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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Harry’s Place is an empty shell!

English Blogger Attacks the Palestine Telegraph

Sometimes we come across those “copy and paste bloggers” who are always critical of anyone who appear to be against Israel’s policy, Zionist or Pro Israeli Lobby Groups. Unfortunately apart from repeating something that has already been printed they never appear to come out with anything intelligent or give a more in depth constructive response i.e. their own thoughts on a particular subject.

As we know when one writes an article, the paper allows the reader to respond in the comments section. However, in this case Harry Who? Always hides his true identity and goes on the attack via his own blog. I use the term blog because it is nothing more than that. One can see the level of intelligence when you read the following statement “Harry’s Place is an amateur blog”. This clearly shows a man (or maybe a woman) who is frightened to engage in any dialog concerning the topic on hand…….as they say everyone to their own.

Such a blogger is Harry Who, or maybe his real name is Doctor Who, and operates from a “Navy Blue Phone Box” somewhere in the London area? This unidentifiable person uses the tag “Harry’s Place” and has been in hot pursuit of the Palestine Telegraph and staff for some considerable time. We believe it is good healthy business to have someone that may be critical of you from time to time but when that person infers that you are Anti-Semitic then this becomes a more serious matter. It is like saying that if you are seen with anyone who may be considered controversial that you are of the same opinion……even Harry (what do you call it) would surely understand that everyone is an individual.

Harry is British and thus comes under the law concerning racism. Everyone in the UK understands the sensitivity of racist remarks and one would be foolish to even attempt to go down this road. One could interpret some of Harry’s comments towards the owner of the Palestine Telegraph, Sameh Habeeb or to myself, for example, as also having strong racial overtones and could be considered libelistic.

To accuse anyone of being “Anti Semitic” when they are clearly not certainly fits into this category. In the same way that if someone from the Jewish community goes on the attack against Islam or a Palestinian for instance this must surely fit into the same category as being Anti Islamic or Anti Palestinian. My question would therefore be where do you draw the line?

The Palestine Telegraph always prides itself in telling the truth or telling things as they are and therefore if such people as Harry, who feel compelled to be critical, then why do they not join the papers comment section and bring things out into the open, which in turn allows other people to respond to their comments.

The Palestine Telegraph is not racist and no member of its staff are Anti-Semitic and if one wishes to get on a soapbox and make such a statement then I would suggest they back it up with evidence. On the other hand if Harry Houdini wishes to reveal his true identity then we would be more than happy to accommodate his criticism and racial comments…….it is obvious that he may be part of that regime that existed in South Africa called “Apartheid” as he clearly supports the same regime that exists within the Israeli Government.

Let’s just take a brief look as the how this copy and paste guy operates and see the level of his intellect, which is obviously somewhat restricted.

Here is such an example (that I will now copy and paste) from his blog which formed part of one of my articles
Harry said: Eyre didn’t fall for the Pentagon 9/11 trick, that’s for sure:
“It has been some considerable time since this sad event and many experts have had the time to evaluate all of the evidence. Experts from all sectors within the aviation industry have looked into this possible conspiracy and indications suggest it certainly wasn’t a very large airliner such as the Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon.” Harry, I would like to add to my statement and go as far as saying the entire 9/11 was a total “False Flag” operation; with Mossad at its heart……I bet that will get you going Harry?
I myself worked in the aviation industry over a very long period of time, covering both military and civilian aviation. As a senior executive in airline operations, I can say with great confidence that what the authorities are telling you and what actually happened is certainly not authentic. The Pentagon aspect of 9/11 I believe was certainly a conspiracy that deserves re-examination under an independent enquiry. It is clear that a 757 did not hit the Pentagon so what was it? A military aircraft or a missile? There was CCTV footage at other locations but none were made available.
Harry must have extended his vocabulary when his response to this was simply “Ah Hah!”
If Harry or any of his followers would like to engage in debating this issue then please come forward……write your comments out in the open on the Palestine Telegraph webpage…….obviously this is not going to happen because your range and scope of coverage is somewhat limited. I never hide behind a tree….you know my name….you know what I do…but who are you Mr. Harry Houdini?
I have my own column and I would love for you to take up the gauntlet and test my knowledge base. Surely one would expect such people as “Harry” to have the courage to counter respond in the newspaper concerned. Harry unfortunately continues to hide behind his copy and paste blog and will not come out fighting.
So “Harry” we at the Palestine Telegraph would like to invite you to challenge our current stories and state your reasons for not believing or agreeing with our factual news items.
With your vast experience on worldly matters perhaps you would like to pass your own technical experience or advice on matters relating to 9/11 or any other topic we cover? No doubt with your aviation background and immense understand of Aeronautics and Aerodynamics you could explain to the public how a Boeing 757 managed to fly into the Pentagon on the flight path officially declared by the US NTSB when its actual physical path was elsewhere? Perhaps with your own air accident investigative qualities you would like to explain how a huge 757 can crash into a field without leaving any wreckage? Perhaps you can explain why one of the aircraft that hit the twin tower was in actual fact many miles away at another location being tracked by their own airline staff? Oh I forgot you are pals with Mossad so maybe you can consult them for a suitable response….nice one Harry!
Harry Who, your blog certainly fits into the correct category of “Amateur Journalism” and I again repeat that under the guidelines of racism one could also infer that if person such as yourself accused someone of being anti-Semitic falsely then you yourself must also be breaking the racial laws of the United Kingdom. You cannot just go mouthing off with such a statement that is not true.
So lets look into the interpretation of anti-Semitism which means basically being prejudice against or hostility towards Jews, often rooted in hatred of their ethnic background, culture, or religion. Therefore, does it mean the same if you incorrectly accuse anyone from the Islamic World of being anti – Semitic….that you are anti-Islamic and therefore you are in breach of the Racial Equality Act of 2006 where it clearly states:
The Commission shall exercise its functions under this Part with a view to
encouraging and supporting the development of a society in which—
(a) people’s ability to achieve their potential is not limited by prejudice or
(b) there is respect for and protection of each individual’s human rights,
(c) there is respect for the dignity and worth of each individual,
(d) each individual has an equal opportunity to participate in society, and
(e) there is mutual respect between groups based on understanding and
valuing of diversity and on shared respect for equality and human rights.

I would therefore again suggest that you stop hiding behind your false façade and allow the public to know who you really are and come out into the open. Nobody at the Palestine Telegraph uses false names and we always leave ourselves open to discussion or criticism…..but not your unfounded comments.

For my part you have also attacked me and I am perfectly ok with that but remember if you are going to be critical please explain as to why. If on the other hand you have reason to believe my articles are wrong or incorrect then I ask you to give your own expert opinion and allow me the opportunity to respond….that is democracy.

I again repeat that no one at the Palestine Telegraph is anti-Semitic and if we happen to share the same stage with questionable speakers then so be it….that all brings colour to any debate. Jenny Tonge is an extremely well respected person and again you had no right to be critical of someone with such high ethical and moral values. As an example if many outlets released stories accusing people of trading in body parts and if that government had admitted on one occasion that this was a fact then this would then surely spread unsavory gossip.

What Jenny Tonge was trying to say was if you are accused, and you are not guilty, you have nothing to fear and can thus open yourself up for investigation. For that simple statement she was pulled from office…….maybe the leaders of her party were receiving political funds and had to carry out the wishes of their donors……now that is more like the truth….but then Harry, you would not know what that is would you?

It is obvious that you only have a one sided opinion that supports Israel no matter what war crimes have taken place. You would also not be aware that the IDF violated every regulation in their rules of engagement during Cast Lead…..but then again you would not know anything about such matters as it is beyond your level of knowledge or understanding. You would also not agree that the IDF used WMD’s on Gaza (as it did in Lebanon 2006) and at the same time nuked itself…..I bet you will not write about this in your blog will you?

Oh I forgot to tell you that I am a Middle East Consultant having worked in Iraq, UAE, Jordan and Sudan. I had membership with the Iraqi – British Chamber of Commerce in Amman and visited the British Embassy a couple of times so it’s easy to track via any of those outlets. I even came across one of your Mossad agents in Iraq and stole his name tag and then followed him to his private address in Iraq. So again your statement infers that I may not be what I say I am i.e. Peter Eyre, who styles himself a “Middle East Consultant”…..what do you style yourself as and who are you?

I look forward to your response…I am sure it will not be in the Palestine Telegraph comment section as you are afraid to debate openly. I will not hold my breath Mr Harry Who or whoever you are. Maybe you should ask your counterparts in Israel how they became involved in assisting South Africa to make nuclear weapons and how some of those weapons went missing. Oh sorry I forgot you are a freelance blogger and wouldn’t understand these things!

Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 20/4/2010


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