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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Iraq encounters huge rise in Birth Defects

Iraq encounters huge rise in Birth Defects

It is time that the US UK NATO and IDF forces owned up to their use of weapons containing uranium components and admit to the fact that those same weapons are responsible for the dramatic rise in many forms of cancer etc. How many more reports do we have to read before governments start responding to this emerging crisis and demand answers. We are now seeing a dramatic rise in cancer, diabetes, mental problems, still births and terrible birth defects in all the past and current areas of conflict. We have seen the use of these evil weapons in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and now Pakistan. As I have previously reported this contamination does not indentify international borders and is totally indiscriminate.

There has been a serious change in the health of populations down wind of these conflicts areas. In the case of Afghanistan the aerosols from these weapons have now crossed into Pakistan, India and beyond with dramatic increases in all of the above areas especially the Punjab region of North India. This cancerous growth is as a direct result of weapons used by the above forces. Most of these weapons are designed and manufactured by the United States.

I would even be bold enough to say that this could well be a case of mass depopulation of the entire Middle East region. It is obvious that the genetics of Iraq has been grossly affected by uranium contamination. Many weapons used contain both DU/EU isotopes and this directly attacks the DNA of humans.

Leuren Moret made it very clear when she said: Uranium and phosphate structures have a strong chemical affinity for each other. The DNA and the mitochondria are phosphate rich and therefore there is a strong attraction between uranium, the DNA and the mitochondria. Once the uranium has attached to the DNA and or the mitochondria it does damage from the chemical heavy metal effect, the radioactivity released and the particulate effect.

But the greatest damage to the DNA and mitochondria by uranium is the photo-electron effect. Uranium not only releases its own energy in the form of alpha particles and gamma rays, but it absorbs other energy released in the cell and releases that absorbed energy as a shower of photo-electrons that annihilate whatever the uranium is attached to. This was first described by Dr Chris Busby, a Low Level Radiation (LLR) expert for the British Government and the European Parliament. As a result the very dangerous health effects of uranium exposure it has been reported that large increases in diabetes since 1945 is linked to radiation and specifically uranium exposure. Pregnant women with diabetes, that is untreated, produce very weak babies that develop cancer, heart defects and other birth defects and illnesses. Uranium exposure causes a web of diseases such as neuro muscular disease, diseases of the brain, gastro intestinal illnesses, heavy metal poisoning, skin rashes and dermal contact with the skin causes high increases in melanoma and other skin cancers.

The greatest damage from radiation exposure is to the unborn foetus and this genetic damage to the foetus is passed on to all future generations. Basically uranium exposure is a slow painful death from long lingering illnesses. Surprisingly with depleted uranium (DU) exposure cancers and diabetes have been reported to develop as early as two months after exposure. That is a new feature associated with depleted uranium (DU) as well as multiple cancers in patients that are genetically unrelated. In other words individual cancers form from the effects of individual particles in the victims tissues. This is due to the particulate effect from the very tiny nanoparticles of depleted uranium.

Burning uranium from dirty bombs, dirty missiles and dirty bullets produce a radioactive gas composed of very tiny particles of uranium oxide that are produced when the shells leave the gun barrel and throughout its trajectory to the impact sites. From this impact site large volumes of radioactive gas are produced that escape into the atmosphere where they are carried locally, across border, and around the world in a few weeks. They remain suspended in the atmosphere until they are rained out into the earth’s environment, usually within two months. The depleted uranium (DU) particle contaminates the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.

The tissues in our bodies filter out the depleted uranium particles from the blood and cause a web of diseases called “Gulf War Syndrome”. Radiation is different. It respects no borders, no socio economic class, and no religion. There is no way to turn it off and no way to clean it up. It’s the weapon that keeps giving and keeps killing. The half life of depleted uranium is 4.5 billion years. It is the “Trojan Horse” of nuclear war.

It was very distressing to read the headlines of today’s Guardian: “Huge rise in birth defects in Fallujah.” “Ex battle zone sees abnormal clusters of infant tumours and deformities.” The paper stated that Iraqi doctors were dealing with up to 15 times as many chronic deformities in infants and a spike in early life cancers that may be linked to toxic materials.

We only have to look at other areas of conflict to understand that this same situation has and continues to be a major problem in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Lebanon and now emerging in Gaza. It is also interested to note that the IDF also used these weapons in Gaza and as a result of their actions have also contaminated their own country with dramatic rises in cancer, diabetes etc
The people in India’s Punjab are now seriously affects by this same contamination that has crossed borders from Afghanistan.

The Guardian reported that a group of Iraqi and British officials including the former Iraqi Minister for Women’s Affairs had petitioned the UN General Assembly requesting an independent committee fully investigate. Local doctors reported birth defects that include a baby born with two heads, babies with multiple tumours and many others with nervous system problems. Many children have brain injuries, most of whom are under eight years of age. It was ironic that one doctor said “It’s like treating patients immediately after Hiroshima”….what he didn’t realise was the fact that he was perfectly correct in his statement…….all of these problems are directly linked to DU/EU weapons.

One can still feel the pain of the Iraq gentleman who cried out “America….you have killed the genetics of my people.”

What we have to understand is that the United Nations are very much aware of these weapons and what they can do to human health and the same applies to the World Health Organisation. Almost all the governments that fall under the NATO umbrella also fully understand the implications but are not prepared to admit that such weapons are the cause of these terrible statistics. The UNEP in particular have intentionally avoiding looking for the evidence or to even give an authentic report. As we have seen time and time again it is the individual investigators and researcher that keep bringing this issue back to the surface. I also know that all of us are extremely motivated to continue this effort and I can assure those authorities listed above that more evidence is coming forward on a daily basis and you will all be held to account.

Despite the refusal of the US, UK and NATO forces to accept that uranium weapons have and are being used in Afghanistan I can assure you that we have almost 100% proof that not only are they using them but also the level of usage is much higher than in Iraq. One should soon see very dramatic changes in the Health of Afghans and also in the returning troops.

It must also be pointed out that many of the original senior medical staff in Iraq who were instrumental in bringing this issue to the attention of the Iraqi Government and the US have since been dealt with….some missing and some have been murdered. The stakes in this game are very high, anyone becoming involved in fighting this DU/EU issue are likely to encounter harassment or intimidation by agents set up by the Pentagon or Secret Services who are extremely over protective of the nuclear industry.

The manufacturing of such weapons serves two purposes. It helps the US government get rid of its nuclear waste and for the manufacturers it brings in billions of dollars in exports.

Again we have to watch Obama like a hawk. His apparent strive to get rid of all nuclear weapons is one big cover up. The smaller weapons of today are more lethal and contain components that can make Hiroshima look comparatively small. The new age weapons of today are contaminating the entire globe.
If Obama and other countries are serious about removing nuclear weapons from our respective arsenals then all weapons that contain any form of Uranium must be prohibited.

Finally it is also understood that the export of these weapons from the US could violate their own law which has been challenged many times by some members of Congress. Almost all the weapons used by the IDF on Lebanon in 2006 and also in Gaza 2008/9 are under the Geneva Convention illegal and therefore could be classified as war crimes. I feel the only way of stopping these evil weapons is to take the respective Minister of Defence and senior members of the Department of Defence to the International Court of Justice on crimes against humankind.

When US, UK and NATO Forces pull out of Afghanistan (if that is ever possible) the people can truly thank the occupation forces for contaminating their entire country all in the name of “Democracy”….when people refer to this war as another Vietnam they are very close to the truth, only there they used “Agent Orange” which still haunts them to this day.

Whatever the outcome we must keep pushing the prohibition of all weapons that contain any DU/EU components irrespective of the amount each weapon contains.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant 14/11/2009

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