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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christian and Jewish Zionist Diaspora Part 4

Christian and Jewish Zionist Diaspora

Part 4 (UK)

Who control the finances of this world and manipulates governments
In my last article I covered the US and its web of corruption and deceit only to find, as you would expect, that the UK has almost an identical system all at the control of unscrupulous bankers, elite organisation, an extremely corrupt political system with manipulation from both Christian and Jewish Zionist. So let’s compare this side of the pond with the other.

At a political level many of the existing members of parliament undergo a type of financial grooming from donor groups/persons who pledge them much money in return for looking after their affairs. Many of these political figures are baited with trips to Israel and other concessions in order to protect Israel from any actions or criticism that may arise. Some of the most senior MP posts such as foreign affairs, defence and intelligence are all interlinked with pro Israeli lobby groups which I will explain in the following paragraphs.

Lets first look at the three main political parties and see how it all comes together in order for potential candidates to gain a seat in the House of Commons or the House of Lords. All three mainstream parties have a specific organisation that protects them financially and at the same time promotes good PR for Israel. If one reads the speeches made it is easy to see that even if you are the devils advocate Israel can get away with brutal executions or mass killings as long as they deposit sufficient donations to cover candidates election costs.

The Conservative friends of Israel (CFI) consist of around 80% of all Conservative MP’s who provide money for their respective election campaigns which obviously comes with pre conditions! One can relate to such pre conditions when Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Leader of the Conservative Party, Conservative Party Conference, 3 October 2006 said the following:
“The Conservative Party is a true friend of Israel because we look at Israel and we see a democracy, we see a democracy that has a right to exist and a right to defend itself and that is a force for good in the world, and I want to say that as clearly as I possibly can.”

It was David Cameron who appeared before the CFI lunch some months after Cast Lead and said nothing to denounce the actions of the Israeli Government in actual fact complemented Israel by say “Israel strives to protect innocent life” he also went on to say that “If I become Prime Minister, Israel will have a friend who will never turn his back on Israel.”

Then we had Dr Liam Fox MP, Shadow Defence Secretary, Conservative Party at the same conference say the following: “All I would say is even in dealing with Israel we must remember that in the battle for the values that we stand for, for democracy against theocracy, for democratic liberal values against repression - Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided.”

Finally you have Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, Chief Whip, Conservative Party who at the same conference said: “Israel shares with Britain and the Conservative Party the values of independence, hard work, self reliance and a defence of citizens. Yet it is unfortunate or perhaps inevitable that with so many media and news stories, all we hear about is the negative. Israel has a lot to be proud of”

The Ambassador of Israel, HE Zvi Heifetz, who attended the conference, was extremely happy and said: I know from experience that I can rely on the members of CFI to put Israel's case... The Conservative Party has long been the home of some of Israel's most outstanding advocates. For that you have my deep appreciation and my thanks."
As you would expect the following headline appeared in the CFI weekly briefing on the 22nd of October 2009: “Conservatives back rejection of UN Resolution on Goldstone Report” No doubt this attracted more funds for the upcoming elections in 2010!

It is clear that millions of pounds from businessmen and Pro Israeli Lobby Groups exchange hands with politicians and political parties and needless to say this money comes with pre conditions. Effectively Zionists and such groups are deep within the heart of British politics with the ability to twist the arm of their groomed friends. One could ask the question where is their loyalty to Britain.

We have learnt recently after a programme on Four Corners that Haig made a comment in the house regarding Israel disproportionate attack on Lebanon. After this comment funds for Haig were withdrawn and David Cameron was drilled over his party using such words as disproportionate. Later at the CFI conference Cameron didn’t mention Gaza but said “I look around and see many of our biggest donors, And a special thank you to you.”

Members of the CFI are as follows:
Parliamentary Group: Chairman Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP
Vice Chairmen: Sir John Butterfill; James Clappison MP
Secretary: David Amess MP Officers: Alistair Burt MP; Lee Scott MP and;
Theresa Villiers MP
Chairman of CFI Europe: Timothy Kirkhope MEP
Honorary Officers
President :Rt Hon Baroness Shephard of Northwold
Vice Chairmen: Betty Geller; Lord Taylor of Holbeach CBE; Stanley Cohen OBE and Michael Heller
Vice Presidents: Rt Hon Sir Timothy Sainsbury; Sir Michael Latham DL; LordSanderson of Bowden
Executive Board Richard Harrington (Chairman) Lance Anisfeld; Lorraine da Costa; Jonathan Gough; Andrew Heller (Hon. Treasurer); Steven Kaye; Edward Lee; Howard Leigh; Stephen Massey; David Meller; Jonathan Metliss; Gary Mond; Stephan Shakespeare; Barry Welck; Hilda Worth

Now that you have finished throwing up we can get back to the story! But sorry to tell you there is even more pain to suffer. Let’s now look at the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI). On their website we can read the following: LFI seeks to promote a strong bilateral relationship between Britain and Israel. We work with the Government, Parliamentarians, advisers, and activists throughout the Labour movement. LFI also strengthens the bond between the British and Israeli Labour parties, organising meetings in both countries between senior figures, officials and the grassroots.

“We are fundamentally sympathetic to Israel’s position as a liberal democracy facing constant security dilemmas and existential threats. But we are not uncritical. Positive engagement with all sections of the Israeli political spectrum is important, as is an effective working relationship with Palestinian representatives. We are friends of both an Israel, secure and at peace with her neighbours, and of a viable and democratic Palestine.”

I am sure that by now the blood of many Palestinians has reached boiling point and that they now fully understand that the LBI does not have the Palestinian struggle at heart, on the contrary, like the other two parties, they are groomed to support the Israeli Lobby ahead of any other issue. These following words are from the same webpage:
“There have been significant developments in the region during the last few years, which those advocating a peaceful resolution to the conflict have had to respond to. While the controversial security barrier nears completion, Israel has disengaged from the Gaza Strip. In 2006, Israel fought a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon and in 2009 carried out a devastating military operation in the Gaza Strip in response to eight years of Hamas mortar, rocket and missile attacks against its southern communities.”

It is clear that both the CFI and the LFI both benefit from huge donations whilst at the same time having the ability to respond in the right way to the donors. What is incredible about the political scene in Britain and that of the US is that if you say the wrong thing your wallet will suffer with even the possibility of being removed from office by those that hold the power. In that context one can say that the entire system is totally corrupt. Isn’t it ironic that both Obama and Brown were very critical of the Afghanistan Government in the area of corruption and yet their own palms are brushed with gold, as and when required!

All parties benefit greatly from this relationship……they are flown to Israel on a regular basis and live a life that most of use would be embarrassed by. They are basically paid to leave behind their ethical duties as MP’s and continue to allow the people of Palestine to enter into the forthcoming winter in extremes of poverty. It’s amazing what money can buy!

Members of the LFI are as follows: Chair Andrew Gwynne MP
Vice Chairs Andrew Dismore MP; Louise Ellman MP
Policy Council: Rt Hon David Blunkett MP; Rt Hon Stephen Byers MP (Chair); Rt Hon Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland;
Rt Hon Lord Foulkes of Cumnock; Rt Hon Adam Ingram MP;
Rt Hon Ian McCartney MP; Rt Hon Dr Denis MacShane MP;
Rt Hon Alan Michael MP; Rt Hon Don Touhig MP
Parliamentary Executive: Fabian Hamilton MP;
Joan Humble MP; Eric Joyce MP; Ashok Kumar MP;
Dr Stephen Ladyman MP; Andrew Miller MP;
Dan Norris MP; Nick Palmer MP; Dari Taylor MP;
Chair (House of Lords) Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale
Peers: Rt Hon Lord Archer of Sandwell QC;
Lord Clarke off Hampstead CBE; Rt Hon Lord Clinton-Davis;
Lord Davies of Coity CBE; Rt Hon Lord Glenamara;
Lord HaskelLord; Janner of Braunstone QC;
Rt Hon Lord Macdonald of Tradeston CBE; Lord Mitchell;
Lord Turnberg; Professor Lord Winston;
Lord Wedderburn of Charlton QC.

Just when you thought that this was the end of the golden hand shakes you find one of the original groups in the network….yes you are right the Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel (LDFI)….this group was one of the first to form “Friends of Israel” in the British Parliament. I guess we would be allowed to say at this stage that the President of Afghanistan Mr Karsai certainly has nothing to worry about in relation to the accusations of corruption as government level!

One would have thought that the highest priority for our chosen leaders is to address the issues our own country first. If politically speaking, one objects to the action of another country, you are free to be as critical as you wish. Democracy is all about free speech and having the ability to say what is morally or ethically wrong. The main issue with this type of funding is that it comes at a price and therefore restricts both you as an MP and your party to carry out its true purpose which is to be representative of your people. We have seen a consensus in the UK that the Goldstone report should go ahead without delay and yet politicians are not allowed to say this without being punished by their financial supporters. This surely makes a mockery of democracy and for the government to work effectively for the people of Britain.

The LDFI main objectives are:
1. To Maximise support for the State of Israel within the Liberal Democrats and Parliament.
2. To develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect between the Liberal Democrats and the Jewish Community.
3. To support and promote policies which lead to peace and security for Israel in the context of a comprehensive and lasting Middle East peace settlement.
4. To encourage a broad understanding of Israel’s unique political position as the only democracy in the Middle East.

Let’s also take a look at its aims:

1 To influence the Party’s Middle East policy so it places a high priority on Israel’s right to peace and security.
2. To ensure Liberal Democrat parliamentarians are aware of the up-to-
date situation in the Middle East.
3. To provide parliamentarians with briefing material for parliamentary
debates, questions to Ministers and public appearances.
4. To rebut attacks on Israel in the media, Parliament and the Party.
5. To liaise with Israeli politicians and Government.
6. To maintain a dialogue with other parliamentary groups having an
interest in the Middle East.
7. To ensure that the British Jewish Community are aware of the activities
8. To develop and maintain a broad based LDFI membership inside and
outside of Parliament.
9. To arrange and accompany LDFI delegations to Israel.
10 To organise fringe events at Party conferences
11. To keep in regular contact with the Embassy of Israel.
Key Members of the LDFI are as follows:

President of Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel : Rt Hon Alan Beith MP
Chairman: Councillor Monroe Palmer OBE
Lord Jacobs; Lord Carlile of Berriew; Evan Harris MP; Gavin Stoller;
Alexander Gilbert; Edward Davey; Mark Hunter; Norman Lamb;
Willie Rennie; Sandra Gidley

Finally we have the European Friends of Israel (EFI) EFI has an initial membership of some 1,000 members of parliament from all of Europe’s mainstream political parties, making it one of the largest pan European parliamentary groups of its kind.
The principal purpose behind the creation of EFI is political: Israel needs and deserves a better recognition of the close cultural and democratic bonds that it shares with the EU, to underpin greater EU support for the continuing challenges it faces over the coming years. But EFI can equally improve and help foster an environment in which Israel’s commercial interests with Europe are enhanced. I guess this will involve many golden handshakes around the EU!

EFI's Mission
To forge a stronger political relationship and a deeper understanding between Europe and Israel.
EFI’S goals
• Identify the political issues in Europe which are vital to Israel.
• Encourage and cultivate an environment in which Israel’s political and commercial interests are enhanced.
• Define and promote the agenda of Israel’s supporters
• Expand and reinforce European support of Israel
• Provide decision-makers and those who influence public opinion with well-researched and balanced information about the historical and geo-political realities of the Middle East.
Unite all Israel Friendship Groups existing in the Parliaments of the EU’s 27 member states and to establish a connection between them.
Establish channels of communication within the EU political process in which those who share our goals can effectively express their support.
One could ramble on and again prove that the same rule of thumb policy applies in the EU as it does in both the US and the UK. At the end of the day if you receive funds you are expected to lean towards the donor in whatever way they wish and in that context it is not only a corruption of the political system but also sets a dangerous precedence for becoming involved in some other countries internal conflict.

Lets leave these friendship groups for the time being and take a look at the Christian Zionist and what part they have to place in the decision making of the UK. Many decisions made in the Houses of Parliament are made as a direct result of lobbying by secular and Christian organizations who continue in their increasing growth and influence. These groups continue supporting the return of the Jews to Israel as part of the fulfillment of the prophecy. It is their belief that Jews who convert to Christianity will be spared a fiery death when Jesus returns.
A group called “Christian Friends of Israel, UK state on their webpage:

We seek to: Bless Israel by means of practical and moral support and to serve the church with teaching and resources about God’s love and purposes for Israel and the Hebraic roots of our faith. In another section is quotes “Jews in the past have suffered great persecution in the name of Christ; we seek to show them real friendship and love in His name.”…..I wonder if they show the same compassion for the Palestinians. One final comment shows the following: “So, we are Christians who love Israel and its peoples and believe that God has a special place for them in His Kingdom purposes before the return of Messiah.”

Bridges for Peace is another Christian organisation which is fully supportive of Israel. Their webpage is very similar to the CFI and states: “support Israel's divine God-given right to exist in her God-given land.” “To bless Israel and the Jewish people in Israel and worldwide, through practical assistance, volunteer service, and prayer.” “To educate and equip Christians to identify with Israel, the Jewish people, and the biblical/Hebraic foundations of our Christian faith.”

One of their projects is to help poor Jews to get to Israel :Project Rescue/Project Hope: These programs help the poorest Jews, from the countries of the Diaspora, prepare to immigrate to Israel (Project Rescue) and helps sustain those who cannot come, the elderly and the sick (Project Hope). Without our help, most would find the cost of passports, visas, ground transportation, lodging, etc., out of their reach.

Christian Zionist for Israel (UK) is yet again a similar group with a strong emphasis on Jewish repatriation to Israel. On its website it says: “Christian Zionism is a Christians belief that the return of the Jews to the Holy Land, and the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, is in accordance with Biblical prophecy. Millions of Christians in the USA and else where have a committed belief in the importance of standing with Israel and blessing the Jewish people.” As there are tens of thousands of churches who support Israel, there are plenty of websites to choose from. The following however is a list of sites which either explain Christian Zionism as their primary purpose, or are sites of Christian Zionist groups or churches with substantial informational content on Christian Zionism.”

The web site lists many churches worldwide with similar aims:
• isrelate.com
• Christian Friends of Israel - UK
• Battalion of Deborah
• Bridges for Peace
• Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign
• Christians for Israel
• Christians Friends of Israel
• Christian Zionism.org
• Christians United for Israel - Eagles Wings
• Come Answer the Call
• International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
• International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
• Israel Always
• Israel Christian Nexus
• Love of Israel
• The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc.
• The Jerusalem Connection International
• Unity Coalition for Israel
• Christian Zionists of America
• Christians Standing with Israel

Another powerful group exists called:

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ). The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was founded in 1980 by Christians from around the world as an act of solidarity with the Jewish people's 3,000-year-old claim and connection to Jerusalem. Today the Christian Embassy represents millions of believers from over 125 countries who share a love and concern for Israel and the Jewish people. Thus the ICEJ is considered the world's largest Christian Zionist organization, with active representation in nearly 80 nations. Some 50 full-time staff serve in our Jerusalem headquarters coming from over a dozen countries and speaking many different languages. We invite you to consider us as your Embassy in Jerusalem.

Part of their mission statement reads:
• Comforting the people of Israel on their journey to their destiny in the purposes of God by seeking to meet their practical spiritual and emotional needs.
• Supporting the many projects that the ICEJ has set up in the field of education and poverty relief in order to give help and assistance to all the people groups living in Israel.
• Being a voice of reconciliation between Christians and Jews and to encourage by all means possible reconciliation between Arabs, Palestinians and Jews.

I would like to see their comments on the current Gaza situation and to see if they show the same compassion for the poverty that exists within the strip. It would also be interesting to hear their thoughts on the Goldstone Report.
It is fairly evident that the card are stacked up against the Palestinians from almost every angle and what is amazing is the fact that the countries of the Middle East are not united in applying pressure in resolving the Gaza issue.

Let’s look briefly at the financial support available to the political parties and the MP’s who benefit from these donations.
Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre (BICOM) Poju Zabludowicz is chairman of BICOM and a member of the board of the Jewish Leadership Council and the main sponsor of political funding. This gentleman is also a co owner of the large supermarket situated in the West Bank which is a clear indication that they intend to develop the area. I also heard that The Belgian French bank group Dexia finances Illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. It was interesting to not that the British Foreign Minister David Miliband condemned the Israeli settlements in West Bank but did not pass comment on these huge development by Mr Zabludowicz……but there again you would not bite off the hand that feeds you!

Britain like the US and EU is carefully vetted by Israeli monitoring companies like Honest Reporting UK which is run entirely by Israelis in Jerusalem and operates out of the offices of the Media Center. They also work for the Army Press Office. Israel employs some of the best PR experts available but unfortunately if Mark Regev is considered to be one such expert then one would have to have some deep concerns on their ability to carry out factual reporting.

Another person who has given considerable funds to the Labour Party is Lord Levy who at one stage was giving advice to Tony Blair even though he had no position in Government. One can see that the donors of all the UK political parties have considerable influence to manipulate the government on certain issues especially in the support of Israel.

Internationally speaker it was very uplifting to see one small country taking a stand against Israel with this extraction from AP: Bahrain's elected lower house of parliament passed a bill Tuesday banning citizens from having any relations with Israelis, even as the government has called for increased contact with Israel.
The bill will likely stall in the upper house of parliament, which is filled with government supporters. The measure was put forward by the conservative religious lawmakers and calls for 10 years in jail for anyone doing business or traveling to Israel. "We believe that establishing contacts with the Zionist enemy is an offense punishable by law," said Nasser al-Fadhallah, a conservative lawmaker. He said it would be "embarrassing for the government" if the bill — which will be transferred to the upper house sometime in November — is postponed or blocked because it would be obstructing the will of the Bahraini people.

Bahrain has no diplomatic relations with Israel, but the country's foreign minister created a stir last year when he said that Middle East nations should form a regional organization that includes Israel and Iran to try to resolve their disputes. Egypt and Jordan are the only Arab nations that have peace deals with Israel. Other Arab nations have said they won't establish ties with Israel until it signs peace deals with the Palestinians and Syria. In Egypt’s case they have sold their soul to America in return for US aid. This basically allows the US and Israel to control the Egypt – Gaza border.

One could also see the manipulation of the Goldstone Report when Col Richard Kemp gave evidence at the UN and has continuously supported the IDF in their actions in Gaza. He has become a true friend to Israel and the political scene in Britain. What he did not cover in his vast experience in the Army was the fact he gave no reference to the illegality of the weapons used in Gaza. White Phosphorus, Flatchette, DIME and weapons containing uranium components etc I am sure that his palm has been greased extremely well.

One must remember that when we all vote next year in the general election we can be rest assured that those elected have their own hidden agenda and could well be groomed so as not to have the best interest of Britain at heart.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant 26/11/2009

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