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Saturday, 17 April 2010

One major victory for Robert Green and Hollie’s Army!

This week saw the arrest (kidnapping) of Robert Green when a small contingency of Bonnie Grampian Police descended upon the English settlement of Warrington, which as you all know is in “Hey up me lad territory.”

This hit squad arrived without notice and without kilts to carry out their clandestine operation of snatching Robert……who I might add was only armed with a ball point pen! These red headed, fair skinned, and freckled faced warriors, from the not so brave Scotland, quickly left the confines of Warrington and travelled at high speed to get over the border before Hollie’s Army got to know about it. I am sure that had the Army known in time the whole of Warrington would have been surrounded by a group of ethical and moral minded citizens to stop them in their tracks……oh well all is fair in love and war as they say!

Once this illustrious clan were back on the other side of Adrian’s Wall they found themselves in familiar territory where they can carry out their ruthless dictatorship, knowing they have the full support of the First Minister Alex Salmon, Kenny MacAskill and Alish Angiolini.

They arrived in Aberdeen totally exhausted after having to fight of the stress of arresting this poor gentleman known as Robert…..or maybe in their minds they thought they were taking into custody another world renowned fighter called Robert the Bruce? I am sure they would have needed a very long rest after such and horrendous ordeal……..maybe Alex will give them all a medal for gallantry…who knows? In today’s world if they can give a Lordship to a man who broke party political laws on two occasions (Alias Lord Mandelson) then I am sure anything is possible.

What the Grampian police did not realize was the fact that standing on the high ground overlooking the wall were key observers who saw these ruthless men approaching. At first they just saw the trail of dust from this fast moving convoy, but as the escort got closer they noticed a gentle man sitting in the back of the car, who they identified non other than their Robert.

The army very quickly lit the beacons along the wall to spread the message back to HQ who very quickly responded with a barrage of phone calls to the police station who were ill prepared for this deluge of calls.

Panic then hit the police station, who could not hire enough people to handle the calls. The police then went into there back up plan which was to try and fob off the people phoning in with a well rehearsed response…….which was probably written by one of Kenny MacAskill’s spin doctors.

The Army remained steadfast and as our Prime Minister keeps saying “Resolute” and continued the onslaught. After thousands of calls the police station realized it was under siege and had no choice but to release this very dangerous criminal. Our brave Robert, who didn’t have much cash flow managed to make it down to Edinburgh knowing that he was within spitting distance of the English border. The rest of the story will now go down in history as another victory, whereby, with people power, one can beat the devil himself.

So where does this leave Robert, Hollie, Anne and their army of followers (which now number 27,000 or so)? Will this talented force ever be challenged again by this “Tactical Response Group”?.....time will tell. I thought it would now be appropriate to print one of the correspondence regarding Hollie Greig and the kidnapping of Robert Green by the Grampian Police. This is a letter from the Scots Against Injustice to Alex Salmon and Kenny MacAskill and copied to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the entire Scottish Parliament and major leaders of the opposition in Westminster i.e. Cameron, Clegg etc………..enjoy!
Alex Salmond MSP / MP

First Minister of Scotland
The Scottish Parliament
Edinburgh EH99 1SP

Office of the First Minister
St. Andrew's House
Regent Road
Edinburgh EH1 3DG

By email to:

Alex.Salmond.msp@scottish.parliament.uk and

Hannah.Bardell@scottish.parliament.uk (PA)



Friday 16 April 2010

Dear Kenny and Alex

Radio conversation with Duncan Hamilton, Special / Legal Advisor to the SNP (and your close personal friend), Tues 13-04-2010 - and the very dubious rearrest of Robert Green, Wed 14-04-2010 ...

We refer to the above, which we feel we must draw to your attention.

On Tuesday evening we had the opportunity to speak to the former SNP MSP, Duncan Hamilton (your special / legal advisor and very close friend), live on Talk Radio Europe. We were on for 7 mins and pressed him over the scandalous Hollie Greig affair. We of course made him fully aware of all our correspondence to you both over the past 6 months and he gave us his assurances that you would respond to us in due course. He would not, however, give us any assurances that he would relay our conversation to you both, but we are sure you have been made fully aware of it by now. We asked that he "Google Hollie Greig" to familiarise himself with the horrendous background to this whole very tragic and appalling state of affairs.

We made it perfectly clear to Duncan that there were now tens of thousands of concerned people all over the globe who were fully aware of Hollie's case and that we had repeatedly written to you and requested to meet with you both to discuss the full background and the wider ramifications of the protection of vulnerable children and adults in our midst today. We told him that we had just written to you once again (on Sunday 11 April 2010 - copy below) and we were still awaiting your reply to our further requests for a formal meeting - and your attendance at the two forthcoming peaceful gatherings for Hollie on Saturday 1 May in Edinburgh and Saturday 5 June in Aberdeen. Could you please confirm if you were made fully aware of our live radio conversation with Duncan and, if so, what he told you about that?

The Hollie Greig case took another very sinister turn on Wednesday 14 April 2010 when Robert Green (Hollie and Anne's lay legal representative) was rearrested at Warrington Police Station and taken all the way up to Aberdeen to be grilled once again by the Grampian Police force - this time it appears they tried to nail him on yet another trumped up charge of breaching his bail conditions ... another Grampian Police force malicious fishing expedition it would appear. We would be grateful if you could tell us who authorised that unlawful and malicious arrest; were you aware that it was happening; have you been liaising with your appointed Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, over the Hollie Greig case over recent months; and have you been liaising with Grampian Police Chief Constable, Colin McKerracher, as well?

We once again await your co-operative response and our campaigning injustice group looks forward to meeting with you both at the very earliest opportunity.

Many thanks for your time.

Yours sincerely

Tom George (et al)

PS. Our revised "Hollie Demands Justice" leaflet is now also attached and we hope you will read it and disseminate far and wide.

cc. All 129 MSPs; Gordon Brown MP; David Cameron MP; Nick Clegg MP; Anne Begg MP; Frank Doran MP; Angus Robertson MP; Alistair Darling MP; Owen Paterson MP; et al ...

Scots Against Injustice


As it stands at the moment the Palestine Telegraph has been asked to see if anyone in the Aberdeen South area (Two People) would be willing to sponsor Robert to run for the seat of Aberdeen South? Just think how this simple man could change the face of Scottish History/Politics and how he could shake the very foundation of Scotland forever!

I am sure that both Hollie and her mum Anne must now be sensing victory as the army heads progressively north with sabers rattling! Is it possible that just for once the Scots and all those south of the border will unite to wipe out this scum that tarnishes the Scottish Image?

So dear readers, will you.take up Robert’s call and find him two sponsors in Aberdeen South (Before Tuesday) and watch Scotland become a democracy again. Do not rely of any help from the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom or the leaders of Conservative and Liberal Democrats as they suffer from short sightedness!

After I put in my last article about Hollie and also another one regarding the New World Order (which believe it or not are connected via the Freemason’s) I rang the CEO to warn him that we met get attacked or shut down again…..and guess what?....hey presto…..last night they attacked us in a big way around 8pm. I got up at 4am for a live spell on the Jeff Rense Show and checked our web again only to find they had suspended it…….we are very happy at the Palestine Telegraph to know we are touching some raw nerves……this is really good for business and good for Hollie.

We came back on line again after almost 24 yours. So watch out you corrupt and sinister attackers…..we are again on to you so I suggest you keep watching this space for more excitement as the drama unfolds!!

Only people power can now remove these evil satanic and corrupt elite that control the politics and legal sectors of Bonnie Scotland…..its up to you…..remain strong and steadfast and remember those words of Churchill……we will fight them on the beaches etc etc…..Bless you all and don’t forget to help Robert get into Aberdeen who in turn will bring justice for Hollie and Anne.

P.S. I have just spoken with Robert who explained to me the events over the past few days. He was arrested for breach of his release conditions, namely speaking in a public place, talks and media etc. This in actual fact was incorrect as this was only applicable in Scotland under Scottish law. They did admit that the release conditions were not totally clear and therefore have now amended them to read what amounts to not being able to contact or speak with the media…..oops there goes the conditions already!!

A couple of things Robert did mention was the fact that he had left his glasses in the car when he visited Warrington Police Station and they asked him to sign a document which he could not read. He asked if he would be allowed to go back to his car and fetch them. They did not agree to his request and therefore he declined signing the papers.

He was then taken by the Grampian Police to Aberdeen and remained in handcuffs for the entire 6 hour journey, which was most unpleasant. I believe that both the issue with the glasses and being handcuffed all the way to Scotland for such a gentleman could well be a breach of EU human Rights. In actual fact I can recall a lady of similar age being handcuffed in a courtroom in England and taken all the way to prison in the same condition. This case was challenged and she received compensation. So there you have if folks….Robert is out again and fighting and really does need the support in Aberdeen…..any takers?

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 17/4/2010

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