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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Police State of Scotland arrests Robert Green

Doesn’t it appear rather strange that when it suits either government they say that it’s a Scottish Issue or a Westminster issue? If we recall the Lockerbie Bombing the investigations involved Scottish Police, Scotland Yard and the Terrorist Squad.

When it came to the release of Lockerbie Bomber Gordon Brown said that it was purely a Scottish matter and washed his hands of the entire episode. Gordon Brown and other senior people in Westminster were actively involved (behind the scenes) with the Libyan Government in trying to get some very lucrative contracts….the trade off being the release of the so called bomber. It was later admitted that governments arms was somewhat twisted.

Let me therefore ask the following question…….how can a man be arrested in Scotland for attending a peaceful gathering of Hollie Greig supporter to discuss the case and talk about it? If we live in a democratic society that believes in “free speech” then why was Robert Green not allowed to continue on to that meeting without harassment?

He was released on bail in Scotland with pre set conditions which one would assume was under the law of “Scotland.” Therefore when Robert headed south and entered England, surely he was then outside of Scottish jurisdiction? One would therefore assume that as long as he did not return to Scotland he was a free man to do what he wished and for some considerable time he did just that.

As we have seen over a period of some weeks the strength of Hollie’s case has gained some momentum. The supporters (Hollie’s Army) has now passed 25,000 and growing. Their supporters now extend internationally with a major focus in the US, Scandinavia, Spain and Australia. Unfortunately none of the UK mainline media are interested in this major paedophile case that is linked to a murder.

Almost every politician in the United Kingdom has been made aware of this case on several occasion but just like the media they remain tight lipped!....What do they fear? Are they themselves sitting next to someone who is possibly directly involved in paedophilia or who may be members of the Freemasons?

What is sad here is the fact that all political parties put such an emphasis on taking care of our young but will not have the balls to step forward and justify their own policy statement!

Is this paedophilia so big within the political sector or legal sector that one must not simply be allowed to talk about it? We have Cameron talking about getting back to good old family practices and values but said nothing in support of Hollie! We have Brown who said he will protect our young and yet there are some serious concerns within his party and finally we have the Lib Dems who also have some serious questions to answer……….are they all untouchable? Are they elected for the people by the people?.......I am sorry to say that once they have kissed a few babies and promised us the world….once elected they become totally arrogant and we are left to deal with our own matters.

To Mr. Brown, Campbell and Clegg I say to you your arrogance cannot continue and all of you must toe the line and serve your people. The Queen is the Monarch Ruler of the United Kingdom and yet you all choose to carry on Sedition and Treason by stepping outside of the realms of your power of authority. The Queen likewise appears to believe that she is answerable to you and not her people both of which are in violate of the Constitution.

Let me be allowed to ask one question……If our Prime Minister, who has repeated many times, that this is a Scottish matter then what would happen if Scotland broke away from England and claimed independence… would it be acceptable to Westminster? If the First Minister for Scotland then turned round and said that all oil/gas in Scottish territorial waters belonged to Scotland, what would Westminster do? I can assure you that suddenly, what was happening in Scotland would be of great interest to the Prime Minister and the Government. This then proves that the UK is very much in control of Scotland when the topic causes some financial concern.

The entire Scottish Government and those in Westminster are truly beyond the law….if you or I even take some small petty cash from the government’s coffers it becomes a crime and we are arrested. The politicians can rip of thousands, be allowed to pay a little back and yet not get charged…how’s that for democracy.

The Three Scottish Musketeers – Alex – Kenny – Elish are not only an absolute disgrace to Scotland but also to humanity itself……there is no place fit for such people other than a sub standard jail for them to rot in hell!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 15/4/2010

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