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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christian and Jewish Zionist Diaspora Part 1

Christian and Jewish Zionist Diaspora

Part 1

The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ)
What does the IAJLJ truly believe in?
I have for some time studied many aspects of both Jewish Zionism and Christian Zionism and the link between those that control all the financial aspects of the world. It is clear that in the real context of Zionism both groups have the same ambitions to repatriate the Jewish communities around the world and bring them back to their promised land. Unfortunately that is where the similarity ends and where Christian Zionist final goals can only bring more pain and suffering to the people of Palestine.

I will leave both aspects of Zionism and the story behind who basically controls the financial world to another story. We all have to fully understand that the financial collapse of the world’s economy was carefully orchestrated with its routes firmly embedded in vaults of the Wall Street bankers and their counterparts in central London. These extremely rich and evil bankers have no conscience. They move at a phenomenal pace to pick over the carcases of companies they have caused to collapse and emerge victorious having taken the proceeds of those who pay the taxes. They are so powerful they implement decoy tactics to divert our attention away from the real issues and in doing so still have the ability to bank role their respective investments to their advantage.

These evil institutions even attempt to manipulate governments into going to war in order to increase their returns on their investments such as munitions manufacturers, oil companies, and mining companies. Whenever the price of oil plummets they manage to create a war or regional conflict to boost the price of the barrel. They also have huge investments in the Nuclear Industry, the Mining Industry, Oil and Gas Industry with particular interest in Uranium Mining. One other leading money spinner for them is the Pharmaceutical Industry which reaps in unbelievable returns on their investment.

I guess it add fuel to the theory that if you keep the public sick they make more money. It is in this context that the Nuclear Industry enhances cancer which enhances the huge backing of the pharmaceutical companies to create the medicines to help cure, delay the onset or to ease the pain. What we the public must understand is that prevention is better than a cure and it is painfully obvious that they have ulterior motives. This forms the backdrop to this short series of articles which I will cover in a later publication.

Lets firstly divert away from this topic and take a look at associations and institutions that portray a certain image but may not in actual fact carryout or achieve there own vision or values. One could further ask the question how effective and to what purpose do such organisations operate? The first that comes to mind is the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ). In order to give you some idea, what appears on the surface to be a compassionate and caring organisation in reality clearly shows a distinct weakness in its ability to make changes that complements their values?

The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists objectives sound extremely impressive:
• Strives to advance human rights everywhere.
• The prevention of war crimes.
• The punishment of war criminals.
• The prohibition of weapons of mass destruction.
• International co-operation based on the rule of law.
• The fair implementation of international covenants and conventions.

The IAJLJ website stipulates:

The Association is especially committed to issues that are on the agenda of the Jewish people, and works to combat racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and negation of the State of Israel.

One of the IAJLJ’s founders was Arthur Goldberg who held office as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States under President Kennedy. After the death of Kennedy President Johnson tried to get him to relinquish his seat to which he refused. What I find ironic is the fact that such a high profile seat was always considered to be a “Jewish Seat” and reflects on the level of power held by the Jewish Diaspora, which it does to this day. I have to say that Goldberg would have been an asset to the current Obama administration rather that the Zionist overtones that currently surround him. It was during the Vietnam War that Goldberg once quoted: “I thought I could persuade Johnson that we were fighting the wrong war in the wrong place and to get out.” One could imagine him today saying the same thing in relation to Afghanistan, which is basically another Vietnam.

Nobel Prize laureate Rene Cassin of France was another person who helped establish the IAJLJ and had to his long list of credits the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. It is rather sad that today the Jewish Diaspora in the US and Israel do not uphold the very document that Cassin wrote. It is also interesting to note that membership to the IAJLJ is open to lawyers or jurists of all creeds who share the same aims. I would assume that no person that shares the same aims would wish to join such an organization that cannot carry out is own objectives unless they themselves were classified as Christian Zionist.

Prior to the war crimes enquiry in Gaza Richard Goldstone gave reference to Human Rights standards that must be enforced when he told the IAJLJ in 1995 the following: “We must not only insist that we be judged by those standards by our neighbours and by the international community. We should indeed object vehemently when any seeks to judge us by any other standards.”

Ironically prior to the commencement of the enquiry into War Crimes the IAJLJ rejected the investigation on the following grounds:


The IAJLJ rejects this mission for the following basic reasons:
1. The Commission of Enquiry's mandate is a priori biased and totally one-sided.
2. Palestinian and Hamas violations are ignored.
3. Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, with a vibrant system of internal checks and balances and active NGOs functioning freely, is eminently capable of investigating its own behaviour objectively and critically.

My response:

• The mandate was certainly not one sided and gave the Israelis and opportunity to participate, which it did not.
• The Palestinian and Hamas violations were incorporated into the investigation and one must remember that the firing of rockets were singular actions by small groups across all political parties and certainly not specifically carried out by Hamas, The response for these singular actions was by collective punishment which is in violation of the Geneva Convention.
• Israel is not a true democracy and frequently violated the principles of the IDF’s own “Code of Conduct.” The media is totally controlled and many NGO’s are infiltrated by CIA/Mossad agent rendering them impossible to investigate in a fair and proper manner.

The events in Gaza that occurred in early 2009 cannot be evaluated in a vacuum, as the mandate of the Mission stipulates. The following facts furnish the essential and indisputable backdrop to the situation:

Between January 2001 and December 2008, 8,165 rocket and mortar attacks were launched by Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza on civilian communities in southern Israel.

In August 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew completely from the Gaza Strip, with a view to promoting peace in the region.
Following this disengagement, the Hamas terrorist regime that seized control in Gaza proceeded to pursue the goals explicitly stated in its 1988 Charter of murdering Jews and obliterating Israel. It escalated its unprovoked and indiscriminate attacks against civilian targets in towns and population centres in undisputed Israel territory, with the number of attacks rising from 1,255 in 2005 to 2,774 in 2006.

The six-month truce period negotiated by Egypt in June 2008 was repeatedly breached by Hamas, which fired 362 missiles and rockets into Israel during the period of the so-called truce. On 19 December 2008, Hamas unilaterally abrogated the "truce" and over the following seven days launched 280 indiscriminate rocket attacks aimed at civilian population centres in southern Israel. It thereby left Israel with no alternative other than to implement its right and duty to protect its population from naked aggression as expressed in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

My Response:

One could ask the same question of the Israeli’s how many breaches of human rights were carried out by the IDF, Security Staff and the Police in the same period, most of which were reported to the Secretary General of the UN by way of the UN Permanent Observer for Palestine all of which are very well documented.
The IDF did not unilaterally withdraw or promote peace when they intentionally severely damaged the Gaza infrastructure especially the International Airport that had recently opened (Funded by the EU). They remained in total control of the strip with many incursions to intimidate the residents as well as disproportionate force using tanks and aircraft etc. They sealed the borders and created an offshore blockage to intimidate/decimate the Gaza fishing industry The six month truce was not violated by Hamas, rather the opposite. They maintained respectable control until the expiry date and then only retaliated because of Israel aggression and intimidation that occurs on a regular basis.

In the exercise of its inherent right of self-defense under Article 51 of the UN Charter, Israel initiated its military operation against Hamas and the other terrorist groups in Gaza on 27 December 2008....

The terrorist actions of Hamas fully correspond to the generally accepted definition of terrorism as being acts indiscriminately directed against a country's civilian population with the intent to kill and maim as many victims as possible and thereby create widespread terror and panic.
Israel has adhered to the basic principles of international humanitarian law, has respected the distinction between combatants and civilians and has observed due proportionality in the course of its precise and accurate counter-strikes, as confirmed by world renowned international law experts.

Hamas and other terror groups, by disguising themselves as civilians and shielding themselves, together with their weapons, missiles and missile-launchers, among the civilian population, flagrantly violated Article 28 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Hamas terrorist militias have committed grave breaches of international humanitarian law, in total disregard of the rules incumbent on combatants....

My response:

One could question ones inherent right to self-defence based on Israel’s relentless intimidation against the people of Palestine.
Throughout the period from when the IDF left Gaza up to the current time regular tank incursions and more importantly airborne attacks have taken place using weapons that are in violation of the Geneva Convention.
Likewise the activity of your own IDF is also flagrantly in violation of the Geneva Convention with aggressive collective punishment being handed out.


The Human Rights Council is not an objective body capable of credible investigation in the case of Israel. Since its inception, the Council has consistently obscured the fact that Israel conducted its military operations in the exercise of its legitimate right of self-defense, with due advance warning to civilian populations unavoidably affected by a terrorist enterprise aided and abetted by Iran's endorsement, support and encouragement.Confronted by the genocidal aims of Hamas, a racist, terrorist, criminal organization, no state in the world would have hesitated to remove the intolerable aggression which Israel has tolerated with restraint for seven years. The IAJLJ feels duty-bound to bring these facts and observations to the Commission's attention, in the expectation that the rule of law and equality of all states will be respected.

My Response:

The Israeli Government certainly is not capable of a credible investigation. Mark Regev is a classical example of government spin at the highest level. One could also question some comments made during the conflict whereby the IDF stated they gave the residents sufficient notice to clear the respective areas. Perhaps they would like to note that when one lives in such a compact, highly populated city, there is no where to run.

The IAJLJ point out that the Israelis were confronted by the genocidal aims of Hamas. Doesn’t the use of totally illegal indiscriminate weapons also constitute genocide on behalf of the IDF?

The IAJLJ should be duty bound to follow the objectives as listed on its own website and to listen to the words handed down by Richard Goldstone back in 1995. It is also sad to see the ongoing accumulation of war crimes and breaches of human rights on a daily basis since the end of “Cast Lead” and the IAJLJ remain silent. Surely there can be no substance in their own objectives to allow Israeli to continue in this manner. We could clearly see that this was an attempt by the IAJLJ to derail the enquiry before it got underway. To be continued……

Peter Eyre- Middle East Consultant 15/11/2009

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