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Monday, 19 April 2010

At long last Israel has become a victim of its own doing!

Today we see for the first time a better insight into a problem that we have always known has existed with Israel. The Palestine Telegraph reported on this sperm count some time ago but now we see more information becoming available. We also drew attention to the fact that when Israel started using US Depleted Uranium Weapons back in the war with Egypt and followed by the conflict with Lebanon and Gaza it nuked itself.

Countries that fall victim to such contamination tend to keep the lid on the problem and hide the statistics until such time as the bubble bursts and it gets totally out of control……we saw this in Kuwait before the main attack on Iraq and now that country has fallen victim to an out of control spread of cancers. Obviously terrible birth defects will follow as will a rise in diabetes etc.

We have seen the same trend in Iraq especially Fallujah and Basra where women are advised not to have babies but it doesn’t stop there….we find total cover-ups by the US, UK and coalition forces…maybe we are not aware that when the US ordered the attack on the retreating Iraqi Army from Kuwait they intentionally mined the road ahead of this huge convoy and then caused one of the biggest traffic jams every seen.
Upon the orders of the President, which was then handed down the line to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin Powell and then to General H. Norman Schwarzkopf they ordered a major assault on this harmless convoy. Many vehicles were showing white flags and we also know that the soldiers were in poor condition with little energy to continue fighting.

This decision was a breach of the Geneva Convention and as Major General Royal N. Moore, commander of the Marine Air Wing 3 said at the time, "It was like a turkey shoot until the weather turned sour."

Their was one important factor no one wanted to talk about…..that was the fact that they blasted the entire column with depleted uranium and falsified the number of casualties…..in one statement they quoted that more than 100,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed in five weeks, the majority during the 100-hour ground war. However according to the man in Kuwait responsible for removing the deceased told that Kuwaiti Graves Units buried over 450,000 Iraqis in the deserts of Kuwait. Can one imagine this slaughter of nearly half a million dead all took place in little over 24 hours and at the same time imagine the level of DU contamination along the “Highway of Death.”
Just when you think you have heard the worst another story comes along such as: The technique used in burying the soldiers involved a pair of M1-A1 tanks with plows shaped like giant teeth along each section of the trench line. The tanks took up positions on either side of the trenches. Bradley fighting vehicles and Vulcan armored personnel carriers straddled the trench line and fired into the Iraqi soldiers as the tanks covered them with piles of sand.

To move on with the DU story, the war extended into Afghanistan only this time the usage of these dirty weapons was on a much bigger scale and so now that country has had its genetics destroyed with the usual run of cancers and disfigured babies.
This then brings us back to Gaza where they now are also counting the terrible side effects of the IDF weaponry which was a combination of US weapons containing uranium and also weapons made by the Israelis themselves. Gaza was a testing ground for “Dirty Weapons” as was Lebanon in 2006.

At last we see extremely convincing evidence that Depleted Uranium or Low Lever Radiation is certainly not safe, as told to us by the UNEP, World Health, Military, the pro nuclear lobby and pharmaceutical industry. This is mass genocide of a very big scale and it basically means that the US, UK, Coalition Forces and the IDF have planted the seeds of genocide in almost all of the entire Middle East and the world beyond. DU directly attacks the human DNA and does not go away. Photographs of IDF DU weaponry is also available.

I have published many air flow charts showing how this contamination moves around the world and does not respect international borders…..it is totally indiscriminate.

When Obama gets up on his stage and tells everyone he his progressively removing WMD’s from the world….what he his not telling you is that the US and the arms manufacturers are actively mass producing smaller nuclear weapons that in many respects are far worse than the bombs used in Japan……..when is the world going to wake up to this warning that so many of us have repeated time and time again.
I will now print an article in its entirety that has been published in www.salem-news.com This article is so important for the world to read I have decided to print it as a matter of urgency…..hopefully people in Israel may now get wise to what there own government is doing to its people.

Before printing this article I have to say that a few people have been omitted from the credits on this DU story namely Prof Chris Busby, Leuren Moret or Major Doug Rokke. From my perspective they have worked tirelessly on this issue and Chris Busby has been able to get samples from many places at great risk in some cases to himself and his team. Therefore from the Palestine Telegraphs perspective and on behalf of the people of Gaza I send my heartfelt thanks to these three gallant people who have taken terrible risks in keeping the DU story alive…..thank you all very much. So here’s the story:

Israel's Declining Sperm Quality Tied to Depleted Uranium Exposure
Tim King Salem-News.com Apr-14-2010 22:11
With the latest news, Israel may soon lose the need to create and seek out enemies; with a little help from the U.S. they did this to themselves.
(TEL AVIV / SALEM) - Israel's population is facing a dire threat: a drastic depopulation, from the use of weapons that leave behind Depleted Uranium (DU). Depleted Uranium leads to the word Omnicidal, as DU kills everything in the food chain, everywhere the wind blows. Experts say the dramatic drop in Israel's sperm count could eliminate their ability to reproduce.

Research by an Israeli doctor shows a significant drop in sperm count level and sperm motility among young Israeli soldiers in recent years. Sperm motility is the ability of sperm to move properly toward an egg.

It is attributed to the inhalation of DU aerosolized nano-particles; the dirty results of extra powerful weapons used by Israel and the U.S.
All of that military might as it turns out, could set the stage for a massive Israeli act of population suicide.

A study by Dr. Ronit Haimov-Kokhman released in November, showed a 40-percent decline in the concentration of sperm cells in Israeli sperm donors from 2004 to 2008, compared to samples taken between 1995 and 1999.
Sperm banks in Israel are now reportedly turning away as many as two-thirds of potential donors, due to the low-quality sperm. In the past, around one-third of the potential donors were turned away.According to Ofri Ilani's article in Haaretz,
Study: Quality of Israeli sperm down 40% in past decade:
"The research confirmed that in 10 years, the average concentration of sperm among donors declined from 106 million cells per cubic centimeter to 67 million per cubic centimeter. The rate of sperm motility has also declined: from 79 to 67 percent, although the profile of donors did not change over that period; they are still young, healthy and do not smoke."[1]
Haimov-Kokhman says the problem is not entirely unique; the quality of sperm has also declined in a number of Western countries. But in Israel he says, it has been particularly rapid."If we keep going at this rate, a decline of 3 million cubic centimeters of sperm cells per year, we'll reach an average of 20 million in 2030. The World Heath Organization defines this as fertility impairment."
Questionitnow.com said this about the reported thousands of tons of nuclear waste in the form of armor piercing rounds, referred to as "depleted uranium" or "DU", in the invasion of Iraq:
"The United States and Britain have gravely endangered not only the Iraqis and their own troops, but the entire world. In the first invasion, at least 320 tons of DU were exploded into Iraq, at least 1500 tons were blasted in the second illegal invasion."[2]
They cite Professor Malcolm Hopper of the University of Sunderland in the U.K., whose extensive studies of health effects on British and U.S. soldiers who served in the Gulf War, shows as many as 21,000 U.S. Gulf War veterans have died, "due not just to DU exposure but to the astounding amounts of organophosphate (OP) poisoning from various toxins (or supposedly anti-toxins) given to the troops as 'preventive' medicine."

This human and environmental disaster was reviewed by Bob Nichols, a correspondent with SFBayView who specializes in nuclear issues with an emphasis on the atmospheric contamination from Depleted Uranium. In the article PTSD, Infertility and Other Consequences of War, he discusses how Israel is likely to be depopulated soon[3].
"Israel falls within the region that has been dosed with depleted uranium [DU] [various kinds of munitions] in the West Asian theatre of war. DU kills people at genetic level." A report by Dr. Ronit Haimov-Kokhman, which was debated in the Knesset, is cited in the report by Ofri Ilani.
Arun Shrivastava, a writer with the Centre for Research on Globalization, says this has been known for some time.

"Admiral Bhagwat and I made our presentations at GNDU, Amritsar, in April 2008, social workers among the audience came up and narrated some events that actually provide hard enough evidence of DU contamination the entire North-western India. There was a significant presence of top officers from the Indian Army."
He says they are keenly aware of this silent weapon. "The security forces know what the American and NATO soldiers have done to South and West Asians."
According to Shrivastava, contamination of the total Indian population stands at over 300 million; the total West and South Asian population affected stands at least 900 million, possibly more than a billion.

"None of these would complete their normal life. None of us will. This entire region will be depopulated which is what the PTBs have in mind and they have set in motion processes that can't be stopped. No way," Shrivastava said.
There is little question that this information has tremendous significance for the people of Palestine and Gaza, although these unfortunate people might end up the same way as the Israelis.

Reports from other West Asian countries are identical, Shrivastava says, "Both US and NATO forces have committed genocide right in Asia. Our civilizations may never be the same, may not be viable."
It is important to note how overlooked this significant world problem truly is, and how indicting it turns out to be. Shrivastava says it is also important to remember that the DU is a result of military activity that is illegal under international law.
"Please note that the use of WMD is war crime. There are cases pending under ICCA against three US Presidents and two British PMs and their entire cabinet. DU weapons are WMDs; they are weapons of indiscriminate destruction and environmental contamination....IN PERPETUITY."

As Nichols states in his article, uranium oxide gas weapons are called "genocidal weapons."
"They maim and kill millions of people, their animals and their land. The actual targets by the U.S. Expeditionary Forces are the populations of Central Asia and the Middle East, about a billion people."
He reminds us that more than a million American servicemembers, thousands of contractors, and others, like journalists have had their boots on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past several years, not to mention the thousands of people from other nations.

"The medical disability rate is over 60 percent and 'PTSD' is a common diagnosis. Soldiers from the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy report similar medical problems as well."
According to figures cited in his article, a milligram (mg) of uranium oxide poison gas is roughly equal in size to one of the periods at the end of these sentences. When this is absorbed by Marines and soldiers, through their skin, no limit exists in regard to their exposure. It could range from to one milligram to a thousand.
Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D., GNSH said, "Each tiny milligram shoots about 1,251,000 powerful radioactive bullets a day with a range of about 20 cells of the human body for thousands or even billions of years."

Dr. Bertell currently serves on a number of Pentagon radiation committees; she has been in this role for decades.
The worst part is that all of it has taken place under protest by activists, scientists, and defense experts. There has been no doubt in the minds of those who know, but their words have gone unheeded. Orders to use these internationally illegal weapons are made by presidential order in U.S. war zones.

Serious information at a serious time in history. It would truly be ironic if Israel's military machine, so ruthlessly applied over the years on the Arab people, would render the population without the ability to reproduce.
[1] Study: Quality of Israeli sperm down 40% in past decade - By Ofri Ilani
[2] Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Iraq
[3] PTSD, infertility and other consequences of war - by Bob Nichols
Other relevant links:
CIA World Factbook
The Biology of Human Longevity: Inflammation, Nutrition, and Aging in the Evolution of Lifespans (Hardcover) Amazon.com
Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as Salem-News.com's Executive News Editor. Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 covering the war in Afghanistan, and he was in Iraq over the summer of 2008, reporting from the war while embedded with both the U.S. Army and the Marines.
Tim holds numerous awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), first place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Serving the community in very real terms, Salem-News.com is the nation's only truly independent high traffic news Website. You can send Tim an email at this address: newsroom@salem-news.com

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 17/4/2010

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