement at a railway siding and sent to Oman without the government in opposition knowing about them or the British public.

However, it was not that easy as the engineering required to move these bombs via a standard sea container required good quality engineering skill and design. The engineering was carried out by a British company who designed the special cradle required to secure the weapons.

It became obvious that serious money was required in order to set the ball rolling and this is where politicians chipped in and formed a private sector investment company to handle the initial setting up with none other than Mark Thatcher, the son of the Prime Minister taking a leading role. There had to be certain conditions met before the British Government would release any money, hence the launch of an operating fund in the meantime.

So the scene was set for this remarkable scam to take to the road (or should I say to thesea). The nine warheads had tremendous value and obviously Thatcher, Lilley, Warren and Cameron etc knew that this would be a good opportunity to get Tax Payer’s money diverted offshore and then back into the coffers of the Conservative Party Election Funds. It also gave access to the notorious arms dealer John Bredenkamp to earn himself much money as it did for the private investors.

Everyone at the time believed that all nine warheads would be sent directly from Durban to the US. However a select few in the Conservative Part knew otherwise as did the US and the Intel services.

This entire episode involved many people including senior South African politicians, Lord Alistair Mc Alpine, many senior Conservative politicians, the DTI, MoD, Mark Thatcher and his investment group, Astra, ARMSCOR and John Bredekamps company Casalee. So the scene was set for this unscrupulous bunch of thieves to secure for themselves millions of Tax Payer’s money and at the same time securing 17.8 million for their 1992 election campaign.

Thatcher was obviously delighted that her son would be involved but may have not been so amused that daughter Carol was having an affair with none other than Jonathan Aitkin a very senior Conservative politician (who was also involved in shonky arms dealings)……oh well “All is fair in love and war.”

So now the scene is set for the purchase of three cylinders, the camouflage for the contained warheads, at a fixed price to be delivered to Oman. This procurement would then move into the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI) to be signed off. The DTI would then contact the contracts branch at MOD, Sloane Square, to draw up a contract in the name of the MOD, acting as agents for the DTI.

The minister who signed the Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR), which is a fast track way of moving something very quickly without going through Parliament, was non other than Peter Lilly who headed the DTI at the time. The other person to sign was Stephen Kock on behalf of the Astra Group, who would implement it via John Bredenkamp’s company Casalee, and a government agent who would sign off all the invoices after the three cylinders had arrived in Oman…. enter Dr David Kelly, the only man with the qualifications to act as agent.
Kelly would have had a letter of comfort and instruction from Peter Lilly the head of the DTI, explaining there was a UOR to buy three atomic bombs, which for security purposes were named cylinders, and that he, Kelly, would monitor everything from the bombs being placed into the transit cradles, in South Africa, to their unloading in Oman.

Dr Kelly would be under the impression that these warheads may have to be used, so compartmentalising the information David Kelly actually had in relation to the procurement. After the warheads were placed into the cradles and into the containers, the umbilical cord to monitor the temperature of the warheads, the doors shut…Kelly would seal the containers with his seal placed on the padlock. The containers were then moved to a private rail siding, and loaded onto a train and the nine hundred or so miles from Pelindaba near Johannesburg, to the coast of Durban, Kelly would then sign he had seen the containers to this point and would sign again when they arrived in Oman.

With the weapons on the ship and ready to go, at which point private investors money is needed to pay the supplier, or the product isn’t leaving, so from a fund put together by private investors, the balance is paid across to John Bredenkamp’s company which has a head office in Durban, and all is set for transportation to Oman.
Meanwhile this UOR required the signature from Thatcher for the nukes to move - (concealed as cylinders). This was the last act by Thatcher before she left office, apparently without knowledge as to what she had signed off……….do you really believe that?
Maybe now we can truly understand why Dr David Kelly was at the top of the British Governments hit list and why he was assassinated. We can add to this the total scam and cover up of the Hutton inquiry and now we have the Chilcott Inquiry which is already showing signs of being another total failure.

Of the original nine warheads, three went missing, and as of today, only one of the three has been accounted for, that being the Nuclear Test carried out by North Korea in 2009.

The final Part 5 will cover what happened after the arrival of Tony Blair in office and later the best Chancellor and Prime Minister in the world (or so he says!) Gordon Brown. I will also cover some of the mysteries associated with the death of Dr Kelly

Stay tuned for another failed inquiry and the possible re opening of the circumstances leading to Dr David Kelly’s apparent suicide?
Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 19/8/2010

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