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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Harry’s Place Defends Israeli Organs Theft

They say that one must always rise up to a challenge, especially when you are dealing with such people who live in Harry’s Place. After finding myself amongst so many Mossad operatives in the past I would assume that this small outpost is just another den of evil Zionists whose allegiance is not with the country that supports them but rather with that of Israel.

During operation “Cast Lead” I found it incredible to learn that many people with Harry’s mentality travelled to Israel to volunteer to fight for the IDF against this very small enclave called Gaza. They came from all walks of life, some of them being serving British Policemen. It is clear that many of the residents here in the UK are working for Mossad or are certainly acting as an agent for the best interests of Israel.

As we have seen more recently in the US that AIPAC is now to be considered as an agent for Israel. The US, UK and EU is saturated with Christian and Jewish Zionist and other very powerful Israeli lobby groups. It is obvious that in the run up to the British Election their bank account will be drained as they brush the palms of almost every key political candidate and at the same time inject massive funds into their campaign funds. They all have the same name i.e. American Friends of Israel, European Friends of Israel, Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel and Lib Dem friends of Israel etc and truly have taken a significant control of world politics.

So back to the notorious but cowardly Harry who continues to evade identity. Who is this man that went on the attack of Sameh Habeeb, Chairman and Founder of the Palestine Telegraph? Why is he sometimes so critical of fact? Why did he attack Jenny Tonge for asking for an inquiry into the aledged organ theft? Why did he attack Lord Wallace?….could this be another attempt by the pro Israeli Lobby group to get rid of maybe another person who does not toe the Israeli line?

As we know Harry Who never accepted the theft of organs in any shape or form. Perhaps we should remind him what may have prompted Jenny Tonge to ask that special question that ended her carrier. Perhaps if there was worldwide publicity on such allegations then this may be an indication that some elements could have been true. Harry Who conveniently avoids the statements made by his own kind to have admitted to such crimes. We now appear to be seeing a third confirmed case of such activity and yet this Zionist still will not accept that they were truly guilty of the crime.

Why would he for instance only attack the Palestine Telegraph when almost every notable paper in the world printed these stories (including Haaretz) their own national newspaper. It is clear that this man is Anti Palestinian and Anti Arab….but hold on a bit….so what…..a Zionist is allowed to do this! If we on the other hand do the same we are called Anti Semitic. Maybe Harry could explain what he would call this type of action? It is so barbaric it is beyond words. When will you all stop hiding behind the words “Anti Semitic” and the “Holocaust”……we all understand and feel the pain of what happened during WW2 but would you all give the same compassion of the other many “Holocausts” that have taken place in the Baltic’s – Russia – Rwanda – Congo – Cambodia etc.

Would you every point a finger at yourself in the IDF’s past and current ongoing use of WMD’s on the Egyptians, Lebanese and now Gaza?……would Israel ever admit to the fact that it has now nuked all the residents of its own country, including the IDF themselves? It’s time you became informed Mr. Harry Who!

So just to rub some salt in Harry’s wound I would like to reprint three such stories that to date have been confirmed:

Haaretz 22/08/2009 - A leading Swedish newspaper reported this week that Israeli soldiers are abducting Palestinians in order to steal their organs. The report quotes Palestinian claims that young men from the West Bank and Gaza Strip had been seized by the Israel Defense Forces, and their bodies returned to the families with missing organs.

So Mr Harry Who, what do you have to say about this story was it true or false? Maybe you will have time to consult your Mossad friends for a suitable response as obviously you will not have the ability yourself as it lies outside of your intellect!

Want more salt for that wound Harry? What about this one prior to the above: MSNBC July 23, 2009: 44 arrested in N.J. corruption probe - suspects include rabbis, mayors; probe involved black-market kidneys. How about this one Harry?

Plenty more salt is still available Harry. What do you have to say about the very latest claims from within your precious Israel:
Haaretz 7/4/2020: Police on Tuesday arrested six men suspected of being involved in an organ trafficking ring in northern Israel. Among the suspects are an IDF reserves brigadier-general and two lawyers.
All three cases are relating to the theft of organs or by obtaining organs by devious means and involve huge amounts of money!
So Harry Who……why did you attack the Palestine Telegraph over an allegation that had been passed around the world many times before we got it, especially when in the three cases shown above the allegations proved to be correct?

Why did you attack Jenny Tonge for also raising concerns about the rumours coming out of Haiti?......could it be possible that such an event did take place…..one can clearly see from the above that some shonky under the table deals have been going on for many many years…….that is why Jenny suggested that Israel hold an inquiry to clear its tarnished name. As I have already pointed out to you….if you have nothing to hide then go ahead and clear your name!

It is clear from your mindset that you will continue to attack anything that rubs up against Israeli’s policy or any truths that are published in the media that you consider is harmful to Israel.

Perhaps you would now like a little pepper with your salt when I tell you that the Goldstone Report (that you all jump up and down about) does not go far enough to charge Israel with war crimes. In actual fact it only lightly brushed over the weapons used such as White Phosphorus, Flachette;s, DIME Bombs and other DU/EU weapons. Israel is guilty of war crimes at the highest level….in actual fact they amount to real time genocide as you continue to use these nukes. Oh sorry I forget this is a topic you cannot talk about due to your own scope of knowledge!

Don’t you, as a Jew, agree that what happened to your people was deplorable and yet you have created exactly the same conditions and actions that occurred back in the Warsaw Ghetto and in the many concentration camps……we are talking here about the Palestinian Holocaust……oh sorry we are not allowed to say that are we?
So let the challenge begin…..this is between a good quality professional and truthful paper and as you call it “an amateur blog.” It is so good to encourage comment and criticism but only if it is fair and balanced.

“Pick up the gauntlet Sir and reveal your name and let the jousting begin.” Alternatively you can creep into your own dirty little corner in Harry’s Place and continue to win awards for the promulgations of “Verbal Diarohhea.”…..oh sorry I forgot you have to dash yet again!!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant 21/4/2010

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