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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Harry’s Place the home of Islamaphobia

I find it incredible how this copy and paste blog manages to attract any readers at all. It is always attacking anything that is connected to Islam or of Arabic Origin. It manages to convert even the simplest of terms and turn it round into some allegedly anti Semitic statement.

Perhaps we could look at that wonderful intellect called Gene who writes many one line articles for Harry’s Place. I was very impressed to find the author of this extremely short article had tried very hard to complete more than one sentence before doing the usual trick of copy and paste. Gene thought that Sameh, should have been asked what he meant by the following statement:

Do you believe these mainstream news organisations to have a hidden agenda? Sameh’s response was “They are certainly pro-Israeli. I think you have to ask yourself who controls the media.” I know myself that many people around the world certainly do ask this same question so how come Gene tried to make this story into something sensational?

The bulk of the media certainly is controlled and does carry an allegiance to Israel. It has been pointed out historically for many many years that the media is now a monopoly and one leader figure is of course none other than Rupert Murdoch.

I note that many times there appears to be a cover up as to if Rupert is of a Jewish family. His father married an extremely wealthy Jewish girl which basically launched Rupert on his very successful career. No matter what Harry’s place tries to say according to the law of the Talmud that certainly makes him Jewish. Oh sorry Gene no doubt you will turn this paragraph round into an anti Semitic statement. That makes the latest score Palestine Telegraph 1 – Harry’s Place 0.

As we have seen of their illustrious pages they pride themselves as being an amateur blog which based on the above “Scoop Headlines” it certainly is. Its authors always hide behind some false name or façade and never respond in the comments section of the Palestine Telegraph. I am sure this is because they do not either have the technical ability or knowledge base to respond to most of the articles.

We at the Palestine Telegraph pride ourselves that in addition to bringing the Palestinian cause to the world, we also cover many other topics from Global Warming – Volcanic Ash – Airline accidents etc. Such is the case with the last article published regarding War Crimes in Iraq. However, I would not expect any of the amateur authors at Harry’s Place to respond to such a technical report. Obviously they are very much Pro Israel and therefore, no doubt; do not accept that “War Crimes” of the same magnitude were carried out by the IDF and the Israeli Government in Gaza.

Perhaphs I should also point out something else that this small group may not know about. Is Gene aware that in ever military there are “Codes of Conduct” and “Rules of Engagement”? Would our well informed Gene also believe that ever single rule was broken by the IDF during the “Cast Lead” conflict? I already know the answer Gene, so why don’t you just carry on doing your little routine of “Copy and Paste” journalism and leave us to get on with not only reporting the facts but also the truth.

I believe that now makes the score Palestine Telegraph 2 – Harry’s Place 0…..that’s what I like a good game of football…….oh by the way your mate owns Sky but I guess with your score he would not be interested……happy pasting!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 3/5/2010A

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