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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mass Depopulation, Genocide, WW3?

Part 3 New World Order military plans

In my previous article I touched base on the historical plans of the New World Order and how they hoped to encircle the world during the “Cold War” years. This article will explain that plan and how in more modern times they are going down the same road again. The first plan failed but will this second surge allow them to re establish their authority in trying to create a one world power.

The North Atlantic Treaty was signed in 1949 but for many years maintained a very low profile until the outbreak of the Korean War. It was originally established to maintain the so called “Iron Curtain” which in principle was to keep the communist on one side of the fence and the west on the other. It was also around this time (after WW2) that its other intention was to keep Germany in check. It was finally decided that Germany would be split with the establishment of East and West Germany and the Berlin Wall came into existence.

It was interesting to note that in the early years a rift occurred within NATO itself when France objected to the dominance of the US (sound familiar?) and wanted a more balanced control. Needless to say the US never gives away anything and so France started a progressive withdrawal from many of established areas of NATO and by 1967 had very little activity. An alliance remained with France with the proviso that should hostilities re occur France would re enter the organization.

What many people didn’t know was that during the “Cold War” years other pacts were attempted such as the Central Treaty Organisation (CENTO) which was originally called the Middle East Treaty Organisation (METO) or Baghdad Pact, and the Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO). This was the first indication (in the global sense) of the attempt or existence of a New World Order and its intended plans.

It became evident to many of the countries involved that this was a US controlled plan with the UK playing an active part. CENTO was doomed from the onset and eventually failed (1958-1979). SEATO started a little earlier (1955 - 1977) and also

failed. I myself participated in military exercises in both organisations and ended up working in NATO, the only organization that remains to this day.

Let’s now move forward to the current time and see how the New World Order is trying to re establish itself in much the same way as it did during the “Cold War” but with much more vigour and manipulation. The main thrust behind this global dominance is by what I call the G3.5, US, UK, France and Germany. So what is their current involvement and what are they hoping to achieve.

They themselves stipulate their main areas of concern are Iran, Yemen, Somalia and North Korea. Iran obviously is a thorn in the side for the West, especially in the eyes of the US, who are desperately trying to secure an extremely lucrative deal to construct a pipeline from Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India (TAPI). This project is worth trillions of dollars during it expected life but is not going to plan. It should have been up and running many years ago but the war has continued to delay its implementation. The success of this project depended on Pakistan and India purchasing the gas.

For a very long time the US has been attempting to stop Pakistan and India from buying into another pipeline which is on offer from Iran – Pakistan – India (IPI). This pipeline is a much more logical and commercial venture and will not pass through the existing war zone of Afghanistan. There is also a strong interest in this pipeline from the Chinese who may ask for a branch pipeline to run into China. One can clearly see that the New World Order want the TAPI pipeline to happen and consequently have this year re enforced the troops numbers to try and secure Southern Afghanistan for the pipeline route (Heart – Helmand – Kandahar).

The New World Order is all about taking control of major natural resources and securing dominance in oil and gas world markets. The war in Afghanistan was only for this purpose and nothing to do with democracy…..obviously the opium trade was also vital to their plans, as are all drugs.

One major set back has now occurred in that Pakistan and India are expected to take the IPI Iranian pipeline and not the US/UK option (TAPI). This must be a major setback for the New World Order and may now cause a major change in their military strategy by pulling out of Afghanistan….time will tell.

As we understand the US want Israel to strike Iran in order to justify bringing the US and NATO into the dog fight. It is clear that the IDF cannot carry out this possible attack alone as they do not have an aircraft that can carry the MOP bomb or do not have the range to make their targets without the assistance of the US. Whatever the outcome the New World Order really do want this to happen in order to weaken the existing regime and at the same time contaminate the country with Depleted/Enriched Uranium Weapons. This would also enhance their plans to contaminate the entire Middle East and thus dramatically attack the genetics of all Islamic countries. Such weapons currently being used in Afghanistan and Gaza directly attack the human DNA.

One could then ask the question why is the US, UK and NATO (New World Order) interested in Yemen and Somalia….the answer is very simple…they want to control the Gulf of Aden in order to control the major shipping lanes that currently passes up the Red Sea and the Suez Canal en route to and from the Mediterranean. Yemen and Somalia sit on either side of this vital supply route. It would also give the US and or NATO an opportunity to set up a major military base to guard and control this passage.

So now we can see a rerun of the old master plan (NATO-CENTO-SEATO) with a significant military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Aden, the Coastline of Somalia with major international military bases scattered in and around the entire Middle East. Over in Southeast Asia we have the same buildup stretching from Singapore – Taiwan – South Korea with a distinct possibility that the US may get back into the Philippines (Mindanao) or if not certainly support that region.

If one looks at an updated map of NATO you can clearly see the progressive advancement in many areas….especially where they may be an Islamic influence. As far as the New World Order is involved the “Cold War” is still in existence to stem the flow of communism or to stop Russia from acquiring more oil/gas dominance on the world market. We also have the New World Order that is suffering from Islamaphoebia, who keep pushing the Al Qaeda/Terrorism False Flag issue in order to carry out their own imperialistic dreams of controlling all major oil/gas reserves or securing the major world markets. Currently the vital markets they are after are Pakistan, India and China but these are fast disappearing!

Part 4 will deal with how the New World Order is attacking the British Constitution and how Britain is progressively being handed over to the EU. This is an on going move by Gordon Brown and is in clear violation of the rules…..lobby groups are more specific when they say this amounts to sedition and treason by the UK Government. One can also see that the other main parties are also interested in following this trend. Many politicians are members of the Freemasons and thus have a lean towards the New World Order, which is at the centre of their activity.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 8/4/2010

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