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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hollies Army strategic blow in the battlefields of Aberdeen

UK, April 25, 2010 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - We have seen many a fine Scot defend his country, sometimes at impossible odds and none better than at the hustings that took place for the seat of Aberdeen South on Friday evening. This peaceful backdrop of Aberdeen was to witness something it had never witnessed before.... the arrival of an advanced reconnaissance party from Hollies Army who would not take no for an answer.

These fine upstanding soldiers of democracy marched into the Peterculter Parish Church (after removing their tartan hats and leaving their weapons at the door) to demand not only justice for Hollie Greig but to shame Scotland for its inactivity in not bringing this terrible case of sexual abuse before the court.

One could see the nervousness of those political figures seeking to represent their country, knowing that they were all guilty of not protecting the children of Scotland. One could see their arrogant charm as they prepared themselves for the next couple of hours to pontificate over what they were going to do for Scotland.

The Army took up strategic locations (despite being totally outnumbered) to guard the exits and place themselves in a position to arrest the microphone at the first available opportunity. So the scene was set and as they say let be battle begin.

Robert Green was supposed to be at this hustings but due to the "Police State Control" he was not given the democratic right to take his place on stage. In a pre dawn meeting the Army held a secret meeting and consulted its leader (in hiding in Warrington) via the only landline that was available in this remote part of Scotland. The quality of the line was not the best but amidst the static noise they heard Robert say "Go enter the fray and bring justice to Scotland."

A true account of this first encounter with the enemy is best told in the words of the gallant group themselves as per below:

Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers (SACL) bid to win the Aberdeen South constituency received another huge boost last night when the party overcame the odds to score a decisive victory in the first hustings of the campaign. None of the 100 + people in attendance at Peterculter Parish Church left the event in any doubt that the Hollie Greig scandal is the biggest election story – not just in Aberdeen South but throughout the UK.

Robert Green was unable to attend for obvious reasons yet the establishment still took extreme measures to try to prevent the SACL voice being heard. They clearly now realise that Robert Green is not a "one man band" and that Hollie's Army represents an incredible force.

The first publicity about the hustings was released by the BBC around 2330 on Thursday 22nd April – twenty hours before it was due to take place. Clearly the mainstream parties all knew about the event a long time before this and the intention was that the audience would consist solely of their own supporters. They clearly underestimated the strength, determination and brainpower of Hollies Army.

SACL first heard about this event, quite by accident, at 1130 on Friday morning. Yet within 8 hours we had managed to mobilise Hollie's Army and had 12 of our supporters in the audience in the church hall in the prosperous suburb of Peterculter.

SACL' s Regional Co-ordinator, John Taylor, arrived at the church hall at 1915 and asked to speak to the event organiser. John explained the reasons why Robert was unable to attend in person and asked that, in the interests of democracy, SACL Chief Election Strategist, Adam Tindall, be allowed equal billing with the other candidates

The organiser was clearly flummoxed by this and tried to fob us off by saying that the debate would be on "Westminster Issues". We asked if he would ask the other participants if they would object to the SACL being given equal billing. (The other participants were the sitting Labour MP, Anne Begg, plus the parliamentary candidates from Conservatives, LibDems and SNP, and a representative of the Green Party).

The organiser went away and returned to confirm that the other participants had unanimously agreed that SACL should not be given equal billing. We insisted that, at the very minimum, the presence of an official SACL representative should be announced and that he be allowed to state our manifesto.

The debate began with the main participants being allowed 60 seconds each to introduce themselves. The attendance of the SACL representative was announced although Adam was not given the opportunity to speak at this stage. Some members of the audience appeared to find the SACL party name amusing.

The so-called "debate" duly commenced. Some members of Hollie's Army reported that they felt physically sick as a result of having to listen to the hypocritical hogwash of the mainstream politicians and their placemen in the audience.

During a debate on Afghanistan, John Taylor asked Anne Begg for her views on the suitability of 70 year old Dr Ian Oliver to hold the position of Head of Justice and Security in Helmand province. Dr Oliver was Chief Constable of Grampian Police between 1990 and 1998 before resigning in disgrace. Miss Begg claimed to be unaware that Dr Oliver now held this position and would not comment on his suitability or otherwise. A subsequent Google search for "Anne Begg" and "Afghanistan" produced over 1,000 results.

An hour or so into the debate SACL gained the impression that we may not be given the chance to speak. Adam Tindall grabbed the microphone and told the audience that the candidates had denied SACL equal billing and that we had been promised that we would be allowed to read out or manifesto. The organiser, somewhat sheepishly, said that we would get our chance to do this at the end of the debate.

When the main debate ended Adam was given the microphone and he delivered a barnstorming speech which electrified the audience. He clearly stated the allegations made by Hollie Greig, our concerns over the death of Roy Greig and the establishment's efforts to cover the story up. The reason why Robert Green was unable to attend in was clearly explained and the audience were invited to "Google Hollie Greig".

One did not need to be an expert in body language, to realise that the candidates, particularly Anne Begg and the SNP candidate, were extremely uncomfortable at this turn of events. Unfortunately for them, there was worse to come.

Adam passed the microphone to "Mr. Scotland", star of the Paul Drockton Show, who relayed his own personal experiences of institutionalised child abuse and injustice in Aberdeen. He then went on to explain to the audience how unhelpful Anne Begg had been over the course of many meetings. By this stage, Miss Begg was looking decidedly queasy and she attempted to stammer out some response. The organiser came to her rescue by suggesting that Miss Begg and "Mr Scotland" continue their discussion after the meeting had ended.

The debate closed with the main participants being allowed a couple of minutes each to make closing comments. There was frequent spontaneous heckling in response to their hypocrisy and refusal to discuss the big issues.

As the hall emptied, Hollie's Army split into two battalions. One battalion stationed themselves at the exit and politely handed out leaflets to those leaving. No-one refused a leaflet and by the end of the evening more than a hundred had been handed out, not only at the meeting but at various pubs and takeaways in Peterculter.

The second battalion took it upon themselves to peacefully engage in some "direct democracy" with the would-be MP's who by this stage were squirming like pigs heading for the slaughterhouse. The Conservative and Green representatives made a sharp exit and were quickly followed by the ashen faced SNP candidate, Mark McDonald , who blurted out an obviously pre-prepared statement "The SNP will not be making any comment on this matter".

The wheelchair-bound Anne Begg claimed that she had no recollection of ever meeting "Mr Scotland". Strangely her helper remembered him well. Miss Begg was heckled as she made her exit.

The LibDem candidate, John Sleigh, has high hopes of winning the seat and performed impressively in the controlled environment of the debate. However when faced with the peaceful questioning of Hollie's Army he gave a good impression of a rabbit caught in car headlights.. When an SACL leaflet was handed to him he recoiled as if fearing that he would be contaminated with bubonic plague if he touched this A5 sheet. He was captured on video stating that he was "too busy" to look into Hollie's case before being hustled away.

All-in-all a quite extraordinary night which continues the unstoppable momentum hurtling Robert Green towards Westminster.

So there you have it, a story of incredible courage and determination that allowed the voice of Hollie to ring out in the Parish Church at Peterculter. No doubt the residents are still in shock after this surprise attack but at least they now know the truth. Let's sincerely hope that this is the first step of many to get Robert into Westminster and shake the very foundation of British Politics.

One final point that has come to the attention of Hollies Army is the following:

Aberdeen South hustings announced by BBC Scotland

BBC Scotland is to hold a hustings debate in the Aberdeen South constituency, it has been announced. It is expected to be one of the country's most hotly-contested seats in the forthcoming general election in May. Candidates from the four main parties have been invited to take part in the Radio Scotland hustings debate in the city on Wednesday 28 April. It will be recorded that evening, and broadcast the next day. Labour's Anne Begg will be defending the seat. Also standing in the constituency are Lib Dem John Sleigh, Conservative Amanda Harvie, the SNP's Mark McDonald, Rhonda Reekie of the Greens, and the BNP's Susan Ross.

If you wish to apply for a ticket, click hereor email hustings@bbc.co.uk.

The BBC are currently refusing to allow SACL and Hollie's Army to attend this event! They cannot stop Hollie's Army waiting outside with leaflets and peaceful questions before and after the event. After our success at Peterculter we need to keep up the momentum. We need supporters from far and wide up in Aberdeen on Wednesday.

You will note the wording of the BBC which states" Candidates from the four main parties have been invited to take part." It goes on to name six candidates that will be running for this seat but says nothing of an independent candidate by the name of Robert Green........do you think there is a reason for this intentional mistake?

I am sure that the SACL and Hollies Army will now plan a telephone/email assault on the BBC as to why they have not been given their democratic right to attend a hustings. Don't you find it incredible that we pay a TV Licence fee to keep these arrogant servants in jobs and then they have the audacity to lock us out?

So to all the members of Hollies Army (which now stands close to 28,000) I wish you well in the next assault on the Scottish political front......the task is fraught with danger and some may not return, but in my heart I know that you will give it your best shot! (If I dare use that phrase).

We in Gaza and the West Bank (Palestine) understand what it is like to live under a police state (Israel) and to be abused on a daily basis. It is the wish of all the residents of Palestine and the staff of the Palestine Telegraph that you succeed in this mission and show that people power can survive the impossible......you have our thoughts and best wishes.

Bless Hollie and Bless Scotland the Brave.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 24/4/2010

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