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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The UN’s disgraceful failure to support Gaza and Palestine!

UK, April 28, 2010 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - Since its inception the United Nations has failed the people of Palestine, especially those living in the Gaza Strip. It predecessor, the League of Nations, also had many failings which eventually led to its demise and collapse. It is obvious that the UN of today is clearly not working and in many cases has no strength or accountability. We frequently see a majority vote take place but then when it gets into the hands of the Security Council (the elite few) it fizzles out, either by someone abstaining or using their trump card, the dreaded veto.

Despite the vast sums of money injected into its structure it still does not represent the nations of the world. I could ask the question is this organization run and controlled by the nations that pay for its running costs or is it controlled by the puppets of the New World Order?

We frequently see the scheming and plotting going on behind the scenes that are carried out by the US, UK, France and Germany (what I call the G3.5). They try to manipulate or apply pressure to the UN, ahead of any proposed resolution in an attempt to influence a certain outcome. What’s even more amazing is the fact that Germany is not a member of the Security Council and therefore does not have any additional powers.

Could we possibly again see such an organization as the UN fail for a second time or is there a glimmer of hope that reform and restructuring will take place to make it become more effective to serve the nations it is supposed to represent? It has almost become laughable to hear the Secretary General issue his feeble warnings to those that breach UN regulation or do not adhere to the resolutions that have been passed. What is the point in passing a resolution if there is no mechanism in place to enforce them?

Israel has ignored every resolution passed against it, which up to 1989 was 131, obviously the counting has now stopped has the total is now off the scale. What is ironic is that Iraq violated only one and the West went to war without justification….to this day that illegality still stands.

The Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations also wrote violations of human rights etc…..some of these are extremely serious but again nothing ever gets done. The last letter dated 10th September 2009 added to the long list of 342 such letters and it would appear that Dr.Riyad Mansour, Ambassador, and Permanent Observer has ceased writing them…..one can understand why!

Israel is also in breach of the Oslo Accord in not allowing the fishing limits that were assigned to Gaza. As a result of their aggressive naval patrols they have decimated the fishing industry that was so vital to the people of Gaza.

The United Nations and Israel is also in breach of normal international protocol in regard to the legal maritime borders both on the Israel side and also on the Egyptian side. The seaward border is also illegal and should be extended to 24 nautical miles with a further extension so as to give Gaza (Palestine) its own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The United Nations and Israel are in breach of the theft of Gaza’s natural resources, despite the fact that the UN has already passed a resolution against Israel in this regard.

The United Nations is guilty of not carrying out a proper War Crimes Inquiry by not paying more attention to the severe violations of the Geneva Convention in relation to weapons used: White Phosphorous, Flechette, DIME and weapons containing uranium components. The Goldstone report is not worth the paper it is written on.

The United Nations has a special section for investigating Genocide under the control of Mr. Francis Deng…..what is happening in Gaza and West Bank amounts to genocide. I would also add that the IDF has consequently also contaminated itself as a result of the Yom Kippur War, The war with Lebanon, The Attack on Syria and more recently the attack on Gaza (Cast Lead) when such weapons were used including 4th generation dirty bombs. These weapons are totally indiscriminate and therefore contaminate adjacent countries such as Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Muscat and Yemen etc. The contaminated radioactive nano particles go far beyond the above countries and in actual fact circle the globe and yet the UN does nothing.

The United Nations have initiated the removal of bombed out building in Gaza for recycling and for crushing. Much of this stockpile will be re-laid by the UN to surface the roads and streets of the Gaza Strip. These bomb sites are considered to be contaminated and yet the UN has done nothing to test for such radioactivity and take appropriate precautions as per their own staff procedures. This action alone will generate secondary contamination in the Gaza Strip and also contaminate Israel and adjacent countries on a regular basis….this will be on going. This makes the UN guilty themselves of their duty of care and may also constitute a breach of the Geneva Convention.

The United Nations has the ability to override Israel and commence dealing with Palestine directly to free it of this blockade. UN Blue Cap peacekeepers are available and can be placed on all borders and within to establish peace and remove the blockade…in much the same way as they operate in Lebanon.

The United Nations can take additional measures outside of the UN Security Council to get the General Assembly to vote on this issue. It is within the UN constitution for them to carryout this action out and to enforce it.

The United Nations long standing operations in Gaza has been a false façade in trying to appear to be doing the right thing for the people of Gaza and Palestine. They, as the representatives for the UN in Gaza, have failed in their ability to address the real issues of Gaza and to insist that their superiors address all the demands as highlight above and more importantly to insist that the US stop supplying WMD’s to Israel and also to insist that Israel stop using them.

If the United Nations is to survive then it has to drastically restructure its policy and the way it is administered. Its current procedure is rather antique and needs new blood injecting into it otherwise it will fail like its predecessor the League of Nations.

We all have to understand that the United Nations is representative of all the Nations that pay for its upkeep. It is not a big boys club for the elite and it certainly should not be a puppet to the US, UK, France and that unknown entity Germany!

The people of Palestine have watched you all pontificate since the inception of Israel and yet you remain powerless, whilst at the same time Israel does exactly what it wants, when it wants…….I would strongly suggest a blockade of Israel and get them to pull in their heads and toe the line.

Your own leaders have in the past been extremely critical of your failings and yet you still continue to run an organization that borders of becoming a modern day Jurassic Park. One should view this video made by the outgoing President of the General Assembly, Father Miguel d’Escoto. I thought his opinion of President Obama in another clip was absurd but his comments on Palestine were on target and very good!! - Enough is Enough


Maybe this article will attract some comments from Harry’s Place but maybe not….after all it is a little too sophisticated for an “Amateur Blog” to comment on……one can always live in hope!.........If they do respond I am sure it will not be in the Palestine Telegraph comments section…..they don’t like going public and certainly don’t like others responding to their comments…..buy hey that democracy at its best!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 26/4/2010

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