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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Harry's Place promotes Nazism, Racism, Fascism just like BNP

UK, May 8, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) What is so difficult to understand is why this “Amateur Blog” is allowed to frequently attack anything that is Islamic or Arabic, sometimes in a very profound way. There are two sides to every coin and if Harry’s Place continues to throw mud over the Palestine Telegraph and attack everything that is Islamic, doesn’t that suggest this blog is extremely racist? One can see a similarity between the way the administrators of Harry’s Place think, the way the BNP think and more importantly the way the apartheid government of Israel think. There is no place on planet earth that should allow this hatred of Islam and Arabs to continue…..it is racism at the highest level.

Harry’s Place has been on the attack for a very long time but when one reciprocates they call it Anti-Semitic. One can clearly see examples in many Israeli or Jewish newspapers that clearly show an aggressive approach towards Palestine or other Arabic Nations. One must understand that Israel cannot be allowed to create a one way street that deprives traffic from coming the other way………its only a matter of time that if you continue to dish out this sort of “Amateur Slander” then you yourself will eventually succumb to criticism. It is obvious in the eyes of all those that administer and write for Harry’s Place that one cannot be critical without being labeled Anti Semitic. I can assure you that this is far from the truth.

I myself toured many areas related to the Holocaust and visited mass extermination sites, that no doubt those in Harry’s Place would not even know existed. I read many diaries from WW2 telling the horrors of what happened, which in some cases deeply moved me. I visited Anna Frank’s House in Amsterdam and have since attended many exhibitions and participated in very special events commemorating this sad event.
What deeply upsets me is the fact that the Jewish Holocaust is not the only Holocaust in the world.

We are only allowed to be reminded of this tragic event over and over again and yet no mention (on the same magnitude) do we hear about Rwanda, Russia, The Baltic State, Cambodia, Vietnam and the DRC where over 8-10 million may have died.
In more modern times we are not allowed to talk about the Holocaust/Genocide resulting from the extensive use of WMD’s on populations of Arabic descent or of the Islamic faith, such as the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen. I must further add that the radioactive aerosols from weapons that contain uranium components have and continues to contaminate adjacent countries such as Syria, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman. Because this contamination is totally indiscriminate it has now gone beyond the Middle East and now extends around the world.

What is so ironic is that the Israeli Government allowed the importation of these WMD’s from the US and at the same time continues to manufacture it own illegal weapons to use against its foe. What it doesn’t tell its own forces or the people of Israel is that it has now contaminated everyone and everything in this so called Holy Land, The Israeli People, their land, crops and water supply. If I was an Israeli I would start asking questions of my government – Why do we have one of the highest rates of cancers in the world? Why is the Israeli sperm count diminishing at such an alarming rate? Needless to say the experts at Harry’s Place will give them the reply they seek!

I will be publishing a very special article very soon that will introduce what is happening to this wonderful planet and its inhabitants. It will be in the form of a “War Crimes Complaint” at a level never seen before. It will contain factual proven evidence, which I am sure all the experts at Harry’s Place will reject as you would expect from this “Amateur Copy and Paste Brigade.” I again invite these illustrious no name writers to come onto the Palestine Telegraph and write their thoughts and comments in our newspaper. This is a fair and balanced way of debating rather than hiding behind names such as “Lucy Lips” etc.

In their last criticism they indirectly rejected my stories on Israel’s use of weapons containing uranium components in both the Lebanon Crisis and in Gaza…..I can also add to this the Yon Kippur War. The team and writers at Harry’s Place do not have any knowledge on any of the issues that I write about and yet appear to be experts when they criticize……is this a level playing field, when they do so without any explanation or evidence in their response?……..they certainly are amateurs at the worst possible level.

We can all agree to disagree what constitutes being Anti Semitic but can we also say that outlets such as Harry’s Place also borders on racism and being Anti Islamic. They attempt to create mass hysteria of Islamaphobia. It frequently portrays a deep hatred that one can see in Gaza and West Bank during the many illegal incursions.
The Israeli’s say that they pulled out of Gaza and left them to self govern and lead their own lives…I guess one could draw a comparison when you were all left in the Warsaw Ghetto…..in my opinion the treatment in Gaza and the weapons you have used make the story of Gaza, in some respects, much more horrific than that of the Warsaw Ghetto.

You have, through your excessive greed and arrogance, left one little outcrop of the original Palestine (West Bank) and yet you totally control this area. Does the world fully understand that only one third of West Bank belongs to the Palestinians and that Israel controls the rest? Israeli forces, Police and Secret Services frequently intimidate its residents with deplorable acts of violence (that in many cases are violations of the Geneva Convention) and the world looks on.

Such authors as Gene, Lucy Lips and the infamous Dave Rich are as evil as they come and one would ask the question why would the Israeli Government, Mossad and the Pro Israeli lobby groups allow such a blog to exist? As a direct result of it’s on going slander and its continuous spread of Islamaphobia, I believe I have no choice but to retaliate in whatever way I can to defend my integrity. Harry’s Place in actual fact is now causing Israel and the Jewish people more damage by their repeated comments and untruths towards Muslims and Arabs. It’s all about balance…..if you don’t spread mud around you will not be attacked.

During medieval times a Knight would throw his gauntlet at the feet of such “Imbeciles” in much the same way as an Arab would throw his shoe…..well to all those at Harry’s Place you now have a pile of gauntlets and shoes outside your front door. It is time for all the nameless people to come out into the open and use your real names…..use your real registered address and stop these cowardly tactics that you currently use. Oh I forgot to add that in addition to the gauntlets and shoes I must add “White Feathers” which is the symbol for cowardism…..oh sorry I forgot your intellect would not allow you to know of such things.

I would also add, re your response to my comments regarding the huge natural resources in offshore Gaza and the fact that Israel was desperately trying to steal it.

It is a stated fact that Israel discussed this issue many years ago when it quoted that Hamas has to be removed from the Gaza strip before we can drill for oil/gas. I believe that at the current time Israel by way of deceit may already be taking gas that belongs to Gaza (Palestinians) and have also laid claim to gas fields that would be considered, in an international court (UNCLOS), as being jointly owned. Again I forgot that this topic is also over the top of your head so I do not expect a response.

If one is to be critical of any story published by any newspaper then that is freedom of speech However, if the critic is unable to prove the reasons for disbelieving that story or cannot openly debate his or her reasons then that shows a distinct lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

On the question of any person or organization labeled as being Anti-Semitic we should put the shoe on the other foot and give some examples where Pro Israeli supporters have carried out the same activity against Islam or Arabs.
One such case involved Raphael Shore, a Canadian – Israeli film writer, producer and Rabbi. In the build up to the 2008 US Presidential election, this gentleman produced a DVD that was clearly perceived as being Anti – Islam propaganda.
Muslims and scholars of Islam across America denounce the DVD as divisive Muslim-bashing propaganda designed to foment fear among Americans, bolster support for Israel and sway the presidential election in candidate John McCain's favor.

The paper refused to drop advertising the DVD. Would this have been acceptable if it had been a DVD made by a Palestinian about your own religion for example?
On the question of cartoons, let me just refresh your memory that the same rule applies on both sides and therefore Harry’s Place cannot pick and choose…as an example the Israeli News Agency was promoting a cartoon competition. This cartoon was obviously drawing attention to the Danish Cartoons that were so offensive to those of Islamic Faith…..it is a typical example of a Zionist or pro Israeli attempt to spread fear and is clearly part of their Islamaphobia campaign.

Anti Islam propaganda by the Zionist sector is rife and couple that with the hatred that was spread by the film made in Canada and it is clear that Harry’s Place is “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black.” I am sure whatever explanation is given Harry’s Place will continue with its amateur unbalanced views.

To add fuel to this article I will remind Harry’s Place as to what really got this tribal warfare going. Harry’s Place denounced the Palestine Telegraph for covering and supporting Jenny Tonge in her comments regarding the trading of body parts. If you can recall I responded to this criticism with proof of three such cases that have been widely publicized. Jenny was merely suggesting that in view of the extremely bad publicity, from the previous proven cases, that the Israeli Government should launch an inquiry as to if the rumors coming out of Haiti were true or false. It is clear that if one has nothing to hide (which was purely and allegation) then one would nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand. How can one call this western democracy if you are to loose your job for clarification of an alleged atrocity?

One can clearly draw up a similarity between the tactics and writing of those who contribute to Harry’s Place and that of the sludge that is discharged from the bowels of the BNP. Both parties are extremely racist and certainly anti Islamic. The only difference between the two is that the BNP is also Anti Semitic….its like two peas in a pod, except to say that one can clearly destroy the other!

I believe that the current football score is Palestine Telegraph 3 - Harry’s Place 0


Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 8/5/2010

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