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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Member of Hollie’s Army targets Malcolm Chisholm SMP

UK, April 5, 2010 (Pal Telegraph, by Peter Eyre) - Thanks to the very fine efforts of Mark Welsh (an active member), Hollie’s supporters have now been able (via Mark) to not only air their concerns and views but also had the opportunity to hand over a brief to Malcolm Chisholm SMP the member for Edinburgh North and Leith.

This is the first time that a person has been able to go one on one, face to face with a member of the Scottish Government and is truly a major breakthrough. Obviously this was not a pre arranged appointment but rather in the form of gate crashing his surgery in the area on Saturday 3rd of April 2010.

I have received a full account from Mark of this meeting, which I have now decided is so important it must be published. Once can only hope that this SMP, who has now been officially briefed and handed a file on Hollie Greig will proceed further with this case and make some enquires within government. Malcolm Chisholm did stipulate that the Scottish Government would respond.

It is also interesting to note that Malcolm Chisholm has expressed a great interest in the well being of children and participated in a debate: Health: The importance of support during children’s early years. One would therefore assume that he his certainly the right person to review the Hollie Greig case. The question remains will anything come out of this or will it, like all the other, be swept under the carpet without any further comment from Malcolm or the Scottish Government.

I will now give you an account of Mark’s discussion with Malcolm Chisholm.

Malcolm first asked for his name to which he replied Mark Welsh they then had a small talk and then Mark started:

Mark – “First of all apologies because I contacted you by email regarding Hollie Greig”

Malcolm – “Right”

Mark – “The thing is Malcolm is that the reason why I am a bit too quick to come forward was because I had contacted so many people and so have many others and Zero, Lips sealed”…”Now there’s something wrong with that, there’s something wrong with that lips are sealed”…. “So Mark Lazarowicz, as I said, suggested I contact you…his one and only response was that it’s an involved matter.”….. “ So when I did you came back that I should contact the police, now you understand why.” “I was hoping to do or what I am going to do is basically give you this which is a complete or fairly complete breakdown of the background and if you wouldn’t mind I would like you to sign it……however I only have one copy so now you have it.”

Malcolm – “Having talked to people about it I am told obviously a dreadful thing happened within the family but what people are saying in terms of the wider allegations the police etc, people are saying there is no evidence.”

Mark – “That is what they are saying but then if that is the case, why? If I was to come to you and say Malcolm I think you are a prick, what would your reaction be to it? Would it be no I am not? You wouldn’t clamp down, you wouldn’t suppress, you would hit me, you would come and say no you are wrong and libel and you would bring it out into the open. Now the thing is there are tens of thousands of people up and down the country saying something smells here! When a case such as Anne and Hollie’s is then given £13000…you have to look at the whole file, but these are the major two points. I cannot understand and neither can many others…why would Anne and Hollie be awarded £13000”?

Malcolm – “That was because what she was subjected to by her father”

Mark – “No No because that has not been proven…the father and brother were allowed to go to Portugal.”

Malcolm – “But wasn’t that a civil act”?

Mark – “No No there was no crime scene, that’s the basic thing.

Malcolm – “But my understanding is that there were bad things going on in the family which is why she got the money, but the wider involvement paedophile ring, I suppose that’s why people are saying no evidence.”

Mark – “That’s what they are saying but when you go through the case in great detail, this is just a summary, but we have great detail, not me but the people involved and its coming out, its coming out, little by little and there is a huge mass of people, they are not going to let it drop Malcolm, Their just not going to let it drop.” “The other thing is that if you look into the background of the autopsy of Hollie’s uncle he was meant to have committed suicide. Hollie’s mother Anne asked for the autopsy almost 10 years ago. Angiolini and whoever else would not let if go, they would not let the autopsy go, they said that Hollie’s mother was mental…I have met her and discussed a lot with her and she’s a very same normal women.”

Malcolm – “Is she still in Aberdeen”?

Mark – “No she’s not, she had to leave because of the threats and abuse and then in Shropshire where she lives there was a bullet in throught her window and so she’s getting threatened in Shropshire as well.” You don’t do that for no reason, that’s ridiculous”! Her father and brother have gotten away with it, their over in Portugal. Then, who shot a gun through their window in Shropshire, none of this makes sense, not of it whatsoever and for the Scottish Government to clamp down, hopefully to threaten the media and we know they’ve been threatening the media, lawyers or anyone that discusses this. All the Robert Green has done was to stand for Parliament in Aberdeen, that’s all he wanted to do…to discuss this issue, yes he was going to make allegations but if you have no issue or if you are not guilty you have no issue, let them come and take them to court and I’ll have you for libel but the thing is he was arrested on a breach of the peace for nothing. He was walking; he had just arrived in Aberdeen.”

Malcolm – “But wasn’t he making a film of this”?

Mark – No he wasn’t making a film it was the BBC that had approached them, But the bottom line is they got paid £13000 and they got the autopsy report of Hollie’s uncle and he died only two weeks after he had found Hollie’s father raping her, just two weeks…isn’t that a incredible coincidence, you don’t have coincidences like that.”

Malcolm – “Was he the brother of the mother”?

Mark – “No he was Hollie’s uncle, Anne’s brother.” He was found in his car and died of smoke inhalation according to the report, but the autopsy over 9 years later obtained by Anne and Robert found he had a blow to the head, a massive blow, his skull had been fractured, his sternum and his rib cage had bee broken. Now you don’t sit in a car, let your car burn, let it all drip onto you and smash yourself about with a pipe…..you just don’t do it and so there you go….its stinks Malcolm…completely and utterly stinks.”

Malcolm – “Even that could be connected with Hollie’s father what the evidence of the wider paedophile ring”?

Mark – “Well you would have to look at that probably in far more wider detail in terms of taking the time to go through, step by step, in a lot of detail. The problem is there is an allegation and it fine for people to say where is the proof, evidence of whatever and there’s no corroborative evidence but Elish Angiolini herself has stated as part of zero tolerance that normally rape and peodophile or whatever have no, she states this, its on record, have no witnesses because its all done on the quite. Hollie and her mother are the only ones to be interviewed. Hollie herself stated that the raping took place in Evelyn Buchanan’s house, that’s Sheriff Buchanan’s sister I think, in her house and now the girl (a down syndrome girl), she doesn’t know what lies are, down syndrome people are very very straight, they just answer yes or no. Basically their very straight and she’s been proven a credible witness but the thing is the other witnesses, of which there are because there are many more children who have been involved in this have never been present to question.”

Malcolm – “So there was many more children involved then”?

Mark – “Yes.”

Malcolm – “How do we know that”?

Mark – “Through Hollie and Anne.”…No basically your either calling people liars or.”

Malcolm – “So does Hollie’s mother basically think that her husband was part of the paedophile ring and that Hollie and other girls were abused”?

Mark – “Her husband and her son or her husbands son…I am not sure.”

Malcolm – “who’s in Portugal the husband and brother’?

Mark – “Husband and son.”…”Not brother…the brother was Hollie’s uncle, Anne’s Brother

Malcolm – “Who was killed.”

Mark – “ So that the thing, you know to go any further it would almost be a court case, the thing is, the problems is, we are aware of all these things. We know about Dunblane, people know about Dunblane…there’s a connection with Dunblane as well but I’m not going to produce all that for you…I am just giving you the bare facts.”

Malcolm – “When did all this happen”?

Mark – “This happened about 1997, I think after three years you can’t do anything.”

Malcolm – “How old is Hollie now then”?

Mark – “29, She was Raped serially, continuously, between the age of 6 years old and 20…14 years or so.”

Malcolm – “And does the mother not realize what was going on”?

Mark – “Not till near the end.”

Malcolm – “Was there any time that Angiolini was involved when she worked in the North of Scotland or was she only involved because she brought out the ?

Mark – “She was involved very early on if I remember correctly, part of it is in there, the notes are in there, but I think…. When did she become Lord Advocate”?

Malcolm – “About 2000…3 or 4”?

Mark – “ I think it was then but then she said all the documentation had gone, she has no memory….but the thing is as I understand it…Robert and Anne have the proof that they received the documentation from Elish Angiolini, if not her directly, her office.”

Malcolm – “Robert…so when did he get killed then”?

Mark – “No sorry Robert Green.”

Malcolm – “How did he get a copy, did he just find out about it”?

Mark – “He’s a Lay Advisor and he understands law very well.”

Malcolm – So what’s happened to him now….is he still on a charge”?

Mark – “Robert Green…this is the weird thing in the UK……If I committed a crime in Scotland and I cross the border you would think the English authorities would want to pick me up…yes?......well Robert seemingly has committed a crime in Scotland….he’s not allowed to cross the border into Scotland, but he’s a completely free man in England and Wales and the rest of the World.”

Malcolm – “So he’s in England”?

Mark – “Yes in England.”

Malcolm – “So he would be on bail”?

Mark – “Yes he his.”

Malcolm – “So the conditions of the bail is in Scotland”?

Mark – “If he crosses into Scotland….. and many people who are trying to bring this to the media attention, their getting threatened, that they don’t want to cross the border, its getting very very heavy Malcolm, I can assure you of that. You can look it all up, start looking at it, you will find that this has legs and people are not going to let this go.”

Mark – “That’s that.”

Mark – “Do you have any timescale for getting back to me on Hollie”?

Malcolm – “It depends on when the Scottish Government replies doesn’t it”?

Mark – “But they haven’t replied.”

Malcolm – “They will reply.”

What I find astounding is that currently the church is under a full attack on the issue of paedophilia amongst its clergy. It is covered in almost every media outlet in the UK and worldwide and yet not a mention by the UK media on the Hollie Greig story when in actual fact this also involves many other children that Hollie listed, including the horrific murder of Hollie’s Uncle Robert. Last but not least a distinct connection to the Dunblane Massacre.

If the Pope and other very senior members of the church (and remember this is not only confined to the Catholic Church) are so concerned about paedophilia within it ranks why isn’t that same concern extended to other areas such as government etc?

It was rather sad that the Pope did not give reference to this during the Easter Mass in Rome. In actual fact the whole situation was played down a little as the following news article reveals:

The leader of the world's one billion Catholics condemned the persecution of Christian minorities in Iraq and Pakistan, but failed to mention escalating allegations of decades of child abuse by the Church's priests.

Rallying around the embattled head of the Roman Catholic Church in a rain-drenched St Peter's Square, the dean of the College of Cardinals told the pope: "The people of God are with you and do not allow themselves to be impressed by the idle chatter of the moment.''

Cardinal Angelo Sodano was echoing the pope's words a week ago when he urged Christians "not be intimidated by the idle chatter of prevailing opinions''.

One can hardly say that this is idle chatter!…..on the contrary……in Dublin the railings outside the church are adorned with tiny little pairs of shoes to draw attention to the abuse of children. These shoes have been tied there by good Catholics and not by people who carry out this so called “Idle Chatter.”

We are talking here about a ring of paedophiles in Scotland (and elsewhere) that cover some of the highest levels of authority. We are talking about involvement here in the political arena (Scottish and the entire UK Political Sector), High Ranking Legal Sector, Police, Health/Mental Care, Education and Local Governments etc.

One can add to this the interference of true justice by the Scottish political and legal fraternity at the highest level. I would also add that when the Pope or any other senior member of the many churches says they are taking steps to eliminate paedophilia within their ranks this is really totally unacceptable. The abuse of children by paedophiles is not a church matter but is clearly a police matter.

How can one read so many intense and detailed articles on the current crisis but still the Scottish and UK media remain tight lipped about Hollie!…….how can such a scoop as the Hollie Greig Story go by unnoticed? How can the Scottish and UK Police sit on their hands over this issue that also involves a clear cut case of murder? How did Hollie’s Father and Brother (both paedophiles) manage to escape justice and go and live the high life in Portugal? Why doesn’t the media in Portugal go on the attack and send these two paedophiles back to the UK?....at the end of the day they are probably, as we speak, dealing in the same sordid game in Portugal!

It is time for Alex Salmond and the entire Scottish Government to take action and it is time for Gordon Brown and the British Governement to enforce protection for the children of the United Kingdom. If the US FBI were so concerned why isn’t our Secret Service and Scotland Yard?

Hollies Army is now reaching 23,000 members and growing. This will not go away until Buchanan and Angiolini are removed from office and any others that were involved in keeping Hollie case out of the court. They demand justice and will get it!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 5/4/2010

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