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Monday, 10 May 2010

Iran – The innocent victim of US/UK/NATO aggression

UK, May 10, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) We have talked about the intended mass genocide of millions of people in all the current and past areas of conflict namely: The Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen and Somalia.

What we in the west do not understand is that this same genocidal tendency is also unfolding in Iran. From the experience of Fallujah and Basra in Iraq, it became clear that despite the US and UK Governments attempt to cover up its extensive usage of weapons containing uranium components, the implications soon manifested themselves to the world. We continue to see grotesque photographs of badly disfigured babies and many forms of cancer that are now so rampant in Iraq.

What the military did not tell us was the fact that in addition to these weapons (that contained DU) the US dropped a nuclear weapon to the east of Basra (close to the border with Iran). We have to understand that whatever our respective governments tell us, these weapons are certainly not conventional and therefore constitute as being WMD’s.

How can the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan cause major problems in Iran? The answer is very simple…….the aerosol contamination from such weapons are totally indiscriminate and therefore do not identify international borders. The drift on the wind across borders and eventually reach the four corners of the globe.

Unfortunately for Iran it is sitting in the middle of two major conflict zones (Iraq and Afghanistan) which has now resulted in the gross contamination of the peoples of Iran, their land, soil, crops and water supply. This intentional plan forms part of a master plan, by the “New World Order,” to depopulate most of the Islamic countries in the Middle East. The problem however does not stop there, these fine nano particles continue on their journey to other adjacent countries to continue their deadly mission.

We are starting to see some very alarming trends developing in Iran but as usual the UN and the WHO use other diversionary tactics to blame the deteriorating health situation on other factors. A typical example of this is the case of the high incidence of esophageal cancer in the Golestan Province of northern Iran. The study carried out revealed that drinking hot black tea was the main problem in this region. However, no mention was made of the fact that the water itself and the contaminated environment could well be the main cause of not only this type of cancer but also other cancers.

Let’s take a closer look at some information that is being bounced around at the moment and then try to see what the true picture is for Iran. One must keep in mind that there are two main issues here in relation to the distribution of nano particles from across the border in Iraq and Afghanistan. One is that in hot dry conditions secondary contamination takes place when the fine dust aerosols are blown around on the wind and then inhaled. The other issue is that some areas of Iran also have either snow or rain, both of which allow the airborne contamination to be snow/ rained out and come back to earth. Snow in particular attracts the nano particles and therefore we have three main areas of concern:

Areas that have significant falls of snow

Areas that have regular or seasonal rain

Areas that are contained within the water catchment area

One can see that in this case the contamination is ingested via crops/food and via the drinking water.

During my time in the military it became clear that water was the best way of getting rid of radiation contamination. This entailed placing the person wearing protective clothing under a heavy shower or in the case of a contaminated surface washing that surface. For some time now warship of any size from aircraft carriers to destroyer have a built in spray system to wash the entire outer surface of the vessel after a nuclear fallout etc. With this example in mind one can see that water transports radioactive particles with ease. If I were in Iran or any other country that has received such contamination, I would ask the question is it possible that the high rate of cancer, diabetes etc is as a direct result of gross contamination from radioactive nano particles. Below is a list of some of the ailments directly related to this type of contamination. It should also be noted that breast cancer and many other forms of cancer are as a direct result of radiation contamination.

It should be pointed out that this list is only some of the complications that exist as a direct result DU/EU contamination. Leuren Moret interviewed many war veterans in the US and her findings revealed a list too long to insert in this brief article. It is clear that the contamination from these weapons poses a serious threat to humankind and all the species that live on this planet

Let’s now evaluate the true situation in Iran, especially the sad reality that the unborn child, new born and the young are the main victims of these, mainly US, manufactured weapons.

A startling report said that a third of illnesses in Iran were cancer related. It stated that back in 1996 there was over 32,000 per annum. In 2010 they estimated that this would rise to 53,000 which amounts to a rise of 65%. What is extremely disturbing is the fact that 35% of the Iranian population is under 15 years and therefore has the potential to make children’s cancer in Iran as being one of the highest in the world.

However, when one investigated deeper into these statistics one can see that the above data was not totally correct when back in 2002 and 2003 two separate reports of population based cancer registries were published from Iran and the cancer incidence rates from these sources have permitted informed estimates of cancer incidence and mortality to be prepared. They suggest that more than 51,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed and 35,000 deaths due to cancer occur each year. It can therefore be clearly seen that this very high figure had almost been achieved over 7 years ago and realistically speaking must be well in excess of the 513,000 that was estimated for this year (2010).

The 5 most common cancers in males (by ASR) are stomach (26.1 per 10(5)), esophagus (17.6 ), colon-rectum (8.3), bladder (8.0) and leukemia (4.8), and in females are breast (17.1), esophagus (14.4), stomach (11.1), colon-rectum (6.5) and cervix uteri (4.5). The incidence rates of esophageal and stomach cancer in Iran are high, well above the world average. The most common pediatric cancers in Iran are acute lymphoblastic leukemia, brain tumors, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, retinoblastoma, Wilms’ tumor and neuroblastoma.

It must be remembered that this contamination is on going for the Iranians as the US, UK and Coalition forces continue to bombard Afghanistan with weapons that contain uranium components. I would also add that yet again the US also used nuclear weapons during their bombing of the Tora Bora Mountains.

The prognosis is not good for any country in the Middle East or the world in general. We are looking here at world leaders playing a game of mass deceit leading to mass genocide. The NPT is an absolute joke and has no genuine attempt to stop WMD’s. In actual fact, as we speak, the new advanced 4 th generation weapons being designed and built are far more dangerous that the inter continental ballistic missile that they are seeking to reduce. Not one Ballistic Nuclear Missile has ever been fired in anger and they are what they say they are “Nuclear Deterrents.”

To apply this aggressive pressure on Iran appears to be a total diversion from what they really want to do…….that is to remove as many of the population as they possibly can, then get Israel (with the help of the US) to attack Iran which will then bring in the US and NATO forces. Iran is a commercial threat to the US and other western European nations because it has untold wealth of natural resources and the ability to enter world markets with its oil and gas. What is ironic is that amidst all this aggression and general Anti – Iranian stance the Europeans are purchasing their resources via Turkey. One can see how two faced imperialism can become.

It time for the world to see through such people as Obama and realize it’s purely a PR exercise to make it look like things are being done. If the NPT is to be truly sincere that all weapons containing any uranium component must be prohibited without delay.

It would appear that the damage has already been done in line with the New World Order’s master plan but one can try and make the most of what we have and care for those that have fallen victim to these evil satanic weapons.

The doctors in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and Pakistan already know of the consequences, likewise the doctors in the downwind countries such as India also know what’s happening in such places as the Punjab.

The entire mindset of all these medical professionals, starting with the Ministry of Health down through the Hospital Directors and all medical staff has to change. They have to understand that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that more horrendous statistics are yet to come.

Because these weapons directly attack the very DNA of life and the fact that this contamination can enter the nose-brain barrier we are certainly looking at the need to change the health support system from existing health care problems to that of post radiation/cancer care, especially in the young. One can see a good example of this in the Mahak Children Hospital in Iran.

It is clear that such data cannot be kept out of the public domain as this will become a pandemic of huge proportions. One must accept that it is no use crying over spilt milk, we have to move foreword and accept what is done is done. However, it is up to the governments of the world to stop the usage of such weaponry as a matter of urgency.

It is imperative that the health authorities inject vast sums of money into the health services of their respective countries in order to purchase the new equipment required for the victims of DU/EU such as MRI’s etc. A totally new approach is required to assist these new victims and the special care and treatment they will require. These funds must also take into account Palliative Care and Hospice Centres for those who are terminally ill.

Fallujah is a classic example of when things go terrible wrong, As we already know women there are afraid to have children. The Iraqi Minister of Health has asked the women not to have children. When one adds to this the ever increasing infertility in such places as Israel (who nuked themselves when they attacked Lebanon and Gaza) we can see that this is truly a blend of mass genocide linked to the inability to have children which results in depopulation.

It also a sad fact that because DU directly attacks the human DNA and has the ability to enter the nose – brain barrier we will see an increase in mental disorders and brain tumours.

My next article will be the most exhaustive and complicated document ever written. It will have an introduction with an attached “War Crimes Complaint” and all the supporting evidence. The document has already been assessed by a leading lawyer who thought it is extremely impressive with very convincing evidence.

The issue is….. will it ever reach court?…….most probably not, but one can only try. If the complaint is successful then it will be used as template to charge individuals and governments with an assortment of extremely serious war crimes including that of mass genocide i.e. The Balkans, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and then possible Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia

This initial document will be filed for war crimes committed in Iraq (for and on behalf of all the past and current victims of these weapons).

I guess one could call this next article a “World Scoop.” It will be a very interesting exercise to see how many papers will print it……..Oh well such is life!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant - 10/5/2010

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