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Monday, 24 May 2010

Palestine Telegraph revealed the truth behind David Cameron

Israel jointly developed South Africa’s nuclear weapons

UK, May 24, (Pal Telegraph – By Peter Eyre) Israel jointly developed South Africa’s nuclear weapons:

It was with amazement that I read the following headline in Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper: “Israel offered to sell nuclear weapons to apartheid South Africa.”

From my perspective I would say this headline should have read “Israel helped South Africa develop ten battlefield nuclear bombs.”

All of these weapons could not have been commissioned without the assistance of Israeli nuclear specialist. What is also remarkable is the fact that these weapons were extremely mobile and could be moved to any location with relative ease.

Upon reading further into this article it became apparent that the origin of this story came from the British Guardian Newspaper. It was Haaretz that also picked up on the Guardian’s comment: “claiming South Africa wanted the weapons to keep neighboring states and other enemies from attacking them.”

If you remember we at the Palestine Telegraph covered the South African “Nuke Story” back in March in a multi part series and have given reference to this international blunder many times since. My question would be why would Haaretz and the Guardian suddenly resurrect this story today? The guardian went a stage further with the following sub heading: Exclusive: Secret apartheid-era papers give first official evidence of Israeli nuclear weapons.”

Don’t you find it rather ironic that we were the only paper to release this information publically without any international recognition and yet now, suddenly, it starts to hit the headlines as an exclusive? I guess in a way it is nice to say that we at the Palestine Telegraph did have a scoop at the time and certainly now it proves the authenticity of our story.

I can distinctly remember people questioning me on the authenticity of the information that was passed onto me from a third party and also the fact that all this was done under the radar of the United Nations, the US and UK Governments. It not only proves the incredible risks that governments were prepared to take but also the corrupt way this particular episode in our sordid history was carried out. What was even more alarming was the fact that because no rigid security was imposed by the Thatcher Government (with the help of our current Prime Minister David Cameron) the three British acquired bombs were stolen.

The “Top Secret” document between Israel and the South African Government discussed the possible sale of Israeli Jericho missiles but only if they were fitted with nuclear weapons. All of this came about after secret meetings back on the 31st of March 1975. What I can actually reveal is the fact that this offer of assistance eventually turned from missile development programme into a fully fledged “Battlefield Nuclear Bomb” development programme in which Israeli experts became totally involved. Without Israel’s technical assistance South Africa could never have built the ten weapons it developed and finally test fired at Prince Edward Island, well to the south of South Africa.

The article revealed that South Africa was years from being able to build atomic weapons. A little more than two months later, on 4 June 1975, Peres and Botha met in Zurich. The Jericho project had the codename “Chalet.”

The Guardian then went on to say: Botha did not go ahead with the deal in part because of the cost. In addition, any deal would have to have had final approval by Israel's prime minister and it is uncertain it would have been forthcoming.

The article continued: South Africa eventually built its own nuclear bombs, albeit possibly with Israeli assistance. But the collaboration on military technology only grew over the following years. South Africa also provided much of the yellowcake uranium that Israel required to develop its weapons.

So let’s just pick up on that line – Albeit possibly with Israeli assistance - I can say that there was no doubt whatsoever that Israel did climb into bed with South Africa and helped them to fully develop their nuclear weapons programme which reached a successful conclusion when Israel and South Africa carried out their first and only joint nuclear test on the 22nd of September 1979. The bomb was placed onboard a moored vessel anchored off the Prince Edward Islands, well south of South Africa

The US and UK Governments were very much aware of the progress and development of the South African nuclear weapons programme and yet apparently the UN were totally blind. At one stage the UN did send an advance party down to South Africa to carryout inspections….needless to say they had dismantled and hid everything before their arrival. What is also apparent is that these same governments were fully aware and supported the South African Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) programme, which had earlier been created in Rhodesia and shipped lock stock and barrel down to South Africa with Thatcher’s full approval.

Now one can see the satanic dealings of these unscrupulous leaders and their respective governments who will go to any length to retain supremacy over other nations and at the same time will develop any weapon to secure that status. A typical example of the CBW programme in South Africa was the development of the so called “Black on bomb” that was being designed to specifically target the Afro genes. This weapon was never used but was intended to depopulate the blacks in Africa on a huge scale.

Perhaps we can all recall the above nuclear test which the American Government attempted to cover up under the title of the Vela Incident. The story of this can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vela_Incident

At this stage let’s just refresh ourselves on this nuclear programme, how many weapons were made, who eventually acquired the weapons and who was possibly involved in this pathetic blunder in the history of the United Kingdom. I guess one could ask the question why suddenly is all of this coming to the surface. Is there some intention by unknown third parties to throw some mud around onto maybe Tony Blair or Gordon Brown? Or could it be some smear campaign against the new Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron……I guess time will reveal what is going on.

It must be clearly understand that Maggie Thatcher and certain members of the Conservative were not only aware but also supported the "Black only Bomb" and were also involved in many other under the radar operations. There existed an under the table illegal arms trade which at the time amounted to around 55 million pounds (as a starter). Money would flow from government sources to the arms dealers for weapons provided to both Iran and Iraq. One can clearly see this is not only an extremely two faced approach but also a clear case of "You reap in the harvest of your own making".

Lets again refresh on some aspects of the above dealings:

The establishment of the South African Nuclear Industry managed to make 10 nuclear weapons without the United Nations ever finding out. Needless to say the US and UK Government certainly knew about them but not the United Nations. I find it amazing that David Cameron and others travelled to South Africa during the embargo period and not only violated international law but also violated international law in dealing with nuclear weapons that were not known to exist according to he UN. Perhaps it would be fair to suggest some other names bouncing around at the time who were also possible involved in this shonky deal. David Cameron was still rather a young research officer at the time and certainly could not have dealt with this programme by himself.

It was suggested that some key figures who may have played a major role in this corrupt, under the table deal was that of Kenneth Warren (now Sir Kenneth) and David Wiltshire, the then head of the DTI Peter Lilley, Alistair McAlpine and the shonky arms dealer himself John Bredenkamp. Many other third parties were either involved on the investment side of this deal or otherwise implicated. The extended list could include John Majors, Ken Clarke, Maggie Thatchers son Mark (now Sir Mark) etc. We must obviously include Blair, Brown and many others within the British Government ranks.

So what happened? We have already discussed that 10 battlefield bombs were made and one was test fired leaving a total of 9. Before the white government of South Africa lost power, US/UK leaders, in conjunction with their South African counterparts were very concerned that these remaining 9 could end up in the hands of the blacks. It was decided to send all 9 weapons back to Chicago in the US for de commissioning.

In the meantime the British Government (Thatcher) saw merit in maybe having a few of these weapons available on standby to use against the Iraqi’s in the event they didn’t toe the line.

This was where our Prime Minster, David Cameron came into the deal when he was sent to South Africa, in total violation of the international embargo. He with the assistance of Kenneth Warren and David Wiltshire (with US approval) they were able to secure three of the remaining 9 weapons for the UK to put into storage in Oman on standby for the Iraq War.

This deal involved more than 52 million pounds of taxpayers money to which 17.8 million pounds would be siphoned off and given to the Conservative Party Election Fund, that too this day has never been investigated, despite it being raised in the Parliament.

As I have previously explained in my many articles on this subject in March/April of this year, the weapons were moved from South Africa to Oman without any of the normal security and at the same time were stored in a private warehouse in Oman which again did not have any suitable security. These three weapons were eventually stolen by the same guy who had sold them, alias John Bredenkamp, and then sold on the black market to the highest bidder.

We should now reflect on the suicide (assassination) of dear Dr. David Kelly who simply died because he knew too much, having been personally responsible for receiving these weapons for and on behalf of the British Government.

The final straw came when the government under the command of Tony Blair, not only sexed up the Iraq Dossier (with the help of that other scumbag Alistair Campbell) but went to war under false pretences. Blair knew, Campbell knew and Brown knew the entire history of this dodgy operation.

If one can justify going to war on an assumption, when others knew much more than was first reported, then we certainly went to war with the wrong country. It became painfully clear that the three nuclear bombs had each been taken in an ambulance to another country.

As a result of this absolute farce over one million Iraq’s have been killed, including our own troops etc and more important is the fact that the US and UK governments have totally contaminated Iraq to a point that its very DNA is not under constant attack with devastating results. The same can be said for the war in Afghanistan which was all totally orchestrated by the US and UK governments.

Believe me 9/11 was a total conspiracy involving the Israeli Mossad secret service and obviously George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger and so many more….this must have involved the CIA and the Pentagon. I would also be bold enough to say that this war on terrorism is a total “False Flag” propaganda machine. It has been created in the minds of the “New World Order” so as to spread fear and Islamaphobia amongst the people in the west, whilst at the same time allowing the governments to take extra security measure with this fictitious story as a backdrop. Al Qaeda really does not exist and yes the US, UK and Israeli Governments continue to spread this fear via the media to make us all panic.

There is no enemy (terrorist) the “Axis of Evil” lies deep within the New World Order, the international bankers of Wall Street and the City of London. We have to remember that war/conflict is good for business…..it drives up the price of a barrel of oil and enhances the most lucrative business in the world…..that of arms manufacturing.

Finally we have that very sensitive topic called mass depopulation that Henry Kissinger and his gang or warp minded morons continue to promote. I am very close now to releasing the next terrible story that will bring absolute shock to everyone that chooses to read it……..my advice would be to read it only if you are concerned as to what these people are doing to the world.

This makes the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) an absolute joke when the US, UK and Coalition forces continue to use mini nukes each and everyday which you will soon learn is part of the intended plan of mass depopulation.

I am so happy that the Palestine Telegraph was the only paper to first release this nuclear story and is still the only paper that is revealing the facts behind this dark chapter in the world’s history. We do not get identified as having a scoop or an exclusive….we all basically work free of charge in the hope of bringing out truth and justice for the many millions that have and will continue to fall victim to these evil and satanic weapons.

Stay tuned for the big one that will be out over the next week hopefully. This will consist of a legal War Crimes Complaint that has already been filed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It will contain evidence beyond a shadow of doubt. One senior US lawyer has called the work outstanding and extremely convincing but will it end up in the court system?……most probably not….. One can only try

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/5/2010

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