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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christian and Jewish Zionist Diaspora Part 2

Christian and Jewish Zionist Diaspora

Part 2

What they have in mind for Israel and the Palestinians and their connections to the bigger fish that control the finances of this world

It is apparent that there is a growing movement of so called Christian Zionist whose ambitions go beyond reason. Let’s take a look at how the seeds developed and how it has grown to what it is today. We have to go back to 1620 when the Pilgrim Fathers sailed on the “Mayflower” to their “New World.”

It was their belief at the time that they were on a divine mission to a land specially appointed by God to be the “New Israel.” Over a period of time the settlement and population expanded resulting in break away groups forming, some of whom, became what can only be described as fanatical puritans.

There attitude and response to native Indians was appalling to say the least. They considered themselves the chosen ones and therefore all other species were considered savages or heathens. They decimated many native Indians almost to a point of extinction. They carried out some of the most savage massacres time and time again. Now we can see the foundation blocks that has led to some of the current radicals that grace our planet. Many people even to this day fail to understand their logic or understand and ask the question: What justified hunting down the native Indians, slaughtering the men, women, and children in their sleep, and then doing it all over again?

The Puritans truly believed that all of this was in God name and that these natives were pagans only to be slaughtered! Their reasoning defies logic, common decency and Christian principles. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves how can any Christian think the way they think or plan something that is so evil it is beyond words?

We should truly hold our heads in shame. Everyone talks about Christianity and what is right in God‘s name and yet everyone associated with the past and current crisis must accept that it is most Un-Godly to carry on with this Extreme Ideology or Philosophy. It is also obvious that the Crusades continue to live on in the minds of some hard line Christians or other break away groups.

Weber believed that Puritanism, an extreme branch of the Protestant religion, viewed riches as a sign of salvation, added religious significance, meaning and rationality into economic action. People engaged in business and oriented to profit were perceived as employers engaged in a task given by God. Work in the service of a rational organization for the provision of humanity with material goods has without doubt always appeared to be representatives of the capitalist spirit as one of the most important purposes of their life(Weber, 1983)..

And so the foundation of “Imperialism” and the extreme Ideology that goes along with it is deeply rooted in the foundation stones of the American infrastructure. The leader of this “World Superpower” has an uncanny and very unique way of using religion as an instrument to mould foreign policy whilst at the same time manipulating its people into believing that what it is doing is not only Godly but Just. The term “The Founding Fathers” was frequently used during speeches with overtones of America as being “The Beacon for freedom and civilization.” Unfortunately the last run of Presidents has changed the image of the US into an aggressive nation that rules by an “Iron Fist.”

US foreign policy is an aggressive push in favour of its own economic growth with an urgency to control as much of the worlds resources that it possibly can at whatever the cost. Like other nations that form part of the G8 (Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USA, Canada, Russia) or the fairly new group called the G20 (Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors) they concoct diversionary tactics to take our attention away from the real issues that exist in our respective countries.

One such example was the so called pandemic called “Swine Flue”….we saw a rush in the production of the Tami Flu Vaccine immediately followed by the Swine Flu Vaccine. The mind boggles on the amount of money this exercise generated for the pharmaceutical industry. I am sure we must all look at this exercise with deep suspicion, especially that to date only around 1,000 have died worldwide. I can recall many thousands dying from conventional flu so what is all this propaganda all about. We could even be suspect of the vaccine itself as these evil bankers truly believe in depopulation and birth control (creating infertility).

Now we have another incredible epic emerging called “Global Warming” which is a classic case of the G8 bullying those countries that do not have the ability to use high tech systems for energy supply. It is obvious that it is the G8’s intention to force these developing countries into new technology which will entail either World Bank or IMF funding. This then locks those countries into becoming totally dependent on the developed countries and at the same time elevating their debt.

On the commercial front it forces up the cost of production with these new technologies and makes them less competitive allowing the G8 to control the world markets otherwise known as market forces. What is incredible is the fact they talk about making poverty history and yet the nations of the West actually increase poverty, sometime to extreme levels.

Let’s get back to the topic of religion and this time look at those faiths that emerged from the original puritans. You may be shocked to learn that at least 60% of Evangelical Christians support Israel up to the hilt. According to their religious beliefs they have a mandate to not only support Israel but also to promote the return of the Jewish community back to their promised land.

They also believe it is their duty to safeguard Israelis existence and in their eyes the West Bank belongs to the Jews. These same fanatics do regular trips back to Israel but instead of their focus being on the birthplace of Jesus they spend considerable time at the original site of the Temple of Solomon. They believe that even though this Holy site is clearly now the major worshipping place for the Islamic Community they promote its destruction and for the rebuilding of the Temple.

One can read so many conspiracies as to who may be involved in this plot to rebuild The Temple of Solomon or who may push for its resurrection. Many names and establishments come to mind with connections to the so called “New World Order”. Many evangelical priests have some very powerful words that indicate not only the return of the Jews to their promised land but also the removal of the Palestinians, rebuilding of the temple and the conversion of Jews into Christianity. Some names that come to mind are Richard Land and David Reagan. Then you have people like Stan Johnson who talked about many aspects from a nuclear attack on the US – offered survival supplies (at marked up prices) – To setting up an oil drilling company in Israel - Armageddon etc

When one listens to their words it is almost like listening to some deranged professor. Such strong words as: “No Peace until the Temple of Solomon is rebuilt and the enemy removed” – “The Rebirth of Israel” “The coming of the Lord when Israel is repopulated” No peace necessary war is essential” “We consider the UN and its Secretary General as the Anti Christ” and “The destiny of the world relies on all these events” etc. One can see that this type of mindset can only bring war to the Middle East and the loss of many thousands of lives.

What I find incredible is that many of these powerful Christian and Jewish Zionist have direct access to both past and current Presidents. Between them they also have the ability to manipulate policies and raise significant funds to support political campaigns including Presidential Elections etc. The people that surround the President are not only from these groups but also from the more powerful banking groups that control Wall Street, not forgetting the Reserve Bank all of whom have connections through to London.

My next article will look into how all of the above fits in with those powerful and extremely rich outlets and the alleged power behind them such as The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Council for National Policy (CNP), The American Israel Public Affairs Committee(AIPAC) and the Freemasons etc. They are the masters that control Wall Street and the City of London with what the conspiracy believers think radiates from such organisations as the Bilderberg Group – Rockefeller Foundation - Rothschild’s -, the Windsor’s (Royal Family) and the City of London.

Many believe that Iraq, 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan were all pre planned many months before each event took place. They refer to such events as being “False Flags” they even go as far as saying that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda do not exist and that they are an imaginary group to keep up the false front of War against Terrorism. This elite and very privileged groups sincerely believe in the continuation of wars and that all people outside of these organisations are to be controlled by a sort of Chip and PIN system and that we need to de populate the world by as much as half. Does this all start to make sense? Does having sophisticated ID system become part of the bigger picture? Does the use of weapons containing Uranium components form part of that master plan?

There was even talk of moving the entire Israeli population to possibly Arizona but then I guess this would cause major problems with the Christian and Jewish Zionist who believe they have to go back to the Promised Land in order for lord to return. Add to this involvement by the CIA and Mossad and the whole picture starts to look very scary and the fact that they promote war to feed their fat wallets. This bigger picture allows our imagination to look at another conflict in the Middle East (Iran) and another strike on Gaza…..all in the name of economic greed for someone else’s natural resources especially oil and gas.

On the question of depopulation they are definitely on track in that area having contaminated the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and now Pakistan with uranium based weapons who’s history goes back to WW2. This contamination is now in Pakistan, India, Himalaya’s, China, SE Asia and in all areas adjacent to areas of conflict such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and beyond to almost all corners of the globe.

All of this is very intriguing and will be covered in my next article….. in the meantime happy reading and watch this space……

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant 17/11/2009

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