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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Israel again shows it arrogance in talking tuff

UK, May 13, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) We see another hard hitting press release come out of Israel with the usual spin of high technology and the flexing of muscles. However, I have to say that their illustrious leader in this photograph certainly does not look as confident as his deputy. Could this be a rather worried look of a person who really doesn’t not know what he’s up against?

Does his deputy fully understand the implications of making such a bold statement without thinking about the repercussions? The man obviously doesn’t have one ounce of military intelligence to understand that such a mission is stretching the safety envelope of the Israeli Air Force aircraft.

Firstly does he know that Israel cannot carry out such an attack without the assistance of their partner in War Crimes (Big Brother Uncle Sam)? Does he know that for them to take the maximum payload of weapons there will be little time to hang around in the target area and certainly will not have time to protect themselves? My final question would be does he understand the implications of such aggression and the retaliatory actions that are likely to follow, coupled with the ensuing radiation fall out?

Yes it is very clear that Mr. Netanyahu should look worried, especially when it was Israeli Technicians that helped prepare the missing battlefield nuclear bombs that the British lost in Oman,,,,,,could it be that Iran already has the capability and dare they even try it?

The Israeli Government, in its lack of duty of care for its people, has already contaminated Israel in its entirety as a result of using WMD’s in Lebanon (2006) and again in Gaza.

What respect can one have for a government that puts its own troops in grave danger from radiation contamination? What Government would allow its own people to have their very genetics altered when Depleted Uranium can attack the very DNA of life? One thing for sure is that the citizens of Israel certainly do not know what is going on….but hey does he really matter?....they have one of the highest cancer rates in the west with a huge infertility problem that could technically make the population extinct. With the contamination, low sperm counts, hike in diabetes and severe mental disorders what more could you ask for!

We then have the usual spin that again comes from the deputy whereby he again states “This capability can be used for a war on terror in Gaza, for a war in the face of rockets from Lebanon, for war on the conventional Syrian army, and also for war on a peripheral state like Iran," Is it possible that this man has succumbed to a dose of DU that has the capability to pass through the Nose – Brain barrier?

It was interesting to read the article that went on to say: But its veiled threats against foe Iran have been questioned by some independent analysts who see the potential targets as too distant, dispersed, numerous and well-defended for Israeli warplanes to take on alone. One expert warned. "In my judgment, it is somewhere between difficult to impossible for Israel to do it alone, for both technical and political reasons." So Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, Moshe Yaalon maybe you should use your vast military tactical experience and go along to see the IDF and tell them exactly how this task has to be done. I would strongly suggest that you go on the mission yourself, no doubt you will eject well before target.

I again wish to warn the people of Israel that should this insane operation take place you will contaminate the entire Middle East from Turkey to Tajikistan and from North of the Caspian down to beyond the Arabian Peninsula. This contamination will be of catastrophic proportions and will also engulf Israel.

It is time for the Arab league to start taking some responsibility in this current stand off situation…..it is time for them to also stop Israel (via the UN) in taking any such action whilst at the same time demand that Israel stops this on going bully tactics and starts taking note of the hundreds of resolutions passed against it.

Despite their vast superiority, especially in air power they left Lebanon with their tales between their legs.

It is time for the Arab League to stand behind Palestine and demand that they be allowed to negotiate directly with the UN General Assembly for full sovereignty and to have the entire blockade stopped.

Israel may still choose to take on Iran but if they do one could see major centres in Israeli being eliminated by reprisal attacks. Remember the rules of war….if you strike first then you can expect a response….it then become legitimate to do this. It is also outside of the UN’s remit to recommend such action. Again remember that due to the neglect of the US and UK governments several nuclear weapons went missing, then stolen and sold to the highest bidder…..what goes around comes around.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 13/5/2010

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