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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Mass Depopulation, Genocide, WW3?

Part 9 (Final) – British Senior Politicians put UK at risk

In my previous article (Part 8) I discussed the three US nuclear weapons they were dumped in the ocean and then stolen. This gross neglect by the US Government has basically caused the situation that exists today with thousands if not millions dead and for no apparent cause.

In this final part we will look at who were the alledged players in this corrupt under the table deal and why are they still free to roam the country without any further investigation. I suppose some would say that this is covered by the Chilcott Inquiry but that certainly is not true and further more it is a total scam with all parties tightly involved with the current government. We will look at this later on in this article.

So let’s just refresh our minds as to what happened some years ago when the British Government acquired three Battlefield Nuclear Bombs from South Africa which was in total violation of the embargo on Africa. The fact that conservative party representatives also travelled to South Africa to carry out this deal were all in breach of this embargo.

The key players in this deal were a British Company called “Astra” who was headed by Gerald James and the South African Company Armsco. In the middle was John Bredenkamp, the same arms dealer who snatched the US ASRAM nuclear missiles from under the nose of the USA. At a political level we have the alledged involvement of Maggie Thatcher and David Cameron who went to South Africa on an all expense paid jolly care of Armsco in 1989. It was believe that Sir Kenneth Warren, who was the only technical person around, also went and possibly David Wiltshire.

We must fully appreciate that what this gang of rogues were doing at the time was not only extremely dangerous but also very foolish to say the least. Can one imagine the ruling government getting involved in Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) without anyone knowing about it? Doing deals under the table away from the eyes of the UN and the British Members of Parliament? Then not only buying these illegal weapons but also relocating them to Oman with no security measurements in place. All this was arranged before the “Iron Lady” left office.

Dr, David Kelly was not only assigned to look after visits from South African CBW experts to Porton Downs, but was also responsible for the safe dispatch and arrival of the nuclear weapons. . It was David who signed the bombs off in Oman after he had inspected them which then allowed payment by the MOD via the DTI to all those concerned.
One must keep in mind that these weapons were not secure as we will learn later. As a result of the visit by David Cameron and his sidekick to South Africa the Conservative party were able to take a percentage commission of the purchase and add it to their own election campaign funds. Can you imagine that right from the start the financial paper trail was absolutely flawed? The payment was processed by the DTI and not the normal process via the MOD. The bombs were disguised as being just simple cylinders and were signed off by Maggie Thatcher as an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) and in doing so it was not made known to Parliament. It is even possible that Ken Clarke also knew the nuclear situation as some reference was made of him.

The amount of money received by the Conservative Party for this shonky deal was £17.8 million which came out of the payment i.e. British Tax Payers Money. This issued was raised in the House of Commons: HANSARD 22nd June 1993 we can find the following:
Column 197
Mr. Hoyle: If the hon. Gentleman will allow me, I shall tell him what information is now given to us. We understand the expenditure and what Tory central office receives. In 1992, central office received £20.7 million. When we asked about that and about company donations, the Tory party told us to look at company accounts.
I repeat: in 1992, the Tories received £20.7 million. When the records were checked by Companies house, only £2.9 million was shown in company accounts. That means that there is a deficit of £17.8 million. We want to know where that £17.8 million came from!

To this day this money has not been accounted for but the Ex CEO of Astra, Gerald James, certainly knew the paper trail of accounts which was listed on Page 6 of his report. As a matter of interest Gerald James was scheduled to give evidence at another trial called “Matrix Churchill”…..Gerald was to have been the Star Witness but the entire trial was scuttled intentionally so as to hide the nuclear issue and the identity of those involved.

Poor Dr. David Kelly knew everything from WMD’s to CBW’s and the true situation in Iraq and for that reason he was assassinated in order to protect the governments reason for going to war. As we know Alastair Campbell sexed up the Iraq Dossier to justify going to war.

Whilst these three weapons were in storage in Oman the loads were switched and the three battlefield nukes were stolen. Obviously with the lack of good security it was easy for John Bredenkamp to do a good deal and onward sell them to another rogue nation. By this time he had accumulated significant wealth.

As part of this sordid deal Bernie Ecclestone the F1 guy was able to slip Tony Blair another one million pounds which was written off to the Tobacco Industry but in reality was part of the bomb money.

Again please understand that many of these non ethical leaders form part of the New World Order and seize any opportunity to acquire wealth at no matter the cost. It is also evident that both Blair and Brown were aware of these three missing nukes……the problem was that nobody could discuss the theft or the terrible potential consequences of their neglect due to the fact that this was all under the radar of the UN and most other people.

The three nukes were in Iraq for a little while but then were transported in three ambulances to Syria. That was the last known location of these weapons.

So what does all this mean to us, the voting public, when it comes to casting your vote. Would you trust Cameron who took part in this terrible game of find the missing nuke or would you vote for Brown, who knew the truth but did not reveal anything at the Chilcott Inquiry?

Would you vote for Clegg, whose party dismissed JennyTonge because the Israeli Lobby Group objected to her statements? Jenny always told things as they were and she really believed that Palestine had become the victim of Israeli aggression. It was obvious that the Lib Dem Friends of Israel had received a substantial donation for their election party funds and turned their back on Jenny in order to protect their investment.

Let’s now turn our attention to the so called impartial Chilcott Inquiry. Was this a fair and honest inquiry or was it a total scam so as to allow the New World Order puppets to clear their respective names and come out clean?

So why was this Chilcott Inquiry so important……it was part of the New World Orders plan to get Blair off the hook so that he can become the EU President……the current holder is purely acting as a caretaker until the Chilcott inquiry clears Blair.

I believe that if Brown gets to fall behind in the polls he may well draw out his ace card which is to bleat on Blair in order to gain some ground. What is very interesting here is the fact that if all of the Conservative and Labour elite could be connected to this unspeakable crime then they would all end up in jail together under the Nuclear Explosions Act.

It remains clear, prior to the Gulf War, that Bush and Blair wanted a regime change. It is also clear that if nuclear weapons are a valid reason for going to war then we went to war with the wrong country. Can we ever imagine that such a terrible mistake was made resulting in millions of civilian lives being lost and for what? Add to this the thousands of soldiers killed or who were contaminated by the weapons that contained uranium components and the trillion of dollars of tax payer’s money that has paid for these wars. Now we see the New World Orders master plan coming into existence with the forced financial collapse, company closures, mass unemployment, loss of home and the communities totally raped of their basic requirements. The next step is to further tax the poor and bring everyone down to a mere existence with cutbacks in education, health and social care making everyone subservient to the superior elite.

Before leaving the final part of this series, many of you would ask how could nuclear weapons go missing, how do we know this actually happened and why hasn’t anyone talked about it. The answer is very simple….the culprits that became involved in this under the table corrupt covert operation could not reveal anything outside of their close circle of friends as it was all in violation of the South African Embargo and also the fact it was hidden from the United Nations. This is why John Bredenkamp was allowed to do whatever he wanted knowing that he had the politicians under his thumb….they basically were gagged because of their involvement in this highly illegal operation.

So how do we know these weapons actually moved from South Africa to Oman? First you have to understand that when you are shipping such sensitive and extremely dangerous items one has to send out tenders and then decide how to move them. Obviously it cannot be done in the conventional way and so these three weapons had to be moved very discreetly. The main plan was to use some out of the way location and obtain equipment that could handle the weapons (hence the tenders).

Once they arrived in Oman they would be stored in a facility that was indirectly controlled by Bredenkamp, knowing that he could, at a later stage, arrange for them to be stolen. He know this was a relatively easy thing to do knowing that Thatcher, Cameron, Sir Kenneth Warren, David Wiltshire, John Major, Ken Clarke, Tony Blair,Gordon Brown any many more would not be able to do anything about it i.e. knowing that all of them were either accessory before or after the fact!

We are looking here at an extremely serious crime being committed by both main parties and that is why the Matrix Churchill Enquiry failed in its infancy and also why the current Chilcott inquiry is so restrictive in its timeline. It was orchestrated in such a way that this incident fell well outside the terms of reference.

We should also add to this, that it appear rather strange that this independent inquiry is operating out of the Cabinet Office and is therefore being controlled and manipulated by Gordon Brown himself! How can the truth ever come out when everything from the pre arranged questions to the answers are known to all taking part……one can already draw your own conclusion as to what the end report will say……..something along the lines that all parties acted in the best interest of the country in protecting the UK from terrorism,

When those weapons were switched and stolen why didn’t our government have security in place to secure their dangerous investment? Why didn’t we know they were missing until the 20 foot sea containers arrived in Chicago without the weapons onboard?

Between the event of knowing they had been stolen and up to the current time we now know that the weapons were moved out of Baghdad into Syria via ambulances. Perhaps this is connected to the fact that Israel bombed a Syrian Nuclear Facility in the hope of destroying any such weapon. So this brings us back the question as to who knew what and when. One thing for sure is that Blair, Brown and others lied at the Chilcott inquiry…they knew and still know that the three US nuclear weapons that were stolen and the other three SA/UK Battlefield Bombs were stolen by the same dealer and then sold.

The Conservative and Labour parties still have a dilemma because we now understand that the first attempted nuclear explosion by North Korea was one of the US nukes and that the second explosion on the 25th of May 2009 was one of the stolen British nukes. That leaves us with one big question where are the other four missing nukes (2XUS and 2XUK)? Indications show that Iran may have received a couple and if this is the case why the threats towards Iran?....could it be they are already nuclear and so what?.......no one has every used such a weapon since WW2.

This cat and mouse game reveals that the “Axis of Evil” is right here in the West and forms part of the New World Order with London as its main operating base. No wonder the political elite in this country are clutching at straws in order to protect themselves and come out clean…….do we think Blair’s attempt to gain Presidency of the EU is over……most certainly not.

Please understand that all three main parties are totally corrupt either by their own involvement in the above fiasco or by there excessive lean towards Israel. Keep in mind that David Cameron’s trip to South Africa was paid for by Armscor, the people who made the 10 Battlefield Bombs possible! But as I said we cannot put all the blame on Thatcher and her group of irresponsible idiots…..Blair and Brown are also right in there………I am sure that one of these two gentlemen would like to recover some extremely sensitive documents that incriminates them…but that’s another story.

Before closing we should just take a quick look at Armscor: They were the South African Armaments Corp who were operating as a totally illegal company because of UN sanctions against the Apartheid regime. The White Government of South Africa were worried about the Black takeover and after consultation with the US and the UK Government it was decided to send the remaining 9 weapons back to Chicago for de commissioning (one weapon had already been test fired on a vessel moored off a small island atoll South of South Africa).

It is obvious that Armscor had something for sale and that they did not want the outside world to know about it? The South Africans made the battlefield nuclear bombs at their covert nuclear establishment at Pelindaba, near Pretoria (with the technical help of Israel). It is clear that an agreement was reached between Bush and the UK Government for the UK to take three of the nukes and put them on standby in Oman, for a possible strike against Saddam in Iraq .

If one can relate to Blair’s comments before the war when he said that Iraq had WMD’s ready for deployment in 45 mins!..............could it be that he was referring to those weapons being carried in the ambulances that could, realistically, be ready to go at 45 minutes notice…….now maybe you can start to put this pathetic jigsaw together.

So there you have it….believe it or not. Would you place a vote for Cameron, Brown or Clegg based on the information provided? Who can you vote for when basically nothing is left? Whatever the outcome and whoever gets in, one thing clearly sticks out here, that both the two main parties were involved in very sinister under the table operations and clearly in bed with the private sector, arms dealers and , investors. In the case of Maggie Thatcher’s it became a family business investment with her son, Sir Mark Thatcher. Don’t you find it obscene that now one can obtain a Lordships or Knighthoods just to keep silent or as a thank you for adding vast sums of money to private and party funds? It is also incredible that a man that disgraced his party on two occasions and who joined as a rep in the EU returned to the UK as a Lord and continues to ravish our industry.

You may choose not to vote for these monster this year or alternatively maybe you will select some insignificant independent to voice your objection to the main parties. Whatever you decide, take care in your selection and stop the New World Order in its tracks

Finally to add further pain to our country, the New World Order’s angel of mercy, the not so Right Honorable Mr. Alistair Darling has indicated that the UK my well have to call on the IMF for assistance……..that will truly be a disaster for us but a bonus for the IMF which forms part of the New World Order.

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 22/4/2010

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