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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The illegal sale of nuclear technology always carries a price

Maybe we can all recall the Shakespearean play “The Merchant of Venice” when the wealthy Jewish money lender Shylock offered to loan money to his Christian rival Antonio. The price of default for non payment of the loan was a pound of flesh from Antonio. The whole affair ends up in court and the verdict is that Shylock can have his pound of flesh but must not spill any blood and can only take exactly one pound of flesh and no more.

Shylock, realising this is impossible, recants and simply requests 9,000 ducats. Portia then reveals that Shylock is himself guilty of a crime; namely, conspiring to kill another citizen, i.e. Antonio. As punishment, the Duke and Antonio decide that Shylock must give half his belongings to the court; keep the other half for himself and promise to give all his remaining belongings to his daughter and son-in-law (Lorenzo) upon his death; and become a Christian. With no other choice, Shylock agrees.

I guess by now you will be scratching your head and say what is this all about? The answer is very simple when you start carrying out illegal under the table deals, all in the name of money, the final result will always come back to haunt you……this next story paints a very clear picture as to “what goes around comes around.”

Greed of any nations always allows the impossible to happen especially when any nation is prepared to sell Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) at a price. It is very clear that some of these nations are prepared to sell their dying grandmother.

Lately we have seen all the mud flying around regarding the fact that Israel may have been involved in a nuclear deal with South Africa back in the 70’s but what this article by the Guardian falls short of and does not reveal is the fact that Israel certainly was involved in South Africa as well as other under the table deals after this date. I would even go as far as saying that the Israel version of nuclear weapons development, which they claim was there own doing, was in actual fact a joint venture with South Africa.

Israel did not have any territory suitable for carrying out a nuclear test programme but South Africa did. On the other hand South Africa did not have all the technology to accomplish their own deterrent and desperately needed the Israelis to come onboard to jointly develop, test fire and commission a nuclear bomb….which they did.

So how can all of this relate to Shakespeare’s wonderful play and is the final outcome similar to what happened to that greedy Jewish money lender Shylock?

It may also be worth covering in this letter another incident whereby Israel again did a nuclear deal with another country which really didn’t make sense considering Israel’s long standing hatred of anything Islamic. We will cover this part of the story after reviewing the South African blunder.

Let’s just recall the headlines from The Guardian yesterday - Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons. Again I repeat the term offered is no longer applicable as Israel did become involved in a joint venture with South Africa to not only assist them in illegally (under the UN embargo rules) creating their own nuclear weapons programme but also allowed Israel to test their own creation and establish what is now recognised as a substantial nuclear arsenal.

This Israeli – South African Joint Venture reached a successful conclusion when they jointly carried out their first and only nuclear test on the 22nd of September 1979. The bomb was placed onboard a moored vessel anchored off the Prince Edward Islands, well south of South Africa.
It is also evident that both the US and UK Government were fully aware of this programme and did at a later date become totally involved in resolving what to do with the remaining nine “Battlefield Ready Nuclear Bombs” before black power took over South Africa.

It was interesting to note that after this initial successful test, the US satellites detected a double flash associated with such a test explosion. The US tried desperately to cover up this nuclear explosion by putting out a story that it was possibly a meteorite coming down to earth. Of course this is far from the truth….especially when the Los Alamos nuclear facility in the US also picked up this test/data and distributed a secret memo around its own staff members explaining what had just occurred.

What is even more incredible is that it would be some ten years later before anyone was in a position to secretly remove the South African nuclear arsenal before the change of government. Remember all of this was under the table and not known by the United Nations (or so we are led to believe) who had imposed the embargo.
We again come back to the Maggie Thatcher manipulation of the above when she sent her apron string messenger, David Cameron, with the others I mentioned in my previous article, down to South Africa for an all expenses paid jolly.

That trip was fully financed by ARMSCOR and took place 1989. It included a trip to Pelindarba, the nuclear facility and where the nine remaining weapons were stored. It was after this trip that six of the nine were shipped directly to Chicago and the remaining three were eventually shipped from Durban to Oman in a very insecure manner, stored insecurely in Oman and then very cleverly stolen by the arms dealer who sold them.

As a direct result of this gross neglect by Margaret Thatcher, John Major,, David Cameron, Kenneth Warren, David Wiltshire, Peter Lilley and so many other high profile people such as Kenneth Clark, Lord MacAlpine etc we created a major security problem for the West and Israel by not knowing who had now got the missing weapons. Equally so the Labour Party were also implicated in this issue namely Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Alastair Campbell and so many more.

It must be clearly understood that this entire fiasco all started off with Israeli selling its technology and for the West in general also watching this happen and at the same time allowing their palms to be tarnished with blood money. The final outcome resulted in a war with the wrong country and the nuclear threat still looming over our heads, not knowing who has the weapons now!!

Maybe as last we can see the story of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice coming out here and that the evil man Shylock is in actual fact the State of Israel itself.
This now leads to the other more recent story concerning Israel’s involvement with Pakistan in the development of their nuclear programme. We can also see the same countries involved i.e. Israel and South Africa. So let’s just take a minute to run over events that have happened.

Back in 2004 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) told the world it was monitoring scrap that had been taken from Iraqi military and Industrial sites and then transported by truck to Jordan. This was all under the eye of the American occupational forces and could easily find its way into the international underground market for nuclear components and be sold to countries seeking their own nuclear-weapons projects.

In addition to the above story was another article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times which drew attention to a guy called Asher Karni, an Israeli businessman, living in South Africa, who was arrested at Denver Airport. He was charged with attempting to sell parts of nuclear weapons to a businessman in Pakistan called Humahyn Khan. According to the report this could have been a big deal to export hundreds of electrical components that were normally destined for the medical market and making them available as possible components for nuclear weapons.

The components were triggered spark gaps and are used in the medical profession for breaking up kidney stones and emit an electrical charge that could be adapted for nuclear weapons. Humahyn Khan was engaged in purchasing material for the Pakistan nuclear programme in 1975. He was also involved with former Nazi and big-time nuclear parts dealer Alfred Hempel who also spread such components all over the world via a network of secret agents. Now one can possible see the implications and involvement with Israel and possibly Mossad.

The goods would be purchased directly from a major US electronic firm. Karni was unable to purchase the parts directly and so persuaded a New Jersey firm to buy the switches, based on the fact they were being used in a South African hospital and renamed them to avoid export control etc.The parts were then sent via Dubai and then onto Islamabad and Humayun Khan whose company was listed as a lithograph company and then possibly linked to a political party involved in the control of Pakistan Kashmir.

Again we see a connection between Shylock and these unscrupulous dealers who will not stop at anything in order to acquire their own wealth. The next big story is about to explode over the newspapers of the world regarding the horrendous war crimes currently being carried out on a huge scale.

Before finally closing we have to fully understand that all of these goings on are all under the spyglass of CIA, MI5 and Mossad who have infiltrated almost every media and NGO in the world. As we have seen, from this sudden outburst from the Guardian, there may be some sinister plan to upset the balance of power in this country.

We also see on a regular basis these organisations creating their diversionary “False Flag” operations to take the focus away from some other issue….typically such incidents as the so called Detroit Airliner incident and the more recent New York Times Square attempted bombing are now become so routine and boring….its time they got rid of these wet behind the ears agents and started using some more mature experienced operatives.

If one can truly appreciate the magnitude of what has happened over the last decade or so it is extremely hard to come to terms with the fact that the US lost three nuclear weapons and the UK another three. We know that since this time North Korea has carried out two nuclear explosions which for sure consisted of one of the stolen US SRAM weapons and the other, one of the British (South African) nuclear bombs. All of this gave huge sums of money to a small amount of people namely the arms dealer himself John Bredekamp (a Rhodesian of Jewish decent), David Cameron’s, Thatcher’s and John Major’s Tory Party funds, Tony Blair etc etc

I would like to thank Shakespeare for having a clear understanding as to what constituted evil and having the brilliant mind to put it into such romantic words. Let’s again recall those powerful words from Julius Caesar “To be or not to be, that is the question, the evil that men do lives after them, so let it be”

Watch this space!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/5/2010

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