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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Israel has nuked itself!

Israel has nuked itself!

Could anyone imagine as a result of your own actions you are killing your own troops and your own population? This is now the case in Israel.

Many weapons used by the IDF in Gaza contained uranium components and upon impact set off huge volumes of aerosol particles that then drifted back over the border into Israel with devastating results.

It has been some time since the Israelis bombed Lebanon and the Gaza Strip and in both cases the weapons used left behind a trial of misery for all those that lived downwind. We can now start to see the results of those actions and I must say the term “What goes around comes around” rings true in the ears of the residents of Israel. Some interesting health statements have been released that prove when you play with dirty weapons it can all come back to you. It would now appear that we have a situation whereby Israelis are killing Israelis.

In May this year we saw the following headline appear in the Haaretz:
“Quality of Israeli sperm down 40% in past decade” The quality of Israeli sperm has declined alarmingly in the last decade, according to recent research conducted at Jerusalem's Hadassah University Hospital, Mount Scopus. The cause for the decline is not known, but it's believed by some researchers to be connected to the exposure of children and pregnant women to hormones and other contaminants in food and water.

This month started to see some more statistics appear out of Israel which again indicates that contamination by DU may well be the cause. The next headline was even more alarming: “More women diagnosed with cancer in Israel than in Europe” Israel's health ranking is dropping compared to those of developed European nations, the Israel Medical Association said yesterday. Israel lags behind the European average in disease prevention.

The report gave a clear message that something in the environment may be causing these dramatic increases. The comparison gave the number of new female cancer patients as follows: 290 per 100,000 compared to an average of 179
in Europe. The report went of the say that for men the average was much the same but again was showing a steady rise since 2005.

When you think you have heard the last of the bad news you are then confronted with another shocking headline from the IMA: Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a distinct primary solid tumour of the immune system that shows wide variation in incidence among different geographic regions and among various races. It was previously suggested that susceptible people living in certain parts of Israel had a higher risk of HL because of exposure to unidentified environmental factors in these regions. Compared with other parts of Israel, these regions were characterized by a higher proportion of Israeli-born Jews.

A total of 4812 Jewish cases of HL were reported to the Israel Cancer Registry during the study period 1960–2005. There has been a persistent increase in the age-standardized incidence rate of HL, all subtypes pooled, in Israeli-born Jews in both men and women. The age distribution pattern in both genders was bimodal in all periods. The highest incidence was observed in the 20–24 year age group: for women (9.13 per 100,000 per year) during the period 1988–1996, and for men (6.60 per 100,000 per year) during the period 1997–2005.
Conclusions: The reported incidence level of HL in Israeli-born young adult Jews in Israel has increased in recent years to high levels compared with other western countries. Our findings suggest a cohort effect to unidentified factors affecting Israeli-born young adult Jews in Israel.

I spoke with Leuren Moret about these frightening statistics and her response gave me a full account of the medical implications. She gave particular reference to the inhalation of Low Level Radiation Nanoparticles:
"Uranium and phosphate structures have a strong chemical affinity for each other. The DNA and the mitochondria are phosphate rich and therefore there is a strong attraction between uranium, the DNA and the mitochondria. Once the uranium has attached to the DNA and or the mitochondria it does damage from the chemical heavy metal effect, the radioactivity released and the particulate effect”.

“But the greatest damage to the DNA and mitochondria by uranium is the photo-electron effect. Uranium not only releases its own energy in the form of alpha particles and gamma rays, but it absorbs other energy released in the cell and releases that absorbed energy as a shower of photo-electrons that annihilate whatever the uranium is attached to. This was first described by Dr Chris Busby, a Low Level Radiation (LLR) expert for the British Government and the European Parliament.”

This picture shows a US Army scanning electron microscope image of tiny DU particles produced from firing DU munitions. 35% of those produced by firing artillery are in the nanoparticle range. The Army classified this report 20 years after it was out in the public sector, after they found out Leuren had copies of it and was spreading it all over the world.

Leuren went on to say “As a result the very dangerous health effects of uranium exposure it has been reported that large increases in diabetes since 1945 is linked to radiation and specifically uranium exposure. Pregnant women with diabetes, that is untreated, produce very weak babies that develop cancer, heart defects and other birth defects and illnesses. Uranium exposure causes a web of diseases such as neuro muscular disease, diseases of the brain, gastro intestinal illnesses, heavy metal poisoning, skin rashes and dermal contact with the skin causes high increases in melanoma and other skin cancers.

The greatest damage from radiation exposure is to the unborn foetus and this genetic damage to the foetus is passed on to all future generations. Basically uranium exposure is a slow painful death from long lingering illnesses. Surprisingly with depleted uranium (DU) exposure cancers and diabetes have been reported to develop as early as two months after exposure. That is a new feature associated with depleted uranium (DU) as well as multiple cancers in patients that are genetically unrelated. In other words individual cancers form from the effects of individual particles in the victims tissues. This is due to the particulate effect from the very tiny nanoparticles of depleted uranium.

Burning uranium from dirty bombs, dirty missiles and dirty bullets produce a radioactive gas composed of very tiny particles of uranium oxide that are produced when the shells leave the gun barrel and throughout its trajectory to the impact sites. From this impact site large volumes of radioactive gas are produced that escape into the atmosphere where they are carried locally, across border, and around the world in a few weeks. They remain suspended in the atmosphere until they are rained out into the earth’s environment, usually within two months. The depleted uranium (DU) particle contaminates the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

The tissues in our bodies filter out the depleted uranium particles from the blood and cause a web of diseases called “Gulf War Syndrome”. Radiation is different. It respects no borders, no socio economic class, and no religion. There is no way to turn it off and no way to clean it up. It’s the weapon that keeps giving and keeps killing. The half life of depleted uranium is 4.5 billion years. It is the “Trojan Horse” of nuclear war.”

The DNA damage to the babies and children of Iraq and Afghanistan can be clearly seen and has been well documented. The question remains, will Israel succumb to these same problems in their next generation?

After the attack on Southern Lebanon in 2006 the downwind contamination of Northern Israel began and again we observed major changes in the health statistics for that region.

We must look at the possible cause of these dramatic changes. Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Canadian Epidemiologist pointed out depleted uranium (DU) is highly toxic to humans, both chemically as a heavy metal and radiological as an alpha particle emitter, is very dangerous when taken internally. A new study, conducted by biochemist Dr. Diane Stearns at Northern Arizona University confirms that, separate from any radiation risks, cells exposed to uranium will bond with the metal chemically. Uranium and phosphate have a strong chemical affinity for each other and the DNA and Mitochondria are loaded with phosphate so uranium is a DNA and Mitochondria deep penetration bomb. The uranium is attacking on fundamental cellular levels. Three things determine the toxicity of radioactive materials:

• Chemical effects – Uranium is chemically very toxic.
• Radioactive effects (includes half-life and energy released) One gram of DU (1/20th of a cubic centimetre) releases 13,000 alpha particles a second. One alpha particle can cause cancer under the right conditions and certainly it has the capacity to wreck havoc in beta cells and everywhere else.
• Particle size – in the naonparticle range (diameter of 0.1 microns or smaller) the particulate effect (non – specific catalyst or enzyme) is far more biologically toxic than the first two effects

Dr Chris Busby (UK) was able to obtain bomb crater samples and an air filter from an ambulance used in Beirut in 2006 during the Israeli attack on Lebanon and found not only DU, but also that it was enriched with U235. Again this year Dr Busby was able to obtain similar samples from Gaza with the same result. In actual fact the samples from Gaza were showing that a much greater problem existed.

Dr Busby, who has extensively researched the low – level radiation (LLR) threat, and is the scientist who revealed vastly increased radiation levels over England after the “Shock and Awe” attack on Baghdad, has made a link between everyday radiation exposure and a range of modern ailments: “There have been tremendous increases in diseases resulting from the breakdown of the immune system in the last 20 years: diabetes, asthma, AIDS and others which may have an immune – system link, such as MS and ME. A whole spectrum of neurological conditions of unknown origin has developed.”

As I have previously pointed out it takes just a couple of days for contaminated aerosols from areas of conflict to reach Egypt, the Middle East, Central Asia, India and Pakistan. In just over a week it is all over Europe and on its way around the world.

Leuren Moret has been very critical of the ICRP Model, which in her opinion (and I might add many other experts) has grossly underestimated the effects of DU/LLR on the body by anything between 100 – 1000 times.

The following is an extract from a specialists report which included Keith Baverstock World Health Organization European Centre for Environment and Health “The risk to the lung of exposure to DU dusts cannot be inferred from the experience gained from uranium miners, or from survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, upon which the current ICRP radiological protection standards are based”.

The report went on to say that it has been convincingly demonstrated that changes, similar to those caused directly by irradiation, can be wrought in
cells growing close to a cell that has been irradiated. The implication of the combined chemical and radiological transforming capability of uranium and the bystander effect, means that, in estimating its significance in causing cancer, the simple assumptions, based on committed effective dose, i.e. (committed
absorbed dose to the lung, modified by a radiation weighting factor.
for the fact that the radiation arises from alpha particles) as has
been adopted in recent reports by the Royal Society (RS 2001), the
WHO (WHO 2001) and UNEP (UNEP 2001) would be an inadequate basis for
predicting risks.

Baverstock was a very experienced expert who worked for the WHO. Because of the sensitivity of Baverstock’s report the article was suppressed and withheld from public viewing. Needless to say Baverstock is no longer working for the WHO. Could there be a reason for this as yet again another person with a conscience becomes a whistle blower?

The US has been supplying Israel with many weapons containing components of uranium for both the Lebanon and Gaza conflicts. Israel currently holds a huge stockpile of such weapons in readiness of a possible attack on Iran. Should such an attack take place the fallout for the entire Middle East (including Israel) would be catastrophic. What is ironic is the fact that Israel itself has the ability to provide its own uranium based weapons in an industry that remains unchecked by the IAEA.

It was also very interesting to know that soon after the attack on Lebanon in 2006 Leuren Moret said that we can expect the use of depleted uranium weaponry by Israel in the recent aggression against Lebanon will continue to add to increasing diabetes in the region as well as globally.

The fallout from that attack on Lebanon had within one hour contaminated the entire Northern Israel region. Leuren gave reference to this when she said there had been a sharp increase in the number of new patients suffering from juvenile diabetes in the North. This was reported by the Juvenile Diabetes Department at Ziv Medical Center, Safed. The staff of this department still has no numerical data on the dramatic increase in the number of new patients, since they continue to arrive at the hospital everyday. “The children who have come to us over the past weeks live in Safed and other communities in the Galilee-populations that have not shown such a high incidence of the disease in the past,” said Dr. Orna Dali-Gottfried, Director of the Department of Paediatrics, Juvenile Diabetes and Endocrinology at the hospital. The truth seems to indicate that American depleted uranium munitions nuked both Israel and Lebanon.

Let’s look briefly at another region of the world that may now be suffering from the effects of weapons containing uranium components. It has come to light that Northwest India is now showing signs of contamination from cross border conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is part of a report that appeared recently in an e journal called vijayvaani.com located in New Delhi:

Afghan War’s blowback for India’s children?
J Sri Raman
1 September 2009

Children born with abnormally enlarged or small heads, disproportionately short arms and legs, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other complications. Increasing instances of infertility among women. A spurt in cases of lung cancer and intestinal ulcer.

Punjab, a state in India bordering Pakistan, has reason to be concerned about this scary picture emerging from surveys recently carried out in some of its areas. Not only Punjab, however. According to a section of the researchers particularly concerned with the cases of birth deformities, Punjab may be paying with the health of its people for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

More precisely, depleted uranium reportedly used in wars in these countries may be the cause of the deformities and disorders on the rise in India’s northwestern state, according to a team based in the city of Faridkot .

Winds from Afghanistan may have carried to the state a large quantity of highly toxic uranium, which has contaminated water and increased uranium in bodies to dangerous levels. This apprehension was raised at least five months ago by the team of the Baba Farid Center for Special Children, a nongovernmental organization (NGO), where some of the affected kids have been undergoing treatment.

In what would appear to be a scandalously successful cover-up, the question raised by the team has been kept away from major headlines in the Indian and international media, with New Delhi seeing no need even to take cognizance of it.

In a downplayed report, which the most prominent media did not consider deserving of better display, Dr. Pritpal Singh, in charge of the Faridkot clinic, said the number of affected children had risen “dramatically in the past six or seven years.” Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan was launched on October 7, 2001.

The use of DU weapons in the Iraq war, started on March 20, 2003, may also have contributed to the tragic drama in Punjab, according to the team. The radioactive uranium, released in such cases, gets mixed in soil, air and water within a large radius. Areas within 1,000 miles from the place where the uranium is released can get affected. Parts of Iraq close to Iran fall within that distance. Afghanistan is just over 330 miles away from India’s Punjab.

Evidently, children of Pakistan, which occupies this distance, have also been exposed to the same danger as are their counterparts in areas India adjoining Punjab.

As a result of this report I decided to acquire typical aviation upper wind charts for a given day and map out how it was possible for contaminated aerosols to drift on the wind at various levels. In order to give a balanced approach I selected low, med and high levels winds. It became very clear to me that the conflict areas of Southern Afghanistan, Northeast Afghanistan and Northwest Pakistan could definitely be the cause of such a dramatic change in the statistics coming out of Pakistan and India. The map on the left shows a very strong airstream directly over the Punjab region as well as other areas. One must also keep in mind that the monsoonal weather is also very active in the area at this time of year. What we can see is the potential drift of the contamination allowing large volumes of aerosol to be inhaled in the entire region. This would then be followed by a rain out in other parts of the area that would then cause this aerosol to fall to earth and contaminate the earth, crops and water systems.

What I would like to add to this article at this stage is the fact that millions of dollars are being pumped into the various Israeli cancer medical research establishments and the very lucrative pharmaceutical industry in order to find a medicine that can help relieve the suffering or hopefully find a cure for cancer.
The Israeli Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) has donated around $40 million since its inception. That in itself is not a bad thing as any research at the moment will help many thousands of people throughout the world. In their video promotion statement they quote “Since 1975 the ICRF has dedicated itself to a single dream- finding the greatest scientific minds in Israel and giving them the support they need to rid this world of cancer” the presentation went on to say that “The whole eco-system of high technology is very well developed in Israel” I therefore ask a simple question, wouldn’t it be logical to prohibit the use of all weapons in Israel that contain components of uranium and make this world a far better place to live? I also believe that the US and Israel should open its doors to a full inspection by the IAEA in order for it to become more transparent. After all it is US and Israeli Governments who are insisting the same ground rules apply to Iran and any other country that wants to develop its nuclear industry.

We currently see the US pushing through a UN resolution to ban the use of nuclear weapons. They say nothing about those weapons that have been re classified as conventional weapons. Many of those so called conventional weapons do in actual fact contain uranium components and thus breach the Geneva convention in many ways as well as the US Governments own regulations. The continued use of these weapons far out ways a ban on nuclear weapons.

I would also like to ask the following question of the ICRF and all those Israeli cancer experts, what about starting substantial funds to create an independent body to investigate the effects of DU/LLR by inhalation or ingestion? What about bringing justice to the many thousands of war veterans and innocent civilians around the world who have been deceived by the governments, departments and organisations that must be held responsible for allowing this deception to continue for decades. They are all in gross neglect for not standing up for those they were supposed to safeguard or in protecting those they were assigned to represent (we the peoples of the world) and to care for their health and their environment namely: The United Nations(UN) - United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP World Health Organisation (WHO) - The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - The Governments of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) – The respective Departments of Defence/ Military - The Nuclear Industry - The Pharmaceutical Industry and all those Medical Experts and Institutions who accepted that DU was safe. I sincerely hope that the ICRF should not be added to this list?

The picture on the left gives a classic example of where DU aerosols start their journey. In this example in Gaza we see multiple drops of around 4 DU weapons. In the background we can observe a strong sea breeze. The photograph was taken on the Israeli border and within minutes the contamination had entered Israel on its long journey.

The chart below was made up by myself on the anniversary of the bombing of Khiam, Lebanon which took place on the 25th of July 2006. It takes into account the bombing in both Lebanon and Gaza and what would happen to the contaminated aerosols as they leave the target area.

One can see that at low level the contamination would eventually end up centred on an area of low pressure in Scandinavia. The mid level flow heads of on a similar track but once over Norway heads up over the Arctic and then onwards to the US. The high level winds was totally difference, they headed Northeast, East and South. One stream took it towards Eastern Russian and beyond and the track to the South took it into a circle heading back over Saudi, Sudan, Egypt and eventually back over the area it first started. Obviously any rain in the transit areas would have caused some of the contamination to fall to earth to further contaminate the soil, crops and water systems.

As a result of the “Cast Lead” conflict, contamination has now gone way beyond its target area. The UN, via its organisations the UNEP and UNDP have now commenced clearing the contaminated areas of all rubble in the Gaza Strip. The rubble will be relocated to a facility where it will be pulverised. This crushed rubble will then be used to relay new roads throughout the Gaza Strip. This project is expected to last for around one year.

Anyone with knowledge of radioactive contamination would fully understand that this will cause secondary aerosol contamination in the entire area as well as cross border contamination in adjacent countries. This procedure is in total violation of the UNEP’s own code of practice.

I hope these maps explain in a very simply way how the actions in one part of the world effect the people in another. It clearly reveals that this contamination does not recognise international borders, that it is totally indiscriminate and will eventually allow anyone in the world to inhale or ingest its deadly aerosol. We must never forget that DU first started its journey as a nuclear industry waste product which was then passed on, free of charge, to the arms manufacturers in the US, UK and Israel. Its journey did not stop there as it went on to become one of the most lucrative export businesses in the world. What a wonderful way of getting rid of your toxic waste!

We have good clear warning signs that DU/LLR is now a major health problem. It first revealed itself in the Balkans and Kuwait followed by Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan, India and now Israel. The health statistics are flowing in at an alarming rate from these countries with the exception of Gaza. However, it is only 8 months since the bombardment of Gaza and it will take time for such statistics to filter out. As one could imagine the health system in Gaza is under incredible pressure to cope with the after effects of “Cast Lead”. I have however received a preliminary report from Gaza that birth defects are on the increase as the effects of these US/IDF dirty weapons kick in. On the flow chart it clearly shows the route taken by all contamination from the areas of conflict. One point to keep in mind is the fact that the Himalaya’s lies directly downwind of such airflow and is the birthplace of many of the worlds leading river systems. Where will this contamination go next? It is obvious that most of SE Asia and China is next in line. Will the world sit idle and allow this madness to continue or prohibit the use of all weapons that contain uranium components?

The US government must first address its own nuclear arsenal and at the same time identify that it’s re classification of conventional weapons is deeply flawed. How can any such government (including that of the UK) identify a weapon that contains a uranium component as being conventional when its highly toxic aerosol can cause much more devastation than the very bombs/missiles they are trying to prohibit? The US government certainly is not in a position to approach Iran on this issue until it has cleaned up its own act. The US has to learn that its not ok to test its new dirty missiles, dirty bombs and dirty shells in someone else’s backyard.

To date the US have had to close down their test firing ranges in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Philippines and Japan leaving behind a highly contaminated firing range and health complications in the adjacent communities. They have now signed a 20 year contract with Australia to test fire and exercise their weapons. Can one imagine the effect on this pristine environment, with such places as Lancelin in Western Australia (a major tourist draw card), The Northern Territory near to Katherine Gorge and the Kakadu National Park and finally Queensland adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef.

They have so far used these dirty weapons mainly on Islamic soil and that certainly does not reflect any respect to those countries The US should also reduce its military aid to Israel and force that country to open up its Dimona facility to not only the IAEA but also to independent experts and observers. The same applies to the UK and all NATO countries that continue to deceive their respective populations by the continued use of these weapons.

What is currently happening to our planet, our eco systems and it people has never before been experienced. It is the most evil act anyone could ever contemplate resulting in the eventual death of millions of innocent people. This man made disaster could eventually surpass the Holocaust. The world is being controlled by extremely greedy- insane- fanatics who have carried out so much deceit they no longer understand the meaning of truth, ethics or morality. We have seen their faces so many times – George Bush Senior and Junior, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Bremer, John Bolton, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz and all of those unnamed faceless people who have added to the pain, suffering and poverty in our world. To top it all we have all those implicated in 9/11, especially the conspiracy of the attack on the Pentagon. What hit this building was certainly not a Boeing 757, so what happened to flight AA 77 its passenger and crew?

To all those cancer experts reading this article I urge you to look deep within your own conscience and think about the fact that the problem that you are trying to cure is being aggravated and accelerated by the weapons being used by your own respective governments. I ask you all is that logical?

I encourage any of the above mentioned authorities, institutions or any individual expert to respond to this article.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant 14/9/09

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